COM’ON MAN! – It’s About Time!


What must have been a casual expression on Facebook turned out to be a nightmare for the two girls from Palghar. It is quite shameful for a society that claims to be teetering on the brink of developed progress that something like this could happen, did happen and even more that it was allowed to happen.

I wonder for how long will cowards achieve their few seconds of fame by attacking innocent citizens. I use the word cowards because there is no bravery in singling out innocent, purposeful citizens. ‘Cowards’ because the roar of these hordes turns hoarse when it comes to raising their voice against the grave injustice being meted down to more than 100 crores of their fellow citizens everyday (scam after scam). The common man’s attitude has become sluggish, non-reactive, submissive, fearful and apathetic to it’s own cause, hence they become the easiest preys to the ambitions of these power starved cowards. It is hard for someone on top to realize that it is the common man who forms the wheels and cogs of this country and it’s character. Both the dominant and the submissive so easily forget that the power of the dominant is derived from the submissive. It is easily forgotten that progress and decline only affect the common man. Despite of being the majority and the most powerful force in the country the common man is strangely oblivious of his strength. These forces are quite happy with this attitude of apathy and come election time they thank us, they praise us, they boost the common man’s ego while his self esteem is being trodden on then they win and start by instilling fear into him and finally they tell him do not step out of your house, you are safe there. Repeatedly, His chosen leaders let him down – he does not complain. His rights are snatched – he does not complain. His administration does not protect his rights – he does not complain. A handful of people bully him – he does not complain. He is made to pay more and more taxes to fill the coffers of some people and not the country – yet he does not complain. The list goes on and on about the magnanimity of the common man.  Instead of thanking him for letting them survive, these forces have begun to believe that the common man is a scared lot and will be servile to their diktats. Is it not the common man’s magnanimity that despite being educated and purposeful in life he takes unjust oppression from an unemployed, good for nothing, aimless and wastrel without retaliating?

These forces who are just a handful as compared to the might of common man have begun to believe that they are powerful only because the common man has been silent. Are they right in their thinking? I asked and debated with a lot of people and this is a result of those discussions –  The day this common man unleashes his fury it has the potential of wiping out all these miscreants in half a blow.  Time is waiting for this common man to wake up. Nothing is constant except change. Is this change round the corner?



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18 comments on “COM’ON MAN! – It’s About Time!

  1. Hello Rajeev,
    Totally agree with you. You are a real hero of India. My respect for you has much increased after this post. Lots of love.


  2. well said!n an amazing pic that goes with the thought!as though a common man awaiting change.i totally agree!’TIME N TIDE WAITS FOR NO MAN’!TOMORROW NEVER COMES!

  3. Hi RK…
    Now dats a realy impresive blog update…yes totaly agree wid u…its democracy…every1 shd hav a freedom to express wat they feel….nd being arrested 4 it…is just nt done…taliban hai kya…sach kahu….agar ham step ni lenge then hamara khud ka loss hai….change khud bakhud ni ata…lana parta h..sach h its nt dat easy…. Bt atleast we can raise our voice against wrong…agar hum kuch badal ni skte bt atleast hame apni views expres kr skte hain. Ab kya ye v alowed ni h??? Calling a bandh is nt a solution 4 nythng…i dnt think it causes ny benefit 2 ny1…infact sbka loss hi hota h…bs kuch log apna ego satisfy krte hain bandh k jariye…argghh…akhir kab tak !!!

    Bdw love d pic…handsome as wel as intelectual…:-) really a gud improvisation of words…:-)

    lots of love
    yours Jazz

  4. first of all i will say..

    wow.. kya mast pik he.. died.. :”> :*

    now d post..
    2 girls were arrested for speaking against of band for Thakrey’s death.. what crime they had made? and that same bala thakrey n his family, he always kept speaking nonsense about people of my state n near by. what is the reason.. bcoz people from here got many career opportunity.. (as i had come to know) and he always had problem with HINDI. if that irritate him so much why he didn’t left the country whose native language is Hindi. the man who can never respected his native language how can his followers think that people will respect him.

    and all this happened.. is it anything new??? ya dos politician n police r responsible.. completely agree but more of this, society is responsible. years back when Ramdev n his followers were making assembly after completing all necessary formalities police at mid night started arresting and beating.. its old, few months back Asim Trivedi was arrested for making cartoon( i agree for any intention insulting national mark is no way to protest) but there arrest was only to showing off power. they are really cowards.. but as said in Geetha, anyaye karne wale se kai guna jyada apradhi anaye sehne wala hota he.. and people are habitual for this. agar bhagat singh, rajdev sukhdev shubhash chandra bose, chandrashekhar azad ye sab marne au jail jane se darte to kya aaj hum log so called ajaad desh me baithe hote?? so called qki jaha band ke khilaf post karne par jail bheja jata hai wo kya azad hoga.. hamare desh ko azad hue itne sal beet gaye but still so many british laws are ruling us.

    lekin haan.. dar ke chup baithe rehna mere bas ki bat nahi.. mene hamesha galat k lie bola he aur age b bolungi..

