This was written a few days back but posting it now.

So at an altitude of 37000 feet here I am updating my blog after a very long time. And look who inspired me and got me thinking! It is none other than the growing power of the fairer sex. Not that we aren’t aware of it. But it hits you more when you take a nearly two hour flight to Bhubhaneshwar and your A 320 jumbo is powered by an all women/only women crew including the pilot and the co pilot. The only male in the crew is the recorded voice which asks you to wear your seat belts etc and he too was allowed to speak at the discretion of the crew. And let me add that besides making the flight look pretty and beautiful they commanded respect and how by their sheer professionalism!

So while the world was talking about women empowerment n all, women grabbed the scene and said hello…here we are! While you guys were ‘just talking’ we were working. While you guys were ‘just hoping’ for the change we brought the change. And much before you could expect it, here we are….calling the shots everywhere. Politics, corporate world, bureaucracy, science, sports, films, television and now we have women driving buses, trains flying aircrafts and the list goes endless. And the immediate casualty was the poor ‘once existed now dying’ male dominance, which still exists but happily mostly in the psyche.

This change which has taken centuries suddenly looks looks rapid now. Maybe because we are witnessing it. I don’t think this change happened because the society is evolving. The society evolves only when balance shifts more towards those who defy than those who succumb. And what is society in the first place? Society is a collective thought of some non existing individuals who could not achieve more than what was thrown at them by life (my opinion). Those who sit and think that change is a by product of time are the ones who constitute the society. And because they have no claim to fame they hate anyone claiming fame. Since achievers are always outnumbered by losers is why the society gained strength. But today, as the number of girls and women achievers is growing by the day the balance is tilting more towards the achievers/one who defy and the society has no choice but to accept the change.

All said and done it is great to live in this time. Yes, the change needs to percolate down to the smaller cities where the regressive mind sets are bigger. But I see those mind sets fragmenting too at an appreciable pace. It is regressive not because the people are not progressive. It is regressive because that is a way of life for them. It is regressive for us but not for them. Only when they are exposed to a better way of life will they buy the change. There are thousands who have brought this change in their surroundings. My father despite being an army guy had a certain way of looking at life. Initially I used to cringe at certain thoughts of his and fight with all my vocal strength. I am the rebel of the house but I think I took it a bit too seriously. But I realised pretty soon that he will change only if he enjoys the change. Otherwise he will just accommodate. And I wanted him to change and not accommodate because I genuinely felt that he would enjoy life more. My convictions were strong so I found a way. I started giving him exposure to the world I wanted him to live in. The pace was gradual but the change in him – rapid. He wanted to change because he was ENJOYING the change. Today, he is enjoying is why he changed. And I am just enjoying the change :) That is how it functions I guess. Those who don’t change are not rigid. We probably fail to expose them to the goodness of the change we advocate. The onus lies on the one who feels the need for it. So all those who wish to sell that little change will have to lure the buyer into it.

And so I guess I began drifting. Before I drift further let me do the best part. Send love n hugs to all you beautiful girls/women who also made me revisit this dormant blog. I urge all those who care to read this to take none of my opinion seriously. I have mine and you have yours. If they meet great! If not then too great! We all are entitled to ours :).

Love, smiles and happiness to all.


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  1. Hi Remya,
    Hope everything is fine at your end. Sorry for such a late response from my side.

    Yeah, u r absolutely right. we have already started walking that virtual mile :) and will definitely cover many more miles sharing friendship that will grow unexpectedly true with time… :)

    Many many thanks to the ultimate reason for this Mr Rajeev Khandelwal.

    Here’s the URL of my son’s blog

    With lots of thanks and regards

  2. Hllo Rajeev Sir!!! n m here…….AGAIN!!!! Bcz muje bhot bde wala SORRY bolna tha aapko:(:( well!! I wanna say thnx to u 4 replying bt Kaash Aap na Pdhte mere Comment ko!!! Scchi m fir se SORRY!! Actually wn I wz writing tht COMMENT muje bilkul b idea nhi tha ki m kya likh rhi u mere Jo dil me aaya wo likh diya kbhi hindi me to kbi englsh me! Wo Comment Post Krne K Baad Jb Pdha to……….phle to bhot hssi aayi apne aap pe bt jb aapne REPLY diya to muje bhot EMBARRASSING lga ki aap ne pdh liya…… wo BHOT JYADA CHILDISH tha n AAP!! Ohhh! GOD!!!!!!!! Kya socha hoga aapne:(:( bt Plzzz FORGIVE ME…m not mature n meri vocabulary abhi itni high nhi h ki Jo dil m ho wo slike se likh b du!!……………………………………………okey!!!ek aur baat last cmment me kuch typo ho gya tha mere khne Ka mtlb tha “is baar to top b ni kiya jbki hr baar 1st position aati thi”” bt thankuuuu 4 ur motivation!! Meri kyi frnds b muje khti thi ki Rajeev Sir ki vjh se distract Mt ho,unhe bura lgega so do ur best wo b proud feel krenge” TB to kucch asar nhi Hua bt jb aapne kha to KUCH KUCH Hua (I mean stdy wala) Aaj Teachers’ day b ho to Happy Teachers’ Day :):). Waise Maine Picchle Comment K Liye Sorry Mangte Mangte Khii Ye Wala b to Childish typ nhi likh gya!!! No Pllzzzz,,,,,,,,,,,, now m going HERO keep smiling:)…. tata! Bye Bye! Your JAAN! Monika………Goswami

  3. Hii Rajeev. !
    I know tht it maybe difficult to reply to each mail bt not too difficult. And u know what I wont give up so easily. I ‘ll try n keeps on trying
    …maybe someday i’ll be noticed…
    Its really feels disappointing bt for you anything. Becoz you are the reason which keeps me ….alive. You’ve act as a support system in my life.

    Well wish you good luck
    stay happy n keeps smiling. Becz ur smile brings smiles on many faces.
    love you…always. !

    • Hi Nazish..I am sorry if I missed out your posts/comments but it wasn’t intentional. I Hope you are doing great in your life. Thanks for your wishes and more importantly your patience. Love n best wishes

