Absence makes heart fonder ?


I hope it is true in this case. i know it’s been long. Really long. This time along with my work I also went on a trip of my own. I deliberately stayed away from all the limelight and also your love, care and concern. It is not that I did not have time to write or I did not think of you all. It was just that I wanted you’ll to also get used to my periods of absence because that is how this year may just turn out to be. I will be in far flung areas throughout this year so please do not take my absence as being indifferent.

Anyway, as always your love kept trickling in from all sides. I was in Switzerland for over a month. And I think not a day passed when one of you did not send her/his good wishes. It was a very very hectic shoot and a very demanding one too because of the weather conditions and locations. But we managed to pull off some incredible stuff. Thanks to the Director, Mr Rajeev Jhaveri. I am sure this one is going to be a treat for all of you.

It was a beautiful experience working with actors from various countries. Gemma is a gem in the real sense. You cant help but fall in love with her and Catarina is a true blue Italian woman – warm, caring, sensitive and attractive. She made half the unit cry while saying goodbye. But the maximum time spent was with my Indian counterpart – Gauhar Khan. And all i can say is that I would love to be paired with her again. She is a beautiful person, a live wire with loads of talent. And I can’t not remember Mr. Victor Banerjee, whose brief presence during the shoot refreshed all of us. His sense of humour, knowledge and experience can make anyone his fan for a lifetime.

It was a month long stay at Champoussin in the Valaise county of Switzerland and I am sure it will stay with me for a lifetime. One of the most beautiful places in the world and one of the best people to interact with. Our caretakers from the Swiss side were one of the best people I have interacted with till date. Even though language was a barrier, communication never stopped and you realise that as long as you are warm, loving and positive you don’t need words to communicate. Even though our schedules went haywire the Swiss team didn’t desert us even for a second. I genuinely wish them all a very beautiful life and hope to meet them many more times in my life.

So, finally I am back and Fever is over as of now. I am very quickly shifting my energies to another project( details will be revealed later). I will be shooting in Mumbai for the next one month. It is another mad caper. Let’s hope we finish all the outdoors before monsoons greet us in Mumbai.

I am hoping that all of you are doing very well in your respective lives and in the best of your health and spirit. And if things went a little ‘not as planned’ then i guess a few ups and downs will only make the journey worthwhile eventually.

Shall try and keep updating you about my whereabouts as regularly as possible.

Love, as always.
Keep smiling

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35 comments on “Absence makes heart fonder ?

  1. salam walekum sir

    when ever i read yr post it make me so happy and alwys i learn sum thing new from u… my best wishes alwys with u may God bless u … im vey excited for your up coming projects

    keep smiling Always

  2. Yaaro.. Rk baat karni thi.. King hamare liye apna poora tym movies ko de rahe hai taki hum unhe jyada se jyada dek paye.. Unhone apne health apni family ki b parwah nahi ki sirf hamare liye.. Hamare liye we fir se aamna k sath onscreen aaye.. Aur sirf guest appearing nahi.. Dance aur screen ko b bada kiya.. Only for his fans.. But humne kya kiya? Kitne sare fake pages unke nam ka misuse kar rahe he.. N v cant do anything.. Coz v r blocked.. Jyada se jyada report kar diya.. But is dat enough?? A big no… Page b wahi.. Account b wahi.. And image kharab king ki ho rahi hai.. Pata nahi king k sat hi itna bura q hota hai.. Kabhi unka email account hack kar lete hai.. Unka blog block ho jata he.. To kabhi log unke name ka misuse karte he.. Hum sabko in fake pages/acc ko unlike/un4nd karna hoga n all king lovers will do it.. n hum ek o9 petition file karenge to remove those pages/accs. So r u all with me?? Also requesting to share this view..


  3. Hi rajeev..♡♥
    Dis is the happiest moment of my life.. cz I met u today.. u were looking stunning..
    U were shooting today in kalyan for a movie with zareen khan..
    Hope so u rememba me..
    Love u rajeev..
    I Hope we will meet soon again..
    Love., geetika♡♡♡

  4. Hi Rajeev!!! :)
    Good to hear from u after long :D……… & surely absence makes heart fonder :) :) & it gets proved everytime u vanish & ur fans miss u :P :P ………coz after long absence when u make an apperance……we love u a little more than last time :P :P :P………but that doesn’t mean u start getting absent regularly ……
    Hope to hear & see more of u quite frequently :) :)………..

    & thanx for sharing ur shooting experience with us it makes us feel special………brings us a little more closer to you :) :)

    Wishing you all the best for all the upcoming projects………..Wishing u all the success & happiness…… :)

    Keep Smiling !!!!
    Stay Blessed!!!!