  5. Totally agree with you but for the girls i would say. Its better to be bullied than to be on the wrong side i mean atleast they stood up for their beliefs. unfortunately we cannot do anything about it as this is how our leaders are and dont know if any strike or protest or debates can change their corrupt minds i have lost hope .but if one is upright then they are bettering themselves as individuals and as part of the society doing their duty.

  6. Hi RK,

    Just came to know about this incident from you and Purnima. such incidents force you to think whether you belong to an Independent county? or its just a mere perception. i believe we are surrounded by Parhy likhay jahils who just use their power and exploit the weak ones.

    such shameful acts should be criticized openly so that no one dares to do this in future…

  7. Hi Rajeev!! :)
    Now dats something really thotful to share :) & what had happened have been really disappointing :( Wonder if being a citizen of an independent country don’t we have freedom of expression :?
    Different individuals have their own point of views about certain things about certain people ; we can have our own differences in opinions but that doesn’t mean we stop the other person from expressing one’s opinion.
    Hope the incident doesn’t demoralize the common man but makes them stand up more strongly & express their opinions with much more vigor :) :) :) & common man breaks his/her silence at every opportunity & make their presence felt in future :) :)

    Thanx for a wonderful blog post :) :) its good to read your view on the matter :) :)

    Keep Smiling Always :) :)

    Lots of Love

  8. That is a very handsome profile :-) . A nice ‘faraway, deep in thought, questioning’ look. And it is so well written as always.

    The uneducated, good for nothing, aimless, wastrels are just over zealous fools wanting to display their loyalties for their masters and earn brownie points. They are the brainwashed puppets.

    The puppeteers are the educated, refined, smooth talking, greedy and most of all, power crazy men. These fear mongers unleash fury sitting smug in their comfortable homes and offices.

    And we are the very magnanimous, tolerant, tax paying, aam aadmis of a kela republic who suffer from short term memory loss. We turn a blind eye to so much wrong doing, and if bold enough to question get penalized, arrested or killed.

    But why should it be so… How can a few make millions dance to their tune. What’s the answer…
    The answers for all our ills constantly Com’In… Blowin’ in the Wind… We fail to hear and react.

    We enjoy so many rights, the biggest being the right to choose who rule us. It is the most powerful silent weapon, we the common man have. But do you know just 48% mumbaikars voted in the 2009 Maharashtra assembly elections and 45% in the 2012 BMC elections.
    A huge percentage of those who do not exercise their franchise all over the country are those who think ‘how will my vote matter, how can I make a change’.

    A great soul said and showed “be the change you want to see”.
    But we are not willing to be the change. We rather pay bribe than run from pillar to post, be hassled and made to wait for long to get what is rightfully ours. We do not unite and confront our local bodies for better roads and drainage facilities. Even if we do we cannot keep the momentum.

    So the least we can do is stand for a few hours on election days and exercise our right (or else lose the right to question) and support the efforts of those who fight injustice.

    Come on Man! Common Man!… Aah haa very very good word play :-) :-)

  9. Hi Rajeev!
    Definitely time is waiting for that common man…….who would change the time…..and the planet Earth will finally become a very very peaceful place to live in…….I salute your thoughts…….;-) Your pic is awesome as always with hot looks…….. Just waiting for your film……..
    Keep Smiling….. :-)
    Take Care……..
    Your Big Fan………..
    Farwa Kazmi………….Lahore………Pakistan………

  10. Hi Rajeev!
    Definitely time is waiting for that common man…….who would change the time…..and the planet Earth will finally become a very very peaceful place to live in…….I salute your thoughts…….;-)
    Keep Smiling……… :-)
    Take Care……..
    Your Big Fan………..
    Farwa Kazmi………….Lahore………Pakistan………

  11. the people who arrested the girls forgot fundamental right i.e right to xpress..exists in democracy…lol…u r ryt dat it’s tym 2 wake up but we olrdy …n v did so many protest ..hw cud v 4get anna hazaare agitation ..but d reality is we can’t do nythng ..we can’t ignore r daily life …we can’t ignore r daily needz ofterol v works for necessity not 4 luxurious lyf ..well it’s a bitter truth but have to accept ..i think we can’t change anything ..”jaisa chal raha hain waisa hi chalega” ..i too wanted to change everything ….nothing is systematic here in r india but still humaraa bharat mahaan ..v shud proud to be an india ….ofcourse i do i can’t 4gt ol d thing which india gves me but i can’t ignore d “unsystematic sytem of r country too ” ..either it’s education system or it’s ol abt r political parties….so many problems …i stopped myself to watch news channel juz cz ol tym nes r same …Biggest bullshit is dat i cn’t do anything ….

  12. Yes very true waiting for the change. Dunno the exact story but people like this deserve to be called cowards. Finally after a long time a hottest picture with those most hottest looks and a long long blog post.
    Lots of love.

  13. Yes its time to get up
    kab tak yeh mutthi bhar log aam insaanon se khelte rahenge
    Agar system ko badalna hai tou hame khara hona parega for the sake of our motherland :-)

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