  4. helo
    dear rajeev sir
    mn apki chotti fan shyd ap ko yaad ho ga twitter pe b rply kiya tha.ab mje ap se buht battin krni hn….jb k mn buht km bolti hun mje zaida batin krna nahi pasand pr ap se krna chahti hun twitter b ap k liye join kiya. ap se itni jldi mil ni skti…..twitter pe rply to kry gy.n thankyou ap ne rply diya tha.ap se milny k liye phly mje study cpmlt raat tk study krti hun.yh mera last year hai study ka..kuj bn k dekhao.raat ko study ur ap k rply k w8 ur meri to eyes b dard raat tk jgna….bt difclt hn na books..isi liye mehnat to krni parti hai na.srf is liye k ap se milo….mn apki buht respect krti hun dil se…apki fan hun na to feelling vry proud k mn apki fan apko ap k name se bulaty
    hn.meanz k kuj fans bt mje apko sir kehti hun mje yh zaida acha lgta.respect k sath kehna.ap janty ho na k mn apko bhaiya kehti hun mje yh kehna acha lgta ap mere liye buht ahmiyat rakhty ho bary bhai k tarha manti hun mn apko….mn apko bta b nai sakti expln b ni kr sakti….k ap mere liye buht spcl ho….haan kbi mn gussa hti hun jb ap ne rply ni diya tha…bt mn samjhti hun ap bzy isi liye nai de paty…m happy k ap ne diya tha rply…mn ap k liye card bna rhi hun pr mje koi idea ni k mn ap tk kasy bejhon mn ne buht mehnat se bnaya hai ur agar nai bejh pai to mn buht udas raho gi plz mje btayin k kasy ap tk bejhon..n kl 5 sep ko mera birthday chahti hun yh meri wish hai k kl mera din start ho to mere parents ur apki wishies k sath wrna mn happy kbi ni hun gi….plz mje apki wishies chahiye yh mere liye meri life ka sb se big wala gift hoga kya ap yh wish puri kro gy na plz plz.wrna mera mood kharab ur study pe b dehan nai de paon gi….plz mje apka yh gift chahiye mn is gift ko kbi ni bhulon gi…..ur jaany se pehly yh gift dena mt bhulye ga…:-)
    keep smiling :-) ap b always happy raho smile krty raho….:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  5. Hello Remya!
    Thankyou soo much for ur wishes!!means alot:)
    And yes ..indeed it was a memorable one!
    Lots of love to u too

  6. Hai Nisha and Rati,
    Hahaha you people are sweet Rati n Nisha. I crack up everytime reading your convo and the “stranger” part (on a lighter note) Rajeev is indeed a very heart warming person. He spreads smiles and happiness wherever he goes. And see today we “strangers” are talking. And yes! Rajeev doesn’t have a Facebook or Instagram account. Those are imposters. Only his twitter handle is real
    Love to you both and the man himself :)
    Intruder :P

  7. Thanks for replying me but I was expecting from u different answer anyways God Bless You & All The Very Best for ur future endeavours.
    With lots of respect & best wishes

    Sushma Sharma

  8. Hello Rajeev!
    This time I m again trying to get response from you .i hv written something for you. Hope u like it .plz give a little bit time to me.

    Na likhne ka hoonar aaya,
    na jatane ka shauor aaya |
    Bas ye lab muskura uthe,
    jab bhi tera taswoor aaya! !

    Love you…..always. !

  9. Hello Rajeev…..


    A is for all the nice things you do for me.
    B is for being there for me.
    C is for coming to my rescue.
    D is never deserting me.
    E is for your eagerness to please.
    F is for being quick to forgive,
    G is for your generosity.
    H is for extending a helping hand.
    I is for your interest in me.
    J is for not judging my every move.
    K is for your kindness towards me.
    L is for the love you have shown me.
    M is for the many laughs we share.
    N is for never gossiping about me.
    O is for your openness
    P is for always playing fair
    Q is for the quiet times we share.
    R is for the respect we have for each other.
    S is for all the smiles you bring.
    T is because you touch my heart.
    U is for how well you understand me.
    V is because you are a vital part of my life.
    W is for knowing when to speak and when not to.
    X is for all the extra nice things you do.
    Y is for giving of yourself.
    Z is for the zip you add to my life.

  10. Dear Rajeev,

    so so happy to c ure reply:) …thanks for acknowledging.. but hoping that u ll write soon … been a long time.. take care..

    lots a luv, luck n smiles…

  11. Hey Stanger (Rajeev),

    I think whoever wrote the code of this site needs to be given a small piece of feedback. I dont know the source whether it was designed by you or bought but When you open the blog and want to post a new comment… The new comment window is at the bottom of the page, so one has to scroll all the way through all the comments to post something new :( I lost my page long reply to you and Rati twice :'(.. The New comment window should be above all the comments..right below your original post. (Sorry, couldn’t keep the Geek inside me from commenting on that.. Lol.. Hope you didn’t mind)

    Hi Rati, Hi Rajeev,

    Rati you know what I totally agree with you. He does seem to have a totally unexplainable vibe, I’m still trying to figure out what to call it though. You know its funny how life is .. I flew from Delhi to Bangalore on 1st August around the same time as Rajeev flew from Delhi to Goa (correct me plz Rajeev if I’m mistaken here, guess you flew via Vistara that day) but that day I couldn’t talk to him face to face and then later ended up posting here.

    Rajeev I added you on FB too and even messaged there but guess they would have gone to your Others folder :(. I do follow you on Twitter and Instagram too now.. But Twitter is too much for me to handle, its too active when it comes to feeds so I don’t use it much. I know it would be too much for you to take but the day I don’t see you or hear you.. something or the other definitely gets f***ed up around me.

    Guys, all these incidents are not mere coincidences.. I don’t believe that you can plan for everything to happen in life but I definitely believe that everything happens for a reason! It is just that the feeble human mind doesnt understand the happenings around it until there’s a proof of the same. I realized this after my divorce..too soon in Life I had such experiences that ppl dont get even when they are 50..And thus, I have come to believe that you Rajeev definitely have a purpose written to be served in my life… Lol.. I’m about 9-10 yrs younger to u.. So obviously u have seen more life than i have.. But This belief of mine about u is not baseless! Trust me! .. Who knows may be through you I was just meant to meet Rati.. We don’t know what the Universe holds in store for us. :) No one does.. We all just keep flowing with the tides of Time.. Sometimes they take us to unknown destinations in between our so called loved ones who turn out to be complete Strangers and sometimes they land us between complete Strangers who become our loved ones.. Anyway!! (Sighs.!!)

    Rati, I agree about Europe. I have stayed in Paris and Frankfurt but haven’t had a chance to visit any of the Scandavian countries yet.. May be someday I will. But somehow I feel more comfortable with Americans and Canadians as compared to Europeans or Chinese for that matter. (yes I have experienced China too.. When I stayed in Shanghai and Hong Kong).. And leme be honest.. I will a little biased towards Americans compared to all the rest of the world I have seen so far. For some reason I feel at home in Seattle.. Lol.. Btw.. Why do I feel we both will go a long way.. :D You’ll be surprised in the last two replies that I wrote and couldn’t post, I had more to address to you than to Rajeev.. Cant type all that all over again!.. :( Funny! Care to connect on FB?

    Rajeev, now may be you’ll understand why I have been addressing you as ‘Stranger’ ;).. See this is how u connect with Strangers.. Out of no where.. Once in a blue moon.. And btw.. 31st July was a Bluemoon too.. :p

    Lots of Love and happiness to you both! :)

    – Stranger.. ;)

  12. Hiii,
    Thanks a billion Rajeev.U unknowingly made my day. U replied on my birthday!! Sorry for being sooo blunt..but I guess lawyers are like that only.
    My apologies

  13. Thx rajeevji for yr response dear aap
    Kya sochta ho abt the reservation
    Can u pls give yr review I love to know aap ko jab bhi time mila pls likhna its a humble request thx again

    • Yes everything is under control now no violent situation is there but still matter is not solved nothing can b said when this situation come again this time I think 18 crores public property is lost bcz of this issue in ahmedabad miltry is still there in city I hope too everything Wii b better verysoon touchwood.

