Hi guys,

It seems there is a confusion of sorts. I am not off to Europe as some of you are thinking. I will leave for Fiji on 21st June for 30 days. However thanks to all those who wished me Bon voyage. I will re-use the wishes when I actually take off for Fiji.

Have a beautiful day :)


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32 comments on “Confusion?

  1. Hi Rajeev….!!!
    So sweet of you…………….that you mentioned each n every thing………….I was so confused…………..Anyways………….Best Of luCk……………….

    Take Care…………..
    Your Big Fan………….
    Farwa Kazmi…………………….

  2. wowieeeeeeeee…………our hero to fiji……… wishes Raj……….have fun & wishing u happy & safe trip there :) update us with the pics

  3. Old wishes were for ur Europe trip.. And u r going to Fiji.. So Wishing you a very happy journey.. For ur Fiji trip.. Pls come back soon..
    ur fan
    4m Ranchi

    happy journey and happy monsoon
    from ur crazzy fan suman hemnani as c is having fever c cant wish u.. But c will mail u soon.. :-)

  4. Dear Rajeevji, best of luck for your movie…..Happy & save journey……Take care…..

    Lots of love,
    Rinki Sahoo.

  5. amazing…….hope u enjoy and work too …have an amazing time there in advance … of luck!!!!!

    always keep smiling :)
    ur sweet and lil frnd

  6. Happy Aamir anniversary king khandelwal.. M so happy.. 4 years over but still people love dis movie.. M very happy..

    Love u so much
    from Ranchi

  7. Happy journey in advance…..maje krna ap…vl surely mis u….love yaaaa….m soooooooooo happy to hav u here….:-D

  8. Have a happy and safe journey. Good luck for your shoot. waiting to see you inn yet another memorable and lovable role.

  9. Thanx for clearing out the confusion [:)]
    Wish you a wonderful time & happy journeying….wherever you are heading to :)
    Njoy urself….. wish you all the best [:)]
    will surely miss you :)

  10. Hi RK,

    wow our hero in FIJI, cant wait for pics ;) btw thank you so much RK for clearing out this confusion. really, means alot. you been busy in shootings, still updating blog… hats off hero…. :D

    and seems you are gonna go for Table 21 shooting… shhhhhhh hum kisi ko kuch nahi kahaingy bus aap humain update karty rehna ;)

    ohh ya one more thing its good that you will be in fiji in summers, though i have no knowledge reg fiji’s weather but atleast it would not be as much hot as we are having :(

    Best Wishes and Lots of Love
    Fatima :)

  11. Hii rajeev to app fever kab bana mean kab banye gi kab shoot ho gi i thing late nahi ho gaya hai hai kya plzzzz tell me

  12. Wish you a bonvoyage….!!! well hope to meet you Raj…!!! hope you have a great time other than your work…!!! :) lots of love

  13. Fiji…so could be table 21 as a few articles said. All the very best for your preparations and shoot.
    Pray all your producers are blessed with loooaaads of money, the falling rupee value and the rising fuel and other costs does not affect the movie schedules and plans, nothing remains pending, the movies are marketed very well and we see it in a theatre :-) like how it should be seen.

  14. Thanks for clearing that up there was some confusions on that.

    Your going to Fiji how exciting! That must be an exciting part of your job going to all these wondeful places. Is there any place you haven’t been shooting for yet that you would like to to go? I am still hoping for a Hollywood or anywhere in the US shoot somewhere down the line, so I get my chance of meeting you which will be a dream come true :)

    Have a great day! Lots of love!

  15. hi rajeev…… Thanks tht u clear it out by urself.. An our wishes for u is always there, its always available for u, whenever u need it n most important tht its so kind of u tht u will wait for our wishes.. Well my wish for u is u will plan ur trip on ur fav time or on tht time when u make it more happening tht nw. Wo khte hai na-…… Jo hota he so aur acha hone k ly hota he…….. My best wishes n love will always with u…. – your silly fan- suman

  16. Thanku so much king khandelwal.. M so happy after dis clarification.. U again made me smile.. N somehow u proved dat m not liar.. In last few days.. Something hurt me a lot.. Anyways.. I have 4get all dos things now.. N m very happy.. Once again u made me smile.. :-)

  17. thanks ki aapne itna bada confusion clear kar diya.maine to wish bhi nahin kiya tha, by the way kaun si film ke shooting ke liye aap jaa rahe ho???

  18. Wese acha hua aapne khud hi clear kardia .. cz i was thinking i wished fr Europe and others wished for fiji.. aik hi waqt me do do jaga how is it possible :D

  19. hey rajeev,
    thanks for this information, ham sach me confuse ho rahe the……..this news is true or not……but now all is clarify so no confusion at all……..thanks 4 this

  20. hi
    ha cofution to hua tha islia koi kherhi thi aap europe ja rhe hain , koi kherhi thghi aap fiji jarhe hain

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