Here It Comes!


Hi Guys,
It’s edgy, it’s dark, it’s seductive! Here is the trailer for Table No. 21.

Also have a few questions for you guys this time.

1.How did you like the trailer?

2. What did you like best about the trailer?

3. Would you play such a game?

4. What is the one thing that you are likely to lie about in your daily life?

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how acceptable is lying to you?


Hope you enjoy the questions!



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9 comments on “Here It Comes!

  1. Rajeev plz be back on small screen also

    Rajeev plz be back on small screen also

    Rajeev plz be back on small screen also

    Rajeev plz be back on small screen also

    Rajeev plz be back on small screen also

    Rajeev plz be back on small screen also

    the trailer was fantasticcccccccccccc

  2. 1. Loved it. Interesting n classy. Made me more curious to watch it. 1st day 1st show 4 sure :D
    2. Best part is hero…dif role…dif persnality bt same charisma…;) paresh sir’s look nd his way of speaking nd d background music totaly rocking :-)
    3. 1st tel me abt d tasks. Kuch ulta sidha atempt kara toh mummy se maar paregi meko :P
    4. Abt my hesitation to talk with sum1 over ph. Mujse baat ni ho pati kisi se ph par. Dunno y everytime a new cnfusion create ho jati h. So i usualy prefer to meet nd talk. So hamesa bahana bnana parta h dat y dint i cal :( SUNO MAT MAHSUS KARO in my case ;)
    5. 5 points coz it depends upon d situation :-)

  3. 1) the trailer is awesome…sums up the movie well nd it wl definitely attract indian audiences…

    2) best part abt the trailer : Paresh rawal’s new look,. fiji’s exotic locations,. rajeev khandelwal’s charm, and finally the script..
    hope the performances wl surpass our expectations..

    3) I wont tek up the game as i dnt find satisfaction in earning money thru shortcut methods…

    4) as far as i rembr i dnt lie abt a particular thing on a daily life is open to all…

    5) lie is totally unaccptable to me unless it s genuinely needed fr sm gud cause…

    lukin frward to the film’s music launch…hop it wl hv sm chartbuster numbers:)

  4. Dear Abhishek,
    I really enjoyed answering these questions and later on, equally enjoyed reading others’ comments. Please have more such interactive activities.
    Now the answers….
    1. The trailer is very interesting. People will be drawn towards the movie seeing it. Obviously that is not applicable any of us, your fans…we will see it anyways! The trailer has all the ingredients that different types of Hindi movie watchers like. The fast pace of the trailer will make the audience believe that the movie is also fast-paced, that is, the screenplay is well written for a thriller.

    2. The thing that I liked best about the trailer was the way it explained the game….in a very interesting way. It gave us, the viiewers so many clues yet that was not enough! The last scene, Rajeev going to shoot himself, is the most interesting…to draw the audience to the movie. All the actors seemed to be playing their parts extremely well.

    3. Well…difficult to say. The prize money is too high but would definitely like to know what is to be done. No amount of money is more precious to me than my life!!
    4. That depends on the person (Boss/Mother/Neighbour/friend/colleague) I am speaking to and what is at stake…! That means what I am going to lose if I do not tell that lie! The lies that I have told so far are to save my skin only, not to harm anyone…I will never lie to harm anyone knowingly.
    5. If 1 is least acceptable and 10 is the most acceptable, then my acceptibility will be at 2. That too not harming anyone in any way!

  5. 1.How did you like the trailer?
    its awesome.. very promising and a treat.. best promo of all movies of king..
    2. What did you like best about the trailer?
    what a question.. :p what a rajeevian will like the most?
    3. Would you play such a game?
    ofcourse but it should be Mr Khandelwal not mr khan.. :p
    4. What is the one thing that you are likely to lie about in your daily life?
    i use to have study on nett.. and at the same time i use fb too.. so whenever someone is arround me i tab to study window to so m studying.. :p
    5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how acceptable is lying to you?
    based onsituations so… 4-6

  6. (1) it’s amazing’s can fall you in love surely…after seeing once, you want see the trailer again and again
    somehow it seems like copying of any hollywood movie infact it reminds me of jumaanjii and jumaanjii had won many hearts,so we can also expect this from this movie too .Well expectations are high and I want the movie to live up to them. The trailer is shaping up really well and according to me the thing which matters is the “presentation” and undoubtedly presentation is dhaansu ,& we all know how much paresh and rajeev are efficient in their acting,tena is new so won’t comment but i am sure she also gonna rock .

    (2) everything,especially in the starting line when paresh said “to know that you don’t know”.it sounds something interesting nd then tag line “if you lie you die” it is something like you have to win the game o/w you will lost everything ,..and you know that this sort of something could happen still you accept the proposal ,it shows the real adventure ..confidence …it seems like it can be more then any horror and thriller movie

    (3) yeah sure as i love adventure a lot but when i am alone ,like when i don’t have any responsibility,i can’t take risk to involve my family members.
    (4) well i talk alot on phone ,when ever i am talking to my fren ,like gossiping n ol,i always tell to mumma ….dat mom i am talking something urgent regarding project …regarding ..dat i have to lie o/w they will not allow me to talk over phone for hours n hours ..i can’t live my day without talking to my frens
    (5)it depends on situations ,for me ,lie doesn’t effects someone as well as my life ,so i scale 4 ( passing no. )

    yup i enjoyed answering d questions ….keep smiling

  7. Now dats called an intriguing & deadly trailer & intresting one…..Its gonna be an experience to watch the film :) ……….
    as for answers for question :P

    1. trailer has turned out intresting gives away not much but also gives a brief idea what we shud look out in the film :) :) On second thots … the trailer made the wait till 4th all the more difficult :) :P

    2. best part is the background score & ofcourse the glimpses of Rajeev in b’ful locales of Fiji :) :)

    3.wud surely like to know the tasks supposed to be performed before making any decision :P

    4. Lolz……about my laziness :P :P not finishing work on time :P always end up missing deadlines :P

    5. on scale of 10 i wud say 5, because when we lie there are certain situations, circumstances that make us lie abt particular thing ……. Also it depends on nature of our lie…. as long as our lie doesn’t harm any one :) :)

    Trailer has made more curious to watch the film …….. Looking foward for the release :)

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