  14. Dear Rajeev

    First of all I want to salute you for the person you are. You truly are humility and perfection personified. I am an avid follower since LRL and watching you had always been like being in a different world. Pure Bliss. I have lots of fond memories from my Engineering and MBA days watching repeats of LRL n number of times. And now needless to say U have done it again with reporters, the most intelligent, creative and sensible show ever on Indian Television. Thats the only half an hour of the day when my 3 yr old is not getting my attention. So she enjoys the show as well. And she already got your attention for the same as well. I have read in lots of your interviews that adventure and travel is what you seek. I hd my share of adventure encounters. Skydiving and Bungee in New Zealand were truly magical and so was under water scuba in Australia. Parasilinig was fun too. Walk with the lion in Mauriatius ws another kind of adventure that gave some goosebumps. I hv a long bucket list still to go. Would love to know your bucket list some day. Professionally I am happy being closely connected with next generation where I get a chance to do my bit to inspire them to create a better future.
    Just wanted you to know that you always were and you always will be an inspiration behind a crazy girl who is not just a die hard fan but someone having great respect and gratitude towards a wornderful person you are.

  15. Hai All :)

    Hope all is well with everyone :). Just to share a happy moment for all those who are unaware that RAJEEV has completed 12 YEARS in the industry.A proud and happy moment for all his admirers isnt it?? :) We know that there is much more to come. Wishing him loads of happiness and success in all his current and future endeavours :)

    Another thing, REPORTERS is completing 100 EPISODES TOMORROW 3 RD SEP. A TREND has been planned ON TWITTER to celebrate the same and to thank and support the team. TIME 8-10.30 PM. A reminder and an information to all who dudnt know about it. HASHTAG IS #Reporters100Epi . All you have to do is tweet using the hashtag about the show and characters. Retweet as much as you can the tweets with same hashtag. All those who can make themselves available can join in the joyrude. More the merrier!!!! Time for some shout out people!!!!

    Lots love :)

  16. As a normal personal i have one thought , want to share with u ..U r a very successful actor & a very nice & humble person also, i requesting u to if u like my this thought so spread it to all over India specially.If u dnt like it then ignore it.But please read it once.
    Kya hain Zindagi Ki Sahin Maayane (Values) ??
    Roz subh jab uthati hoon to hamesha apne aap se puchti hoon kya hain Zindagi ke sahin Maayane??Rozana ki bhag daud office jana kaam karna ghar aana ghar ko dekha yahin sab ..Is Zindagi ki daud main har koi apne liye bhag rahan hain apne liye ji rahan hain ..Roz kamane ki shauk main sab bhag rahein apne liye ya apne pariwar ke liye par bhag rahein hain .Kya yahin hain Zindagi ke sahin maayine ..Nahi Mujhe to nahi lagta .Kya aap sab ko lagta hain?
    Jab roz office ke liye nikalti hoon tab roz dekhti hoon sadak pe un bacho ko subh subh khane ke liye bhikh mangte hue unke liye kya hain Zindagi ke Maayane “Ek Waqt Ka Khana ” .Har kisi ke aage hath failate hue .
    Aaj subh jab roz ki tarah office ke liye nikali to aaj mujhe ek bacha aur ek gudiya mili.Mujhe dekh wo mere peeche aa gaye aur auro ki tarah main bhi unhe ignore karte hue aage badh gayi par wo mere peeche tak aa gaye mujhe laga shayad unhe bhukh lagin hain phir unse pucha to bole haa pass main hi kuch khane ka tha toh kuch kharid ke unhe de diyaUnke jane ke baad mere mann main apne liye hi ek sawal utha kya hain meri Zindagi ke Maayane?

    Hamare Samaj main jab koi shadi nahi karta to unse sawal kiye jaye hain .Shadi ho gayi ho to bacho (Family Plaining) ke liye pucha jata hain .Par kya hamne kabhi dekha hain un sadko pe , raste main , train main un bacho ko jo hath filai kabhi kisi ke peeche kabhi kisi ke peeche daud rahein hote hain .Kya asal Zindagi ka Maayana Shadi karna aur apne bache hona hain??
    Asal Zindagi ka Maayana tab hain jab hum sab ek Zindagi ko sudhar sake usse ek aisi zindagi de pae ki woh kisi ke aage hath na filai sochiye agar ek zindagi ek haathon se sawar jae to shayad koi bhi sadko pe kisi ke peeche nahi bhagega .Aur hum sab apne aap main ek hi dhage se bandh jaegein jiska koi naam to nahi hoga par Zindagi Ka Maayina alag hoga aur hamare mann main bhi sawal nahi uthega ki Hamari Zindagi ka Asal Maayena kya hain…
    Zindagi ki asal maayane tab hain jab hum apne liye na jikar kisi aur ke liye jiye.Koi ek aisi zindagi sawar sake jisse hamare Zindagi ke maayane badal sake .Jisse Khushi dekar hum bhi apni zindagi main khush ho sake..Zindagi ka Sahin Maayina tab hain jab hum main se koi bhi kisi kea age hath na filai Ëk Waqt Ke Khane Ke Liye ” chahe chota bacha ho ya koi bada.
    Is Duniya main har koi to apne liye jita hain kya kuch aisa nahi ho sakta ki hum sab kum se kum ek zindagi ke liye jiye , agar ek insaan ek zindagi ke maayane badal de to socho pura samaj ek dusre ke liye jine lagega aur Zindagi ke Sahin Maayane samne aa jaegein.
    Main aaj nahi to kal apni Zindagi ke Maayane badal hi dungi.Par Kya Aap Sab meri is soch main mera sath dengein??Zindagi Ke Sahin Maayane Dhudane main mera sath dengein??
    Thanks a lot
    Sushma Sharma

