Keep Smiling!

Hope all of you are doing well and living your lives to the hilt. Time never comes back(haven’t you heard this before ?) so this is your moment – live it up.

Well, I am in Fiji as most of you know and this is one of the most amazing places on earth. I am so happy that I could experience the Fiji culture and meet the warm, courteous and happy Fijians. A lot of people here are of Indian origin and speak hindi (not very fluently though) so it feels like an extended home. Also, the girls are so lovely and lively (hope Manjiri doesn’t read this) that it’s a joy meeting them(is it only in Fiji?)

The best thing that I found about these islands is the people. How proud are they to be Fijians. ‘Bula’ is namaste or welcome in Fiji. Every time some local says Bula to you, you know he/she means it genuinely and it is not just a ritual.  When I go for my run i see a lot of people walking on the roads(from all segments  of society). Trust me, it rarely happens that I look into someone’s eye and I don’t get a smile in return. It just makes my run worthwhile. And it makes me think that it just takes a smile to make someone feel good and feel good in return. Just a smile ! And at times how miserly we give it and so suspiciously take it, even though it doesn’t cost anything. well, I’m smiling at the moment :) Are you?

The shoot is going smoothly and I am enjoying my work. I actually love my work. We have a superb team and there is a lot of camaraderie amongst everyone. It actually becomes a family here because you meet the same set of people (approx 70) everyday. Even though we are working hard I guess the climate and environment makes it enjoyable. Having said that let me add that the most stressful part of the shoot is yet to begin.

I am sure you guys have read about my email I’d's. I am sure someone who who has no choice but to live off others is responsible for it. I hope he/she generates a lot of self esteem and confidence to stand on her/his own feet and cease to live like a parasite. Anyway, you guys can write to me at [email protected]

Will be sending some pictures shortly. Till then, you take care and most importantly KEEP SMILING  :)

Lots of love,

21 comments on “Keep Smiling!

  1. Wish u loads of luck for the new movie. The pics look amazing and really looking forward to the same. Sending you to lots of love and hope that u too keep smiling :) :):)

  2. Buta…!, rajeev sir nice to read about yoU i saw your pics… you and teena are looking nice together.
    i am damn sure that this time again you gonna rock on big screen. good luck for your stressful part of the shooting . wish you lots of love and tonns of happiness take care.;) ;)

  3. All the best for the movie Rajeev!!! It’s so good to see you so happy and really enjoying your work. This makes me even more excited to see the film. We have seen some of the pictures from the set and you look adorable as always. Fiji looks very beautiful and from what you have said I am sure it’s amazing. And yes thank you for sharing your new email id with all of us and thank you for just being so wonderful and good to all of us.

    Loads of love and best wishes for you always,

    Love Amrita

  4. HI :)
    So good to hear from u… :)
    Good to know u are njoying ur time there at fiji…& having a wonderful time there…… so have more fun……wishing u more funfilled time ahead in Fiji……
    Always keep smiling……
    lots of Love to U <3
    Love purnima :)

  5. Wish u best of luck for your new movie.
    it’s so good to see you so happy and really enjoying your work.
    And yes thank you for sharing your new email id with all of us and thank you for just being so wonderful and good to all of us.
    Lots of Love & bEST Wishes for u always

  6. Bula back my king.. M very happy 2 have ur post.. U n only u can make ur kitty smile.. (i donno where i can make u smile or not) i m so tired.. N it was feeling like hell.. Wen i heard ur mail ids r hacked.. I had only 1 of dem although.. N someone gave me ur new id.. But i wanted a confirmation by u.. N was waiting for it.. Thanku.. :-) my life is back..

    Ur fan
    4m Ranchi

  7. Hey RK,

    Can you see the grin on our faces? you have always managed to bring this smile on rajeevians’s faces. so thank you for that RK.

    well reg meeting genuine people (Fijians), all i can say, give us some chance RK ;) we wont disappoint you either Hero :D .

    @ hacked id, well all i can say is, dont even think about that and live the moment as you said. :)

    we are eagerly waiting for the pics RK…

    stay blessed and have loads and loads of fun


  8. Bula bhaiyya…..
    Cant xpress my happiness in words.thanks is a very small word for all the luv,affection n concern u r showering on us.glad to know dat u r having a good time there.i would say lucky fijians.after ur detailing i also wanna visit the place.
    Thanx for making me smile again
    As far the hack is concerned,i believe,’we reap what we sow’n i am sure they will realise it someday for thei gud.
    Loads of luv
    Will be waiting for the pics(with manjiri too) :-)

  9. Bula Rajeev :)
    Cant wait for picss
    So happy to see u happy :) )
    we are also lovelyy n lively :P it can be in pakistan too
    Luv yaaa

  10. haiiiiii……
    So good to hav u bak here.i can see that u are all praise for fiji.after knowing its beauty from u,i feel i too should visit the place.n i’m sure its beauty would hav multiplied by your presence.talking about the language there,just wanna know what do the say for-u r so sweet.n when u find the answer,its me saying so :-)
    Then lovely n lively people?u can find them in every nook n corner of india …just for u! :-D
    LUV U
    Good luck for the more tiresome shoots
    Awaiting sunshine pics :-)

  11. Heyy RAj (BULA) :P ….
    I Can’T Wait For Your Movie…& Vry ExiteD
    You LokKinG Too Hot Men… Really Fiji looks very beautiful….
    i also wanna visit the place.:)
    God Bless You Raj…Muuuhhhaaaa
    We Love YoU..

  12. i m so happy to see u sooooo happy
    n all the very best to ur movie……..n i know it will also rock
    n thank u sooo much for this new id
    n eagerly waiting for ur pics
    love u sooooo much
    and take care dear

  13. Well at the moment im also smiling :D Bula :D Hope you having a great time and hope that you keep smiling and Lots of best wishes
    Lots of Love….!!

  14. I am smiling mah hero….:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    its really joyfull to see you soooooo happy…..:D enjoying your work han……wish you much more nd more nd more fun……ummm apki smile dekhke kaun happy nai hota bhala….:))) thankuu for the new id….lots of love to you…..keep smiling…..:)))))) and yes waiting for the pictures….:))))))

  15. This blog says just one thing. You are a happy man, a very happily married man.
    Smiles are a visible manifestation of happiness and that is why there are smiles galore and as they are infectious they easily spread :-) .
    God bless whoever created this :-) , it helps convey the happiness more effectively.

    “Also, the girls are so lovely and lively (hope Manjiri doesn’t read this) that it’s a joy meeting them(is it only in Fiji?)”
    If by this you mean that it is not a joy meeting the girls here then you must also hope that they too do not read this :-) . And that is a question you have to ask the boys in your team there.

    Enjoy all the eye and verbal flirting and you too live it to the hilt. :-) .

  16. Hiiiiiii I m smiling after reading ur blog… N why does everyone not smile back when YOU look into someone’s eyes…? I m just wtng tht whwen i hv such a lovely pleasure to smile back when i meet u. When the day will come..? Well, i really dont know when i get this beautiful chance bt i m sure those who got the chance have the same feeling as i dreamt of. I wish this dream will come true some day…… Well…, wish u all the very best for everything u do.. Lots of love n goodluck~ your silly fan~ Suman

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