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Hello and welcome to my new blog. As always I have been missing for a while but this time my blogsite too went for a vacation. My sincere apologies for displacing you people but this is my new and official blogsite and address where you can interact and write to me. My earlier blogsite is non existent as of now. I know a lot of friendships were forged there and I hope the same friendships blossom here too.

I have been doing a lot of things since I had about a month and half to myself. Went to Kashmir and to Uttrakhand for river rafting. One of the most amazing places to be. Since this was my wife Manjiri’s maiden trip to both the places it was fun. I made her trek in Kashmir and face rapids(term for waves formed in a flowing river) in Ganga. She was reluctant in the beginning but enjoyed thoroughly both the adventures. I am beginning to believe that doing the ‘not so ordinary’ things really changes your outlook towards life. I really want all of you to try and do the unconventional (positively) in any aspect of your life and see the outcome. It will surely have a permanent place in your memory album. By the way, I am seriously thinking of setting out on an adventurous trip as and when time permits. And this time I will ask you guys to join me if it excites you. It could be close to my birthday. Would you want to participate?

I have a lot of travelling to do from mid June onwards for work so wanted to make the best of the available time. Now I am back in Mumbai and preparing for the next film (will talk about it at the appropriate time). As of now, no film of mine is ready for release. Will keep you posted as and when any development happens.

I am sure a lot of you who like to follow my body of work must be reading news about me here and there. Should you have any doubts about the films I am doing etc please ask me here and I will show you the correct picture :) please understand that as an actor give a go ahead to a few projects in a year. Some of them get completed and some of them are left incomplete for many reasons. It is very normal in the industry. So till the time I do not talk about any project please do not pin your hopes on it. Also, I have already clarified that I am not on any social networking site. So please beware of imposters.

So, I shall sign off at the moment and will catch you soon (I mean it this time).

Keep smiling

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45 comments on “Welcome once again! :)

  1. New place, New look, Same guy!!! :) ))
    We’ve moved to a new bright place! Nice pics!

    Doing the ‘not so ordinary’, unconventional positive things not done before.. like following the body of work of a struggling Bollywood actor and posting comments about his movies and the programmes he hosts certainly changes one’s outlook towards life and its sure to have a permanent place in the memory album :-) . The adventurous mind traverses paths/rapids not travelled before.

    All the very best for your movies and hope we get to see everything that you did, do and will do :-) .

  2. Thank u so much for this brand new watch.. But surely miss d old.. Thank u again for clarifying n telling us dat u r not in any social networking site like Facebook n twitter.. There r so many who r playing wid rajeevianz emotions… N later misbehaving wide dem.. N few were also Der who were scratching ur image.. And will really wait 4 ur movies.. Love u a lott..
    Ur fan
    4m ranchi

  3. Thank u so much for this brand new blog.. But surely miss d old.. Thank u again for clarifying n telling us dat u r not in any social networking site like Facebook n twitter.. There r so many who r playing wid rajeevianz emotions… N later misbehaving wide dem.. N few were also Der who were scratching ur image.. I was fedup wide saying dat u r not in Facebook or twitter but ppl do not blv me..And will really wait 4 ur movies.. Love u a lott..
    Ur fan
    4m ranchi

  4. Hi Rajeev
    first of all welcome backkk we missed this blog alottt..
    I will definitely join you in any trip :P
    May this smile always be like this on ur lips :)
    Love yaa
    stay in touch <3

  5. wowwww……..this is just amazing bro……..must say.i’m just bak n i got this…..the page n overview looks great n so are the pics.yes,really looking forward for more updates from your part.waiting to carry forward all those great friends n eagerly waiting to make some new here.hope u had a wonderful holiday….a memorable one.nd yes……lemme know the dates of the nxt adventure :-) .n we will keep smiling as long as u’ll keep posting.hope this luv n concern will remain as such forever

  6. Hey glad that u r back through this new blog. Hope to read many more posts from your really soon and looking forward to interacting with you even more from now on :) Love

  7. Hie, to be very frank it gave me & I guess everyone who followed your blog sleepless nights when it dint exist any longer :( .But now, its really awesome to see you back and that too with a new blog. Glad to know you were having a exciting and adventurous vacation :) …Miss watching you onscreen :( , & hope to see some more of your work before the year ends. All the best for your future projects, keep rocking as always :)
    PS: Hope to catch up soon again :) :D