  17. Dear Rajeev Sir, I Love You bt can’t say your name withour SIR bcz m ur Li’l fan girl s I feel SHY calling u”RAJ”, “KABIR” mere liye only RAJEEV SIR n GURU JI bt mostly I call u “MY HERO” :) I got 3 REPLY from you on TWITTER. May b inko pdhkr sayd aap muje pehchaan Le!!!!! 1 wz :-Love to you Monika n thanks for being so sweet to n hugs. 2nd wz:-Some other time plz,time frame to sleep,best wishes(Bt PTA NHI YE OTHER TYM KB AAYEGA:(:( n 3rd wz:- Love You Monika…………..Goswami. Best wishes. I hope aapne muje phchaan liya hoga:-p:-p Well! Nhi b phchaana to koi baat nhi!!! M aapke picche bilkul crazyyyyyyy,Ltttooooooo n Madddd hu bt u will not believe ki m aapki fan aapke 3-4 serials dekh kr nhi hui blki 2 hours Ka #REPORTERS dekh kr hui…..REPORTERS से पहले मुझे आपका नाम भी नहीं पता था bcz I wz not TV holic. मुझे पढने का बहुत शौक था तो,फिल्मे बहुत कम देखती थी और जब आपके Serial आते थे तब मेरी age CARTOON देखने की थी:( काश!!! भगवान ने मुझे पहले भेज दिया होता:(:(:(:( मैनै आपको पहली बार Table No.21 मैं देखा था! मुझे आपकी फिल्म के 2 गाने O Sajna n Mann Mera बहुत अच्छे लगे थे सिर्फ उन्ही की वजह से मैनै वो मूवी देखी और बहुत पसंद भी आयी but PYAAR वाली चीज नहीं थी तब भी!!!!! एक दिन आपके serial Reporters का promo देखा तो मैनै अपनी एक friend से कहा की ये तो TableNo.21 वाला HERO है, जब ये शो शुरू होगा तो मुझे याद दिला देना लेकिन आपके serial ko start hue 2 weeks हो चुके थे ना उसे याद आया न मुझे:( बाद मैं जब याद आया तब देखा भी नी……….पता नहीं क्यो???? Bt one day मेरी तबीयत खराब थी तो मैने holiday ले लिया उस दिन Saturday था sare last week k epi dikha rhe the to TB jakr dekha n dekhne k baaaaaaaaaad FULL ON LTTOOO on you!!! Aapki ACTING!!!!!!!!! Oh Myyyyy Gaawwdd!! Raat ko hi Maine reporters k phle weeks k b epi dekh liye.M bilkul pagl ho gyi thi aapke liye. अगले दिन SUNDAY को पूरी RESEARCH कर डाली आप पर! आपके सारे पिछले शो,फिल्मस etc…..etc Tbhi muje PTA chla ki aap married h jb Maine MONDAY ko aapke show k baare me Apni us friend ko btaya to usne kha Isme toh whi wala HERO h Jo Left Right Left meaata tha so I said yes! Bcz Maine google pe pdha tha to usne kha ki ye serial to ab b aata h Sony pal pe! So I wz jmpppping!! Aapka wo serial b dekha Maine pura toh nhi….. youtube pe dekhna pdta h bcz PAPA ne only one day in week allow kr rkha h TV dekhna bt fir b m chhup chhup kr aapka reporters pkka dekhti hu han hr Roj aisa nhi ho pata bt chahe TV ho ya Youtube m aapka Reporters nhi chhodti!! I heard from many girls that aapka KTH toh Kmaal tha toh muje bhot jealousy hoti h bt koi ni abi study Ka pressure h after some months m wo kya sare show dekh lungi:):) One More…. u 9 I used to hate social sites…..sirf apne liye khraab Lgti. Thi bcz I loved study n I knew ki ek baar social networking sites use krne lgi. To mera dhyaan pdhai se ht jayeg waise muje theek Lgti thi bcz inke kyi fayde b h bt …not 4 me!! LEKIN LEKIN LEKIN jb se aapko pasand kiya tbse Facebook, twitter n mny more!! Mere liye kisi ko favourite bnana sirf google pe jakr uski pics dekhna n wallpaper me save krna hota tha, aapki b pics hi dekh rhi thi google pe ek din thn they ur twitter I’d n Wha likha Hua tha join twitter 4 follow Rajeev Khandelwal Maine kr liya jbki muje twitter Ka T b ni PTA tha jaise taise I’d bnayi sbse phle aapjo follow kiya n sbse phla tweet aapke kisi fanclub ko bheja wo b KHALI….ROFL kucch PTA hi ni tha. Aapke reply k liye m Raat 3-30 tk b jagti hu jbki phle muje 12:30 b bhooooooot jyada late lgta tha n now see…Papa daily subh daat te h ki late nyt study Mt kiya kro he dzn 9 ki aaj kl unki baby late nyt wait krti h!!! Aapki vjh se study se b dhyaan bilkul ht chuka h bt Maine test me b top kiya jbki hr baar 1st pos. Aati thi bt now m trying 2 focus bcz I 9 agr lifeme aapse milna h toh kuch bn na pdega n bn ne ki lye pdhna pdega:’ abh aapka Jo GIFT SEGMENT Hua tha na Maine b apna gift bheja tha wo b jaisa aapko. Pasand h bilkul waisa haath se bnakr bt unfortunately wo waps AA gya don’t know how bt adrss wrong lika gya Telly Chaska walo Ka bt thank god wo Mila ni aapko:-p usme itni demands b Jo likh di thi Maine jb b pdhti hu hssi AA jati h bt aapke is birday pe koi glti nhi hogi n koi DEMAND b ni……PKKA PROMISE. Ohh! God!! U don’t 9 how m feeling now…..So Relaxed:):):) jaise Maine apna dil kholkr sari baate bta di n aap ne sun Li:):). Lots Of Love to U #GURU Ji. Your Little JAAN, Monika…………Goswami:)

    • Hi Monika…that’s so sweet of you. I am glad that you are focussing on your career too. That is way more important than any show. You have to make yourself proud!

  18. Dear rajeev..
    Now that u r not updating I felt like writing something..

    I’ve seen castles made out of sand,
    Met people who believe destiny is engraved on the palm of their hands,
    I’ve seen people change their faith,
    Experienced love change into hate,
    I’ve seen people grow younger with age,
    And a bird who wouldn’t fly out of an open cage,
    I’ve seen love sold for money,
    People who are devastated inside but outside they’re funny,
    I’ve seen the unicorn fall in love with the toad,
    People who owned half the city have now hit the road,
    I’ve learned to expect the unexpected,

    Perfection doesn’t exist, we’re all defected,
    Everyone cries,some just hide their tears,
    They say coal turns diamond over a thousand years,
    Someone may believe u are one in a million,
    For others u are just another nobody in the billion.
    So live life wid all that u have, cherish all ur moments Happy or Sad!! Feel blessed with what u r!! Coz Life is tooo short n we are jus here for a Moment!! :)

    Lots a luv n luck

  19. Hi Rajeev,
    strage is your way to reply a chosen few here on blog and there on twitter. needless to say dissappointed on both forums…anyways gud luck.

  20. Agar kismat ma hoga to aap jaroor takrayanga bina kisi adventures trip ka bhi as ya life wali trip bhi kafi adventures hoti hai aapna aap ma
    Jana kon kissa kab mil Jaya is bheed ma
    I m not adventures but I like to stay outside so
    Hey guys all to best 4 yr kismat connection n to u too rajeevji
    With lots of smiles to all

  21. Hellooooo Dear Rajeev,

    ” Help every one so much that even God will wonder whether I “Created” this person in my heaven or he is the one who is “Recreating” me on Earth”…..!!!!
    Very Good Morning….
    So long time am writing….
    Hope so you all well…..
    now till am waiting for your reply….