    Love Purnima :)

  5. Finally a blog post so so happy to see you…!! Raj we always felt your presence wherever you are…!! Love you….!!

  6. Hai Raj,

    Mein aapki deewani hoon. Please ek baar Patna aa jao. Mein aapko dekhna chahti hoon. Yeh meri sabse badi wish hai.


  7. Hello Bhaiya..
    after long tym …finally feel good to see your blog …yes you were right …dat many f ur fanz wrote to u daily …even i also mailed you ,nt daily but yes ..countable times …n in every mail i asked nly ne question …did u listen dat CD which i sent u …but as u are busy ..i can understand,…n nw i can understand d meaning of work more evn i also learn to “work”…..but truly speaking …i hope n i want dat u never ever gt free from ur work …u always gt opportunities to work in good script movies ….
    i wish ..lyk every fan f urz…..ur upcoming movies will be a superhit …
    RKB gonna rock…
    luv u daa…
    take care…
    all d best fr ur upcoming movies….

  8. Hi Rajeev,

    Really like your blog posts. Please write more often and keep up the good work. You have a huge following and I guess you know that. Please put more pictures for your fans. And all the best for your upcoming projects. Waiting to see you on screen.
    Best of Luck.

  9. Hi Rajeev,
    Hope u r well.my best wishes r always with u for ur upcoming movies…i love u n ur movies very very much…take ur time.but dnt stop working on movies…plsss.because these r the only sourches to be connected with u.
    love u.take care of u n manjiri di.rock as always…n u also keep smiling. :-) bye.

  10. Hi Rajeev,
    Hope u r well.my best wishes r always with u for ur upcoming movies…i love u n ur movies very very much…take ur time.but dnt stop working on movies…plsss.because these r the only sourches to be connected with u.
    love u.take care of u n manjiri di.rock as always…n u also keep smiling. :-) bye.

  11. Hii Rajeev,
    Best of Luck 4 all ur upcoming movies… God bless u.. n keep smiling..:)
    Do upload few more photos… :) Miss u…
    Charu- Delhi

  12. Hey R,

    You are the best actor I have ever watched on screen. Please keep up the good work. Would love to see you rise and rise. See you shine is like a personal accomplishment.

    Love you selflessly

  13. Good you ended the title with a question mark. Dont believe in it, because that phrase can be true only if the fondness was lesser last year when you were present a lot (blogging regularly) when compared to what is felt now. Don’t believe in the adage ‘out of sight, out of mind’ either. And fully believe when you say the reason for the long absence is not indifference.

    Very very happy you could complete FEVER. Hope all the remaining work gets completed on time. It is nice reading everything written about the shoot and your experience with the locals. You look very very handsome in all the photos and videos. Very Bond. You are becoming a global star :-) .

    Your three heroines are beautiful and sexy and sure your feelings for them is reciprocated. While close to two years back Gemma tweeted about spending an entire afternoon snogging a gorgeous actor, this time she tweeted about an evening kissing the handsome actor.
    But why oh why have you posted a pic only with the Bond girl. Is it because the true blue Indian man developed a soft spot for her! Was it a tearful goodbye for the actor as well :-) . Ooorrr maybe you posted it because the opportunity (contest) to see you shoot with her in Valais did not materialize.

    When even the most beautiful place on earth needs advertising, hope your movie is well marketed and gets a very good release and we get to see this year all the ‘incredible stuff’ you pulled off and it becomes very successful. It will.

    All the best for all your Endeavours :-) . Waiting to see the Ford one.

    We have seen and heard so much about Bhagat, nice seeing Kishore, your make-up artist.. Good to know you have such fine men with you.

    As always
    A true-blue fan.

  14. I have some more things to say.
    Good to know that u enjoyed your work &stay there. Hope u got to enjoy the beautiful locations &beautiful weather in between the shoot.
    Yashji ki films yad a gai. Hope koi v.romantic song ho Fever me shot in Switzerland.
    Hope the film shapes up well & u r happy with the final result. It will be a v.big hit i am sure.
    One more good thing that no mishap happened this time like at the shoot of T.21 in Fiji.
    This is my first interaction with u through ur blog. I am so happy today.
    Want to share so many thoughts with u but some other time.
    I hope u read all the messages posted here. Aisa n ho ki mera message sab padh le bas ek apko chod kar.
    Friendship Day pe apke post ka intzar rahega.
    Your fan forever

  15. ~aaiye apka intazar tha. Der lagi ane me tumko shukar hai fir b aye to~
    Hi Rajeev
    What a gr8 day today. Such a nice feeling to read ur post after a long time.
    Good to know that u r back safely.
    Did i miss u? No,coz miss to unko kia jata hai jo humse dur ho. But i still missed u & ur post v.much.
    I understand u r v.busy & i know that u r v.hard working & never take ur work lightly.
    I know jaise hum kbi apko nai bhool sakte aap b kbi apne fans ko nai bhuloge.
    All the v.best for ur next proj.
    your fan forever

  16. hai,
    Welcome back.’absence makes heart fonder’.but,it also helped to realize the fact that nothing in life can stay with you forever!