  8. Hi Rajeev!!!
    So good to hear from you, we have all missed you. Thank you for creating this! Of course have following your work and I am really excited for your upcoming projects. Just saw a video of you the other day matter of fact in Bangkok. Hopefully we get to see them real soon. Glad you got some time off so you can enjoy yourself an do all the sporty things you love, and who would want to miss out on a opportunity to hang out with you :) Take care, goodluck with everything and please do keep in touch. Best wishes always :)

  9. Hi Rajeev, i m sooo happy tht u come bck…. This month is really special fr me… I thought tht on my bday last week tht i didnt get any special surprise bt i get it from ur new blog n new pictures before the month ends… Welcome bck… Its nice to hear from u tht u enjoying ur trips as u always love to travel or river rafting…. Lots of love n wishes fr u…

  10. HeYY……..Heloo Rajeev And Thankx a lot for uploading Your Pic….And Plz Tell Us about Ur New Movie……..
    FROM…..Rohtak (Haryana)…

  11. RK,

    Big hug and grin. its always pleasing to see you speaking whether on ur blog or at any platform. Being rajeevian we just want to get in touch and when you make us feel special nothing could be better than that RK…

    1st of all. thanks for clarifying that ur not actually on any social networking site and that this will be your place from now onwards. we would love to see you on and off here of course when time permits… even few words would do the magic RK…:D

    reg unconventional, no i never tried maybe i am not that much adventurous but if i would get a chance to experience then why not and with you and manjiri , wow can it happen ?? plz plz make such plan. i would surely want to have this lifetime experience to meet my star. in fact i want you to come to Pakistan once… you should visit pak RK you wont be disappointing to see the beauty around :) ..

    anxiously waiting for your next flick. stay blessed and best wishes….


  12. Hii Rajeev,
    First of all Welcome back & Thanks for creating this new blog.Nice pics, looking hot.
    All the best for your next projects.Eagarly waiting for ur next movie.
    Love u lot,
    Madhumita ( Maddy)
    From Chandannagore, West Bengal

  13. Nice to hear from you after so long time :-) …. I really like the way that u make it a point to get interacted with your fans……

    Keep smiling always :-)

  14. Rajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevv!! *waves * Its sooo gud too se yu back :) :) we missssed yu :( :( seriously wala… btw the thought to join u near ur bday is enough to excite us.. soo pleej do plan it out .. :P :D

    Luv always :)
    Neha and Ankita
    ;) ;) (29-13=16)

  15. salam rajeev vai. i am a big fan of yours from bangladesh since kahi to hoga. i wish u all the best and keep up ur good work.

  16. hai…..
    This is a really pleasant surprise…..n very close to my heart,as this is the first one i got to read afresh…life has become more beautiful with so many positive turns n you play a significant role in it…keep posting while i’ll keep loving….guess this is the tenth time i’m wooing today…seems less ….neva mind…:-P.
    PARU :)

  17. Hello and welcome back again seems ages have passed but as always a wonderful surprise is here is with the pictures are awesome and so is ur most awaited post…. Well hope that we get to see you i know you are as alwys giving ur 100% and giving hardwork. Hope that if we get to visit india then we get a chance to meet you as well….!! Ofcourse reday to join you for the trip what else we can ask for :) :D
    Love you loads

  18. Hey Raj,
    Loved u since KTH but ur work was d best in LRL n Time Bomb n it’s our great luck that we r having it again on Zee.
    Love u loads n wish u luck n success.

  19. Hi Rajeev!!!
    I’m really very happy to see you again………….And thanks for mentioning the IMPOSTERS…………….Because all of your Fans like me know that you are not on any social website………And imposters are damaging your image in front of the people specially girls………..which is not good…………..we were very worried about that………..But thank God! You took a step for it…………..So best Of LuCk for that…………….Hope you are going good………….Keep smiling always………………….