  22. Hiii n big smiles to rajeevji?
    Bcoz of this issue of patidar in ahmedabad net was stopped in kutch also so the conversation also but I hope u r fine n reading almost all the comments post on yr blog n also answers to all yrs that shows a lovely part of yr inside everyone is inspiring by yr blogs n also with simple words said by u love hugs wishes hiii n so much more these simple words have their own weight to give some motivation to someone’s life n their achievements too by just these simple words when u said this way u r contributing to make someone’s life better n happy too this is really a noble work done by u. U always b blessed n stays in all prayers b happy “aap jaisa ho aisa hee rahna kabhi badlna mat
    Chaha kuch bhi ho Jaya hama bhulna mat
    Aap khush raha ya dua nikaltii hai dil sa
    Kabhi sabdo ma to kabhi aankho sa
    Kahta hai hum bhi sada sab sa yuhii
    Ho aap jaisa waisa ho sab jaha ma bhi”
    This is for u special one
    B happy b blessed
    Smiles n my happyness for u n to u

  23. Hi Nisha!

    Glad my smile made you smile too :) Sometimes it’s the little things in life that matter right.. It’s awesome that we’ve “met” like this through Rajeev :)

    I guess he has that “spread the love/kindness” vibe, because usually I don’t post comments to celebs let alone reply on someone else’s haha :)

    Have fun traveling and btw Europe is pretty nice too, especially The Netherlands! (Nope totally not biased ahum ;)

    May all your dreams come true and may life smile upon you always :)

    Kind regards,

    Stranger :)

  24. Soo you have unknowingly given me my birthday gift by responding!!It was my birthday on the 28th!!hahaha…sooo happyy!!*on cloud 9*
    Thankyou sooo veryy much!!
    Love krutika :D

  25. :) You actually gave me your email id sir!!! Thank you so very much… i shall be writing to you soon.. love you lots and not to forget. . . Tremendous respect!

  26. HELLOOOOZZ….. :)
    So before the day comes to a close, “Here’s to Sibling love!” HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN ALL! Hope you all had a great day :)
    A relation that happens by default other than our parents and kids and not by choice. A relation that doesn’t come with any baggage. A bond that doesn’t demand any promises or reminders. Certain relations are, because they are just meant to be!

  27. Hi Rati,

    Thanks :) Wish you tonnes of happiness and love too.. Yes you are 200% correct, everyone deserves that..

    And btw.. Its an open forum and I don’t own Rajeev or have a copyright on him. I liked you responding to me, coz only two kinda of people are there..who respond to other strangers in an open forum. One who are confident about themselves and are genuinely Interested in commenting (the coz\reason of their interest is immaterial) and two who just want to pull someone’s leg. And you ofcourse seem the former one! So.. Just so you know that just reading your ‘big heartwarming smile on my face’.. I kind of reciprocated ;)


    Stranger! Lol..

  28. Hey Stranger.. :)

    My dream now after all that I have seen.. is just to have worked\travelled to 50 countries before I turn 50 :).. (I know it sounds Lets see where life takes me. And yes if I complete 50 before I turn 50, my next goal will be 100 countries before I die..
    And yes, if you read between the lines you will know why I do that..

    Anyway.. I’m planning my next trip to Gwahati – Shillong – Cherrapunji.. Eastern command was the only place where Dad was never posted till the time I stayed with them (which seems like an ancient story now..). So I love visiting the NE Indian states one at a time though. Apart from Forks, near Seattle, Washington this is probably my most favourite destination and also doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket.. :)’ll be fun to maintain a travel journal with a stranger and keep updating it with the places we visit. But are you sure you can keep up..if we ever actually cross paths ;) Ok ok.. I’ll shut-up!! :)

    Stay blessed .. Best wishes stranger!! Keep in touch!

    Lots of Love & Succes …

    Another Stranger!..

    PS: Jokes apart..just wanted to keep my reply on a lighter note! But honestly, I do Owe you a big Thanks! Till then you Keep Shining always! :)

  29. The Person Who Have Beautiful Face Can Attract To Anyone But The Person Who Have Beautiful Face With Beautiful Heart Who Can Attract The Whole World.
    U R The Peron Who Can Attract The Whole World :)
    Wish you all the very best for ur future endeavours.

    Best Wishes
    Sushma Sharma

  30. F Hi Rajeev, I know you almost try and reply to all d tweets that u get…but somehow twitter does not let me write to you due to its barrier on number of words ��.The first time i wrote to you was after reading your latest article on this blog and like any other huge fan of urs i expected a reply.Deep down somewhere i knew for a celebrity like you are it is certainly not possible to read every message and reply to it but to my surprise i received a reply from you on that very day which said ‘hope to see you here more often’.WOW!what a feeling that was to get a reply from YOU!:) and now after reading all the articles on this blog ( your article titled ‘captives of our minds’ was really awesome ) and watching n number of your interviews ,almost all of your movies and shows i write this msg just to let you know how awesome a person you are!U have certainly changed my perspective of looking at celebrities by the small gestures of urs like sharing a phone number to talk to your fans on your birthday.(how i wished i would have read this blog then),surprising a fan by attending her wedding…and actually treasuring all the gifts and acknowledging all the msgs that u get from ur fans.Rarely have i seen such interactions…I love travelling and i saw ‘My endeavour ‘that got aired on nat geo the other day,Ur passion for adventure and travelling was so clearly seen in it.waiting for you to update the blog with your Ladak memories..:)Its one of my dream destination to visit….With all of that i have read and seen about you my respect and affection for u has just increased and with a little hope of u reading this msg and i manage to make u smile,herez wish you all the happiness,good luck and good health!keep up the good work and inspiring us with your amazing thoughts and exceptional work… With lots of love One fan among the millions Krutika:) Ps:I had written this msg a few weeks back and tried posting…i guess there were some technical i have no clue if my msg ws sent if it nd reached u…if it did then iam sorry or the repost

  31. Hai Bhibhushri,
    Was about to write to you today and found your message :) Actually couldn’t find your son’s blog. I could only find an archive of the same name . So can you please share the link?
    And pleasure is mine. Please don’t thank me. Feels good to meet genuine people. It is the aura of this blog I feel!!! Only trying to give back what I receive.Yes, looking forward to walk that virtual mile :D Have started actually ;) Hopefully becomes many a miles :))
    A big thanks to the”beautiful person” who have made it possible to meet “beautiful people”

    Thanks a bunch Rajeev :)
    Thanks Bibhushri :)

  32. Hey Rajeev !!

    Dnt u think u should write another blog .. its been more than a month now.. n the writing skills that u have .. u really can make a big difference in someones life… it is also exciting to read ure blogs.. so i shall be eagerly waiting for one soon.. :)

    luv u .. cheers!!

  33. Hi Nisha :)

    I know you wrote to Rajeev and I’m intruding a lil but I just wanted to tell you that your comment really brought a big heartwarming smile on my face :) Very relatable life story and equally inspired by this beautiful person Rajeev just at the right moment in my life when I needed it the most :)

    Wish you loads of happiness and love girl, because everyone deserves that :)

    Warm regards,

    Another stranger lol :)

  34. Hey Remya,
    Thank you so much for your love and warmth :)
    As one embarks on the journey of life, he/she meets people from all walks of life, strangers become acquaintances. Let’s hope to walk at least a virtual mile along to find friendship… :)
    All credit goes to Mr Rajeev Khandelwal :)
    Thanks & Regagds

  35. OK bahut achha laga and I hope ki app muje ek reply karenge or congrats bhi kahenge

    Apki little fan apke reply ka wait kar rahi he plsss reply me
    Lost of love
    And hug

  36. OK bahut achha laga and I hope ki app muje ek reply karenge or congrats bhi kahenge

    Apki little fan apke reply ka wait kar rahi he plsss reply me

  37. Hiiii Rajeev

    Me apsw ek bat apne bare me sher karna chahti hu ..
    I m a little girl and I love to see your show really very much and ha mene apni school me ek dance competition me part liya tha or mera first number aya I m so happy
    And ha apse ye bat shere karke b

  38. Hi…

    “Easily achieved things do not stay longer & things which stay for long r not easily achieved…..
    True in all cases — From Success to Relationship”…….

