Confusion? Let me clear it!


Hi everyone,
This is to clear any kind of confusion if it is still prevailing. Rahul Bharti is a part of my team who will be handling a few things on the PR front for a few months. It becomes extremely difficult to handle a lot of fronts individually and the requests keep piling up unattended and i don’t feel very good about it. Rahul has been brought in to streamline my interviews and to help all those who think that the information coming from my end is not sufficient. He is not operating my twitter account although he did tweet from my account for a day when i was not here. But as i realised that it may lead to confusion i have assigned him the job of creating a facebook page to meet the constant demands of pictures, news etc. Twitter will be handled and operated by me solely. No one will have access to my twitter account, mails, blog etc.
I apologize if i created any confusion but at times you buck under the pressure. The pressure here for me were the routine requests for updates on my films, pictures, news, etc. I am generally on the move so it becomes very difficult to satisfy every individual’s query. Anyway, now that it is sorted i hope it will clear all the doubts runing in your head.
Keep smiling


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31 comments on “Confusion? Let me clear it!

  1. Dear dear rajeev
    First of all I’d like to ask to you read these comments regularly? I am a nobody but a die hard fan of yours since I was 9.I have been in love with you from the day I saw you in my school auditorium. I was moving forward for your autograph but was pushed away by the crowd.have been waiting to meet you again since are truly aan inspiration for all the jaipurites. I draw you day and night and still can’t get over the fact that you’re so perfect perfect. I don’t want to reveal my name and I’d like you to guesss my identity.I follow your posts on Twitter regularly from the time you joined reporters.I am an artist and I have sketched you twice till now one in pencil and the other one in charcoal very recently… And colored version is coming up soon. Hope you have figured out my identity. If you have please do tell me on twitter :)

  2. Rajeev…. I am so sorry to say this but I am helpless in this matter. I am getting very distracting coz of you. Your character in “Reporters” is driving me crazy. Your each n every expression is just beyond everything for me. How do you do that? The look you had while you were carrying Ananya during your escape from Madhavnath n his pupil, is still live in my memory.
    The way you had handled d terrific situation n Ananya when u were kidnapped n d jokes n all funny things you had done n specially the way you cared for Ananya during those times was just d quality I can dream of in my deeam partner. I have never been a fan of any actor or actress till yet but after watching you in reporter, I am unable to study. I have my exams but I cant stop myself thinking of you. I know I am getting far as I have found out that you are approx 12 years elder to me n I should not think of u like this but I just am feeling helpless in this regard.
    Please, reply me through email n say few words for snatching me out from this infatuation that I know is not going to work. Please.. do this for me at least.
    I am very strict in such stuffs but I do not know how I am getting involve with you in my every thoughts.
    Anyway, please do not take me otherwise and if ur wife is reading this then tell her not to be angry with me. Its just my feeling I am sharing with you coz I have searched about you a lot n found that you are really a gentleman from your heart. You have adopted a girl that shows your generosity.
    N again I request you to please mail me for once n give some lecture to me to concentrate on my study or I will surely not nail it.
    Feeling optimistic n lookin forward for ur mail. N plz.. if u rreally replying then do it by urself n not by any other one.

  3. This is ur best quality out of thousands n lakhs u have that u r so down to earth and can apologise so ordinarily to ur fans even after being an extraordinary guy…… u always take responsibility of being an actor and remain sensitive to others emotions. your words always touch my heart and ur eyes always speaks ur honesty and ur being real attitude.always stay like this n stay connected please….hope u can read my mail as well , sent u today only.

    thanks Rajeev
    regards n wishes

  4. Thank u very much for ur clarification. It feels really wonderful that u care so much for ur admires.Just waiting to see ur next performance.

  5. Hahaha this is so crazy :p I am such a hypocrite.i am reading all these comments and laughing but still I can’t control the urge to type one myself.i hope this is you and if it is you then I just want to say I know you are married but I wish you weren’t :p I know you are so much more elder to me but I wish you weren’t :p I had seen you once long ago when you act in Kahin toh had come in a club to play some sport with a friend of yours.i was very small that time and shy so I didn’t come upto you I wish I had :)

  6. hi Rajeev I am from Australia and I love your all serials and movies unfortunately in Australia the didn’t work but still I must say its amazing.I wish you luck for your coming movies. Bye and sorry for not telling my name.Lots of love. From your biggest and biggest fan.Keep smiling.

  7. King its very kind of u dat u care all small little things also..

    M very proud to b ur princess…

    Although prrsonally I didn had any prob or confusion over d matter..

    N i was very happy to know dat v will have frequent updates abt u..

    And as u altered ur decision.. now m waiting for FB Account for ur regular posts..

    I trully understand how u felt wen u r unable to reply all ur fans querry..

    N dat is y i never asked u to reply my tweet..

    Bcoz I know u read all my stupidities.. :-P

    Love u so much..

    Ur princess
    4m Ranchi

  8. Thank you so much Rajeev 4 clearing all the doubts regarding twitter :) I’m sooooo happy to know that ur twitter account will be handled by u only :) you are so sweet n caring. I’m so proud to be ur fan….thanx a lot for all that u do for us :)

  9. There is no confusion at my end and u dont need to apologise….it was just a misunderstanding I gs…and I feel everything is f9 nw…:)
    just relax n u too kp smiling :)

    and a warm welcum to Rahul…kamar kas lijiye aap…coz when it comes to hero….his admirers ka dil mange more always…;) aapko bht mehnat hone wali h :D

  10. A Big Hi… to you Rajeev!!

    Thank You So Much <3 Once again you proved that How Much Do You Care , Love & Value your Fans!!! Which is the most important thing for Fans-Your Concern… I'm so much Happy :)
    I'm proud to be your fan… You always live up to my expectations ^_^
    Just love the way you tackle everything :D You always surprise me…:D

    My Best Wishes & So Many Huggs to YOU…
    Keep Smiling :) & Take Good Care of yourself…

    Your Big Fan….
    Farwa Kazmi…..Lahore….Pakistan….

  11. There was a little confusion at first but your last couple of tweets yesterday cleared it perfectly but thanks fr taking out time n updating ur blog in this regard.Ur concern for ur admirers is appreciable :)

  12. Most perfect person*, thats the reaaon why i call u mY beat u know how to handle any situation widout hurting ppl..& also how to beat….
    Just one thing to saY..”Jaise ho aap waise rehna..huMko hai sirf yahi kehna”,
    Thanx for evrythng luv d way u beat<3
    take xtra care of urself in ur busy schedule..
    lots of luv..
    huggs :)

  13. Big hi..
    To u Rajeev ,
    thankyew so much
    i’m glad u cleared r confusion
    nd i understand dear
    nd thats great News ur PR will soon active on fb :) :)

    i wish u keep rising
    keep shining
    keep smiling always :):)

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