Wonder how to start this piece. The day is over and I am still reeling under the effect of all that you do. The gifts have all been opened, cards read and space made in the house to treasure all this. I know the kind of effort that goes in to make this day special for me. I am also aware that a lot of you plan so much in advance, put loads of effort and wait for the day. But it becomes humanly not possible to acknowledge and appreciate every single effort. So all those who haven’t received an acknowledgment from my end about your efforts, please consider this the same. I thank all of you for doing it so selflessly and so beautifully.

The he debt is going up and I am increasingly getting fidgety to bring it down. Getting rid of it will not be possible but I will feel deserving of it at least.


love, smiles and best wishes


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35 comments on “THANK YOU

  1. Hi Rajeev,

    I follow you last 10 years. I like your attitude, looking life in different ways and etc etc. I can’t expressed how much i admire you. Throughout my life from my Ph.D days to till now scientist in USA, I feel that your TV serials, movies and interviews make me kind of energy or encourage to move on my life. Thanks to you who always bring smile on my face in daily busy stressful life. Hoping for only one reply.


  2. thank you :) .. every year I ceIebrate your birthday since 2003. Today was no exception. Had a bIast with friends. Moreover, I got pIaced with a good job on wednesday. So it was a doubIe party time today. God bIess you abundantIy. 23rd Oct is my bday, so this party Ieague wiII continue for a week. Much Iove. happy birthday again!

  3. Very Happy Wala Birthday Rajeev. You are the man who bring smile on my face in today daily busy work life and for last 10 years. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.


    I like you not because you are good looking, I dont know why I do so. There might be many who looks good but my eyes only get glued to yours.
    I love you not because you act well, I dont know why i do so
    there are 1000 others whom i watch on TV but no other whom i have ever loved. I just want to let you know that there is a person on this earth where you live, who loves you a lot

  5. Hello Sir ,
    As I find mentioning your name a little inappropriate . so finally I found your own blog , it feels good .ever since you played the role of SUJAL , then LEFT RIGHT LEFT AND MOVIES ESPECIALLY TABLE NO . 21, SACH KA SAAMNA THEN finally now reporters , I would say I have loved your choices! Your hard work to give justice to EACH role. Just dont misunderstand my compliments as an adulation . I have always loved watching your roles ! It’s been from a 7 th grade fan moment till now I have turned 20 this year but I have enjoyed thoroughly your CHOICES and performance as an actor. Keep up the good work. God bless you always .
    And the latest Jane se pehle in reporters you just nailed it ,at that line ” janab pyaar hain bahut pyaar hain ”


  6. Again my day started reading your blog…nowadays I live in a world surrounded by Rajeev khandelwal thoughts… Your smile in reporters..your eye reactions
    ..I like it so so much..
    Wonderful,stunning,gorgeous,smart, hot,awesome actor.. sab mila k jo word bane…you look like that in reporters.. Have a wonderful time ahead..I will contine praying to God to meet you… Tc

  7. Hi Rajeev,
    You are stunning in reporters……mind blowing acting. Reporters is so interesting can’t wait to see the next episode. Your (kabir’s ) eyes are so expressive and you have killer smile in reporters…..overall love your work .

    Your fan

  8. dear sir,
    i am watching ur serial REPORTERs, wow fabulous acting and personality, i m ur big fan for acting,
    even i din’t know you yet, but now i m ur big fan
    Anmol singh

  9. Hi…. I m a big big fans of urs. I wish u always b happy in ur life n ur all dreams come true. I love u sooooooo much.. muhhhhaaaa.. plz don’t mind.. love u

  10. Heloo sir..
    Sir have watched ur muvie 50tym.. may he its cross 50.. hehe
    I followed u during ur serial left right left.. cptn rajeevr singh.. :)
    Ur a suppb actor nd a nice human being.
    Sir I have a rqst to u.. plzz update ur blog to ur fan..
    Thnkvv :)

  11. Sir i have watched ur muvie Amir 50 tym . May be its cross 50 hehe..
    U r a suppb actor.
    Sir I follow u during ur show left right left..
    My rqst to u plzz update ur blog to ur fan .. :)

  12. I was actually missing you .. so have read all your blog updates … this one is the latest so leaving a reply here … your latest project Reporter is doing great I hope you are very happy now a days …
    keep always your smile stick to your lips because it lessens my pain whether it is mentally or physically … :)
    lastly, stay healthy and happy … always and forever …
    from West Bengal

  13. Good evening RaJeev! ! I hope you are well and may God always bless you. Your all are waiting for your come back on TV. So plzzzzxz come back. You had already break the heart of your fans by leaving lol.

  14. thnk u rajeev 4 updating ur blog… stay blessed always nd kp smilng.. may all ur wishes come true.. nd may ur wishes will b better 4 u.. lotsssssss off luv 4 u… bst wishes :*

  15. Good morning and THANK YOU so much for updating blog & big thank you for such lovely message.
    May all your dreams come true!Have a great career ahead.
    Bye..and Have a wonderful day.
    Lots of love,
    Ketki Karnik

  16. Good morning and THANK YOU so much for updating blog & big thank you for such lovely message.
    May all your dreams come true!Have a great career ahead.
    Bye..and Have a wonderful day.

  17. Welcome back :)
    Don’t know how to respond to this. Thank you so much for all that you do for us .Though apparently thanking you looks small in front of what we receive from you. We are only trying to reciprocate what we get from you throughout the year . And undoubtedly you are the sweetest celebrity I’ve ever come across ( actually you don’t seem to be one with the humility displayed by you). This is a cycle that will go on forever and if we think about repaying it fully,even many rebirths won’t be sufficient :) . All that we want is to see you happy and reaching greater heights personally and professionally.

    Loads of love,smiles and happiness to you!

    Remya :)

  18. g.m. Rajeev… And thanks to u… :) humare banaye cards ko apne sweet home me jagah dene ke liye… Bole to ab apun bahut happy shappy hai 😉

  19. This small piece is really very beautiful. Your all time best qualities are your ‘Humbleness’ & ‘Down-to-Earthness’. We feel really very Proud to be your Fans/Admirers/Well Wishers 😀

    You deserve this love. Even more than that. Your every fan does something special from his/her side personally to make your birthday more beautiful & special than the last year. So you can expect that how this event matters for all of your Fans 😀

    In the end, I would like to say ‘Thank You’ from all the Rajeevianz in the world for your acknowledgement & for your Love :* Your this special treatment make all of us more Crazy & Proud 😀

    And thanks for this beautiful blog too :) Keep Smiling :)
    Take Care…
    Your Big Fan….
    Farwa Kazmi…..Lahore….Pakistan…..

  20. U need not get fidgety because whatever is done fr u is never done with any intention of getting anything in return:) If the effort made u happy,if it made u smile even for a moment then u have made it all even,it is the best possible payback :)

  21. And one more thing which I forgot to mention that I Love you :-*
    May all your pain and sorrow is become mine and all my comfort and happiness is become yours.
    Be healthy & Stay Blessed :)
    I was, still is and always will love you.

    Yours and ONLY yours

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