    Very Good Morning Dear……..

    am waiting 4 ur reply…….


  39. Hello Rajeev

  40. Hello Rajeev
    Take a bow from me for your superb performance in Reporters. I am absolutely speechless!!! How can you be so much immaculate in your acting?? Gosh!! Be it the romantic scenes or the revelation of past, you did such a brilliant job and Yes, also…. Managed to look superrrrr hot!!!!

  41. Thanks Rajeev for your wishes and response….very kind of you. It did bring a smile on my face…..
    I always wonder how are these TV shows made and wish I could attend a TV shoot and understand the process and technicalities of it.
    In one of those holidays when I visit India, I would love to see the shoot and bring my husband with me, I am sure he will be bored but he will still come, just for me.
    I wanted to share with you one thing…I have risen from rags to riches, the most difficult thing I find at this stage is being humble after all achievements and all heights you reach….
    Still enjoying your show and I am telling you seriously I want it to be a finite series or else I wont be able to concentrate on my work….haha…in a positive way its very a positive show where things go wrong but it also shows how people can make life uncomplicated by being honest about it.
    Take care and have lots of fun…

  42. Hi……


    “Its Better To Be Unique Than being The Best….Because Being the Best Makes you Number One.But being Unique Makes you The Only One”….. ..!!!

  43. hey Rajeev .. !!

    kya itni hi dosti thi …?? hum pe itne khafa kyun hain aap ?? that u cant even sent a smile to make my day .. :) .. just jokin .. i know u r ver busy .. n its not possible for a person having so many fans to reply to each one every time.. completely understand.. but i just feel like dropping a few lines for u .. coz u r someone who i really admire as a person.. u ve moved me with ure personality.. u ve that jinx in u that is not found .. to be honest i used to love u during those KTH days but these days u r in a different tangent altogether..

    Reporters is comin to end soon but u ve gotto reach higher in life… though i wud love to c u on television but i also wish u hit the big screen with a bang.. i really mean it.. i will pray to god that u r always there to bring smiles on so many faces.. :)..

    lots a luv n luck .. cheers!!


    (ps: even if u dnt reply i will keep writing to u just to make myself happy :).. just content with the thought that u r atleast reading what am writing.. :) .. )

  44. really nice to read ur views on empowerment of women. We are the society no-one else and if we find or feel so then no one can stop to be equalized.
    keep writing

  45. Hi Rajeev

    This is my 2nd mail.
    And now I just want a permission from you that can I add something on your Flying High blog???

    Just to share my experience…


  46. Hi Rajeev, I have badly fallen in love with Kabeer Sharma but I knew right from the beginning that he will be with me only for a short period of time since, Reporters is a finite series. Only one humble request, could the love lorn fans of yours like me get to see the sequel of Reporters. You wont believe but these days I am praying hard for the sequel. This series is so interesting and I am sure that it will be leaving so many things behind that can be easily dealt with in the sequel. So Please do think seriously about it. And one more thing…. please remember Kabir Sharma cannot be Kabir Sharma without Rajeev Khandelwal. So Please dont give your fans… a heart attack. I am sure you wont…. So can I expect a positive reply from you ???

  47. Hi Rajeev,

    It is so Funny.. You’re touching so many people’s lives by your work.. Unlike other celebrities you actually have a genuine set of people who get inspired by your work..Been watching one of the old series Left Right Left.. kind of a show that got my faith back.. I’m from an Army background too, so loved watching from that Army environment too, it was like entertainment + inspiration.. I kind of got a BONUS :)

    I just wanted to let the person, who has made such a huge difference to my Life.. know that it is him and his work that has touched a Stranger’s Life for good. Off late life has been weird\different from last 5 years.. Until someone recommended me to watch that show.. and trust me.. Your character there made a huge difference to my attitude towards life.. A VERY POSITIVE CHANGE..

    And not to offend anyone.. I’m not much of a Movies\Television person.. Rarely have time.. I’ve travelled the world in last 7.5 years but no one.. absolutely noone was able to make that difference that he has.. I’m not the normal FAN type girl unfortunately.. I’ve spent the years that girls spend dating nice guys and meeting their Life partners.. Reverse Engineering the Windows OS, testing and Debugging.. And when I got some free time..I would go and visit some new place, away from the comfortable city life..camping, driving around some difficult terrains, spending nights under the sky at the top of some unknown hill (LOL..)

    I didnt even know your real name sometime back.. but now after reading a lot about you, I hit this blog and my research.. I think you’re not just an inspiration on-screen but also in real life.. There’s alot one can understand\learn.. if one reads about you on wiki.. Its funny how a Stranger can touch another Stranger’s life in such a way that he\she becomes ‘The Saviour’ that a lost Soul has been hunting for..

    You’re definitely an amazing actor, and your work .. your characters are definitely a work of an art.. Someday.. hope destiny makes me cross paths with you, so I can get an opportunity to Thank you personally for the positive difference you have made to my Life..

    Rajeev, I wish you all the very Best and huge success, in all your future Endeavours. Wish you Lots of Love & Success!!

    – Another Stranger!! :)

    Couple of my own lines.. I told myself..
    When the sun sets shining bright on your face.. Its like a warmth of love’s embrace.
    When the wind whispers in your ears flowing through your long locks.. Suddenly the vision around you clears and your thoughts fly like free flocks!…

    • Hi beautiful stranger…..your life or let me say the way you live your life sounds like so much fun. But i could also read a little between the lines. I am sure you will make your dreams come true. And you seem to be someone who has a lot inside which probably is your might. Btw i Love travelling myself and i love travellers. Camping in the wild is one of my passions. So who knows someday we might actually cross paths :) And if i have made even an iota of contribution in your life, it makes me feel good because a lot of people like yourself have made invaluable contributions in my life, without even knowing! Love and best wishes

  48. Hi Rajeev
    Thanks a lotttttttttttt for the HUG. hope you forgive me for emotional blackmailing you but thats something I deserve. You know till now I have downloaded every single video made on you be it Reporters’ Episodes, Left Right Left. KaYa moments, SBS moments, promos of Reporters and everything. LOVE YOU A LOTTTTTT !!! Hope you understand and this time also make my day by RESPONDING…. WAITING FOR A SIMPLE SMILE/ HUG FROM YOU

  49. Aaj ka din hai bahut hee khass
    Logo ko mili thi chain kee saans
    Jo thee gulamee kee unn zanziro ma
    Jaha Na thaa uska hona ka aahsas
    Par mili hama WO vapas bahot aarso ma
    Jo thee gawah unn veero ka lahu kee
    Jinhona inka khatir bahaya usaa
    Jinko karta hum yaad bada Garv sa gandhiji sang nahruji or bhagatjii bhi
    Aao da saalami hum tiranga ko bhi
    Or unn mahatma ko bhi
    Jinka dum par laraya parcham hamari Dharti par bhi

    Bharat mata kee jay
    Dedicated to all martiers n all the indian army members
    Hats off to all

  50. Happy Independence day Rajeev sir aka Captain Rajveer :) stay as free spirited as you are.
    Sir, there’s a humble and genuine request to you. Please let me know your fan mail address. I have been collecting many things for you as gestures of love, affection and respect. And moreover want to send you wishes in form of letters, greetings on your special days. So, it would be really nice of you if you please tell me about the same. Trust me, i am a true wellwisher .
    Love to you and your family.
    Stay blessed.