    Take Care…………..
    With Loads Of Love………………

  20. hello; rajeev sir first of all i want to say that all the character you played whether it’s on television or big screen are just amazing and unique or should i say’ jara hatke’ you know the character you have played in ‘Left Right Left’ that of captain rajveer sing sikhawat quite inspiring and raunak kaur in SOUNDTRACK is completely different from all the character you played earlier on television and made me to say that you are a verstl actor and can change yourself according to situation’s d emand . Rajeev sir you live in jiapur my brother also live there ‘coz of work and i must say that jaipur i mean whole the rajasthan is such a beautiful place. rajeev sir is there any plan to visit dehli?? rajeev sir it’s always nice to see you on screen wish you and manjiri mam all the happiness and lots of success in life.
    a person who likes you a lot and admires you. purnima saini.

  21. A very good morning to you bro….thank u soo much once again for clarifying about your non-existance in the social networking sites.can see some really positive signs :-)
    Have a great day!
    Luv always

  22. Hearty Welcome my Dearest…….
    Very refreshing come back that heralds the songs of spring
    The new get up is classy & splendid ….and this is obvious of my talented son.
    Sorry, I am late as I am getting ready for my distant trip of Manas-kailash…..but the distance will never come in between this maa and her loving son 
    Your words always mesmerize us but this time it has become heart winning and thrilling as you’ve invited us to join you for river rafting. I have gladly accepted your invitation. Even with a fragile body I would like to be a part of it. An ever admirer maa like me is quite difficult to get !!! ? :D
    I have unconditional faith on my son whatever he does………so eagerly waiting for your forth coming project.
    Thank you once again for giving me a new life so the earth has became beautiful to me again ……..where I could explore and live the way I want.
    Lots of love, blessings & caress……… for both of you
    a maa from a far city (Kolkata)

  23. Hi Rajeev,
    good to see you again.I am waiting for ur next movie. I watced ur every movie AAMIR, SHAITAN, SOUNDTRACK AND WILL U MARRY ME?.I like ur every movie. Plz give some information about ur next movie.

  24. Hi Rajeev
    Welcome back we missed your blog so much and now very happy to see your new blog keep rocking Bro we all love you.

  25. Welcome back we missed your blog so much and now very happy to see your new blog plz make it permanent i had a old blog of u but it had been closed for a long time
    thank u soo much once again for clarifying about your non-existence in the social networking sites
    keep smiling alwys
    God bless u

  26. HI Rajeev….
    it feels so good to hear from you after long time…it was a pleasure to read the blog…. seems a busy june ahead for you …so all the best….& njoy ur time…wish you all the luck & happiness…. & success….
    new site new look is quite refreshing :) its wonderful :)

    A special thanx for clearing out once again that you are not on any social networking site :) hope your fans gets the message & don’t fall for imposters….coz even after you clearing out so many times…fans still don’t believe….

    Big thank you once again for making your presence here once again..& making us feel special :) ..was missing your interaction here :) good to have you back….& wishing to see more of you here after regular intervals :)
    Always keep smiling….
    Will always be your fan :)
    Love Purnima :)

  27. Hey raj….thanku so much 4 dis new refreshng blog site. Amazing pics. White suits u d most nd Ofcourse m always ready to join u in any trip. Though m much late in replying to ur ques…bt seriously dying to meet u my hero….:D thanks for clearifyng d cnfusn abt d social netwrkng site. So swt of u. Eagerly waiting to watch u onscreen wid a new name nd a new character. :-)
    all d very best for wat evr u do…keep blushng…;)
    Love nd respect

  28. hey ……….wow i could’nt beleive myself that m reading ur blog…………**sigh**…m blushing ….& tht too in ma office…………..& ur the sole reason for that .,……….the pics u have posted are …..toooo good…….
    & about ur unconventional trip to UK & J&K……..reading abt them made my urge to be there ….even more stronger……….u know m also from uttarakhand but still m not theere till now but defo will visit that place……..as u recommended tht place ……….
    and m a big bigggggggggggggggggggggg fann of urs………..since Kahin to Hoga………..& m proud to be ur fan……just becouse of the quality of work u choose………….u never made ur fans ….disaapointed ……with ur work………….:)

    & 1 more thing ……..my birthday is on 15th OCt…………..so ny plans around ur birthday ……….of adventerous trip would be gr88888888888888
    my best wishes are always with u ……….:) keep up the good work & make us proud alwaysssssssss :)

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