    Feels great to have you back.thanks for updating n wishing u loads luck for the ensuing projects

    Remya :)

  17. Hi Rajeev!!!

    Was missing you sooooo muchhh…. M very very happy that you came back and posted the blog finally…. Very very excited about your new film….. and i’m sure that It’ll also make a mark…. <3

    Take Care Jaani <3 <3 <3…

    Your Big Fan………
    Farwa Kazmi…………..Lahore……….Pakistan………

  18. Hello… Its been a real pleasure to see u back here… Im sure admist all the Super Actresses u didnt forget all your Little Angels.. ;) I know… You will never do dat… :)

    Love u for everything… Keep Interacting and Always make us feel Our Presence in Our Lifes…
    All the Very Best and I hope that Soon Fever spreads Everywhere… ;)

    Will be always waiting for ur reply.
    With Lots of Love from ur friend, well wisher and an admirer.
    Take care.
    Love you.

  19. for ur kind info a well wisher will always be one . hope u enjoy the time with your loved ones and your films do well! cheers:)

  20. Hi rajeev,
    Been following ever since yr debut in tv..u r a terrific actor..though a lil less seen..but i guess that suits yr style..quite understated but engrossing…but i still feel that u owe it to d large audience who still hasent been introduced to yr awestruck performances..table no 21 did change it to some extent..hope sicerely fever does that..hearin a lot about ISHQ ACTUALLY and PETER GAYA KAM SE releasing this year..any confirmation from yr side??
    Will be sincerey following yr work ,u deliver always..keep on d good work…waitin to catch u in a theatre soon..or somewhere down d road when our roads cross..nd get to know u ..d person..
    Best Wishes,

  21. Wow.. Its really a good day(n8).. Tum aaye to aaya mujhe yad.. Gali me chand nikla.. My moon in full moon..

    But m very unhappy wid dis practice of u.. I can live even without water.. But not a sec without u..

    But m very happy for ur keeping words nature.. Love u a lott..

    So.. My guess was so r8.. I told u i thought while looking at ur fevr movie stills dat u r happy wid dis making.. N as u said.. Its confirmed dat it will b definitely a treat for us.. :)

    i really love dis update.. Only my king can make me happy.. :*:)

    it doesnt matter how much miles far away u r wid me.. But my small little heart is always with u to shower my love..

    Missed u a lott..
    Love u so much..
    Ur fan
    4m Ranchi

  22. Hi rajeev

    finally a century was actually made by you ….missed you a lot and wished that u returned. Every single day wished good luck for you. Missed your love for us, missed your blog post replies but always knew that your affection will never die. yeh bus One day tha :D abhi test matches baki hain :D hahahaa matlab abhi aur duur rehne wale ho aap …yeh toh abhi aadhi story hai picture abhi baki hai doston :D ……It’s ok rk you can happily and without any worries stay away …because we know you working hard and we are waiting for your amazing acting ….and i know wait will end soon. I won’t say that i will not miss you I will and will always miss your amazing replies and your motivation for me but I know your wishes will always stay with me. happy that you came back and happy that you are happy with your work. just always keep smiling and don’t worry we will continue to smile and never let you down.

    love you, care for you, respect you as always

    always keep smiling
    ur sweet and little frnd and fan
    pragya :) :) :) :)

  23. 1st thing 1st…..let me tell u….looking super sexy by god…..n no matter….hw long is d absence….jazz is proudly addicted to u….;)
    Yes, m sooooooo happy to hear 4m u n its gr8 to knw dat u enjoyed ur stay n work at swiss….bt being honest feeling bahut jyada wala jealois aftr reading ur words abt ur female costars…..hmmmm I knw its silly….bt its human nature…..cnt help it….:p nd it also proves d fact dat jazz belongs to human species…:D
    Again shoot….thora sa rest b kar loo….I knw we r just too demanding when it comes to u…..so u hav ro get USED TO wid it…..n proper rest is also esential…..all d very best 4 dat nt so declared project…..hope to hear 4m u very soon abt it….:)
    Hero u nvr dissapoint us…..its just dat we r concerned abt u….afterall u r my HERO…proud of u……;) u always rockkkk…..love yaaaaa….:)

  24. It is such a nice experience to read your post after a long time.
    As your genuine life-time fan, I say that whatever honest and good work you do, I (and also other fans like me) will support you ever and ever. It can be any medium, any language and any where….doesnt matter to me (and us).
    All the best. :)

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