  51. Hello Rajeev

    Just chanced upon this blog of yours after watching you on Reporters and googling for more details about you. Now, don’t worry. I’m a senior citizen with a daughter as old as you. My daughter blogs and I blog too.

    I have never seen your shows on TV or Big screen. Sorry. I apologise for being candid. To tell you very frankly, I don’t watch serials / soaps whatever be it. The one or 2 which I thought had a good storyline and so started watching fell flat on me. It goes over my head how a story writer / script writer can ruin the theme to such an extent. It left a very bitter taste. Assuming that Reporters is one such serial, I ignored it. Once when I was surfing channels I happened to see a Reporter asking for 48 hrs to prove her mettle and you crisply asked her why 48hrs? Intrigued I watched the whole episode.
    Something struck a chord in me. I went back and cleared the backlog in 2 days. After coming to know that it’s a finite series, my joy knew no bounds. I hate leaps.

    Now my family is astounded that mama is watching a serial!!

    I must say, you, kritika and the entire team has hooked me on to this show. Brilliant script writing, brilliant acting, brilliant direction, brilliant production all in all. No going overboard like a saas bahu soap, not underplaying and being very close to reality be it a flawed personality or a clean personality. I can relate to Ananya’s mom worrying about her daughter marrying a divorcee, because I’ve gone thro that in my life. I can relate to your emotions. And the way you project them, I’m really proud of you. You are a gifted actor. And Kritika too. Pl convey it to her. My best wishes to the entire team. I feel a very close connection with you all. Pl convey it to everyone in the team. Here’s a serial which stands out, one which doesn’t worry about TRP’s. This show’s viewers are intellectuals and so TRP does not play any role here.

    Keep up the good work. Btw, you write well too. Another facet of yours. Keep writing. Any other facet which is not known to me / us? Pl share it. I’ll be even more proud.

    With lots of love and blessings,

    Rama Ganapathy

    • Thanks for all the appreciation Rama. Well, i don’t know if i have too many facets in the first place :) But thanks for the encouragement. My love and best wishes to your family.

  52. Hey Cupid…
    Did u read .my comment on ur post ‘captives of our mind’ ?
    So its final..
    I will call u cupid from nowonwards…
    U know y??
    Bcz u fill every heart with LOVE, when it thinks abt u…
    Did u like ur name?
    Pls reply….

  53. Hay…..

    Successful people don’t plan results……
    They plan beginning…….
    Right results always follow right beginning…..

    Good Morning…

  54. Ya… Pallavi… It felt good, reading ur story…
    This happens to many people, but this is one of the greatest social problem in India..
    Rajeev himself also struggled to make his career.
    Even I am also never supported by my parents… They want me to get married and become a housewife… But first I want to fulfill my dreams…
    Anyways, good luck… May u achieve more and more success in life…
    It gives me an inspiration reading stories of women like u..

  55. Hellooooo Dear…….

    “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in other:
    for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness:
    and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone…….!!!!!”

    very good morning………..

  56. Please release my comment Moderator. This is a kind request. Please dont let me feel so down. It was not a bad comment please!!

  57. Respected Sir
    We are organising a leadership summit on the topic “Creating a livable planet earth” as a small effort to pay homage to late Dr Kalam. We are 37 yr old school with 5000 children in Delhi. We would love to have u as part of the panel that consists of all the esteemed people from different industries. Please accept the invitation and our students and faculty would be blessed to have u amongst us.
    Awaiting ur reply.
    Thanks and Regards

  58. Hi Rajeev,
    Adding myself to your fan list. Enjoying your show Reporter. Love the way you work and almost going back to all your old shows and movies on You Tube and enjoying every bit of it. Honestly you are a true actor and deserve more than anyone. I have been out of country more than 10 years and out of touch with Indian television, finally getting back to it through cable and the only show I follow is reporter. Hopefully the fast pace story will continue and not drag like other dramas. Please keep the content as enriched as it is now.
    Wish you lot of success and happiness in life….if you visit Houston…remember you have a new fan here…

    • Thanks Kavita..the show is a finite series. So I am hoping that the writers will keep the pace intact. But I am glad to know that you have enjoyed it so n best wishes to you.

  59. Helloooo Rajeev……

    “Self-Discipline Begins with the Mastery of ur Thoughts…..
    If U don’t Control what U think, You can’t Control what U do….!!!!!

    Very Good Morning……..

  60. These thoughts are what express “Feminism” in the true sense; of a world where women are to be encouraged to become equals and not to take undue advantage of being “Women” :) It is very heartening to see the slow, but steady change in the Indian mindset of women and their role in the society. Thank you for putting it so beautifully into words.
    Please keep the wonderful blogs steady and going.

  61. I shared my story with u to tell u that u came to my life like an inspiration… I mean that if I become an inspiration for someone that wud be a grt thing for me….
    No doubt u r a grt celebrity, busy in thousands of other tasks but i guess inspite of that also, BEING AN INSPIRATION FOR SOMEONE, TOUCHING PEOPLE’S LIFE IN SUCH A WAY THAT IT MOVES TOWARDS POSITIVITY, is above everything else.
    I thought that the person who brought change and happiness in my life needs to be conveyed the same…. I want to congratulate u and thanku from the bottom of my heart…. THANX A LOT DEAR…

    one more thing, after watching episode 35 of kahin to hoga, in which u go to kashish and clear all misunderstanding, and ask her to marry u bt she marries piyush, is my favt.

    It helped me to understand the real meaning of marriage and made me able to differentiate b/w love and marriage….


    Pls reply, if u can.. Will feel glad.
    Take care of urself and ur family.
    Be healthy and sleepwell.
    God Bless.

  62. Hey Raj, hw r u?
    Yesterday I visited ur blog 4 the first time, read ur post ‘Captives of Mind’. It is really a very very inspirational post.
    Am writing to u, just to share that its just after watching ur ur daily soap ‘kahin to hoga’ on YouTube recently and reading about u on internet I felt very energetic and zealous and most importantly I met my dreams once again.

    Around 3 years back, something happened which shattered me completely. Slowly and gradually I started recovering… But Always lacked those dreams and aim of my life which lived within me b4 dat incident….

    But today, I am very happy to tell u the words which suddenly I uttered, ‘I WANT TO FULFILL MY DREAMS’ while I was thinking about the last 2-3 days which I spent with u on YouTube and other sites…. Thanks Raj for returning me my dreams…. A big hug….

  63. Hi….

    “Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone….
    Don’t stress about the future, it’s hasn’t arrived…..
    Live in the present and make it Beautiful”………..!!!!!

    Good Morning……..

  64. Hellooo…….

    “Response” Is one of the Powerful Tool 2 Occupy A Place In Someone’s “HEART”……
    Always Give the Best Response to the Person who cares 4 U…….

    Very Good Morning Dear……….

  65. Helloooo……

    “in the game of life, sometimes people kick us as if we are football,
    but they don’t know that they themselves are sending us near the Goal…
    Think Positive……
    Good Morning……

  66. when dis moderation wil end………….. cnt u/s ur blog therapy!
    i feel ur blog keeps on chkng patience of commentator!


  67. Oh plz moderator ! Plz be kind and release my comments. I jst want him to go through the few lines which actually speaks wht my heart feels. So,plzzzzzz

  68. Hllo sir!! Abi short hi likh rhi hu jst to check ki mera cmnt show hota h ki nhi bcz agle cmnt me muje Apni sari feelings likhni h. Will post my feelings soon bcz abhi toh final exam chl rhe h from 4 to 11 Aug n aap phle hi muje bhot distract kr chuke ho mera pdhai se to bilkul hi dhyan ht chuka h I think phli baar 90 se below % ayengi:( agr aapko ye lg rha h that m aapse शिकायत kr rhi hu thn u r right or abi toh bhot sari krni h wait 4 my nxt cmnt! Ab agr meri thodi bhot pdhai hoti b h toh ye imagine kr k lyk aap mere samne baithe ho or kh rhe ho jldi jldi yaad kro fir m sununga tumse ques:- I wish I could get “best of luck Monika………Goswami” from you well! Bye!! N wait! Wait! Wait! Something 4 _….”Do all the GOOD you can, By all the MEANS you can, In all the WAYS you can, At all the PLACES you can, At all the TIME you can, To all the PEOPLE you can, As long As EVER you can!!! Lots of love to you “Guru ji” <3<3

  69. Change is a complex …. for it is slow, it is resisted by majority and it is nevertheless inevitable. It is like metamorphosis where you not only shed the outer cover but you also have to change your thought process , your outlook, your sensitivities…. ….you have to change from within and outer new is only the reflection of Internal changes . How beautifully you have masked your journey of years in few lines and have summed up a Herculean task in an effortless manner. Bless you!!

  70. hiiii rajeev!
    reporters is rocking as u r part of it! ye toh hona hi tha!
    tv me jaan aa gayi hai since rajeev is back on tv!
    keep making us smile the way u always do!
    Srk’s dialogue got recollected… “Kuchh kuchh hota hai RAJEEV tum nahi samjhoge”
    i know its too much filmy but yahi haalat rehti hai while watching u and m sure most of d ladies feel d same!
    stay blessed…
    lovess… happiness… hugss… smiless…

  71. Hai Bibhushri,
    Good to hear from you :) Well,I got the link from here only. I love reading stuffs. So was digging through various links and found yours :D. And glad to know about your son’s work too. Waah!Like mom like son! :) Will definitely go through when time permits and let you know. And you are indeed a good thinker. nothing being kind about it.

    Take care!

  72. Hai All,
    Sorry for being late. My message was not getting posted the other day. so a BELATED HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY FOLKS!Lets hope the acquaintances will bloom into friendship soon :)


  73. Sometimes in life, you find a special friend;
    Someone who changes your life, just by being part of it;
    Someone who makes you laugh, until you can’t stop;
    Someone who makes you believe, that there really is good in the world;
    Someone who convinces you, that there really is an unlocked door;
    just waiting for you to open it……..

    This is Forever Friendship


  75. Hii Rajeev. !

    Maana Ek Rupiya Ek Lakh Nahi Hota,
    Magar Phir Bhi,
    Ek Rupiya Ek Lakh se Nikal Jaye toh,
    Lakh Bhi Lakh Nahi Rehta.
    Hum Bhi Aapke Lakhon Fans me
    Bas wohi Ek Rupiya Hai..!

    Aapke reply ke muntzir hain

    Agar ho sake toh nazar-e-karam

  76. I jus love it
    It’s so motivating n goes directly to heart
    You know I was feeling down coz of sumthing but ur post made me feel so much
    I’ll save it in my phone
    May الله bless u

  77. Thank you captain today u taught me a big lesson of life (a person accept a change when he enjoy it), and I m sure this is going to help me a lot in my life.

  78. Hi
    Whatever I have written isn’t getting posted
    I’m not sure if u got it
    Is it because I haven’t entered website ?

  79. HI Rajeev this is the fifth time I am writing to you with a genuine hope that you will reply me at least this time. Love you so much. Last time, as you said in your interviews, I tried sharing my life with you coz somehow I felt you will understand…. But NO RESPONSE FROM YOU. AM I SO BAD AND BORING THAT I DONT EVEN QUALIFY FOR A HUG?

  80. Wahhhhh Rajeev…..
    kya baat kahi “jane se pahele” “kisiko manana itnabhi mushkil nahi bas koshish karani chahiye”
    to ham bhi koshish hi kar rahe…..!!!!!!!

    Please ek baar to maan jaiye…..
    pleas reply….

    Love U…..
    tack care…..

  81. Really awesome Chaitali :) you have inpired me to a great extent by your poem :) .. and congrats dear … you got Rajeev’s reply :D

  82. Hello rajeevji
    Today is a special day for friends so this one is also for us generally I do not think ka any special day is there for true friends still I believe in wishing this days to friends as why to leave single moment of sharing your joy n happiness
    Other wise when u have a true friend in yr life is also a gods wishing to u in form of that friend
    A true friendship need not require a special day for expressing their joy n love for each otheer only one day is imp for true friend when they met up then each n every day is special for them this is what I feel abt friend ship specially for true friends
    Is baat par hum kuch you kahta hai aap dosto sa kee
    “HAi payara sa ya rishta dosti kaa dosto
    Na hone do isa aapna sa juda dosto
    Hai Jo ya aapka pyara rishta dosti kaa dosto
    Aakar laga lo gala isko aai dosto
    Gar chala gaya ya dur aapsa dosto
    Hoga baad ma afsos taumar aai dosto
    Kee kho diya hamna us dost ko aai dosto
    Jinki khushi thee hamari khusi sa mera dosto”
    Happy friend ships day to all friends
    “Hum dua kara sab saacha dosto ka liya dosto
    Kee hoo hamari bhi jindgi ma sacha dost dosto
    Kyo kee dost to sabhi ban jata hai pal bhar ma dosto
    Par mil Jata hai sacha dost us ak muskil pal ma dosto
    Jo da jaata hai rokar bhi hasee aapko us pal ma dosto
    To Na khona sache dosto ko jindgi ma aai dosto
    Kahtee hai Sunita aee dost aapsa dosto
    Na kare woh dosti humsa bhala hee dosto
    Hoga UShA bhi aahsa aeeee jazbaat dosto
    Kee thee koi saachi dost mera unn
    dosto ma dosto.
    Bye bye g.n.

  83. I’ve recently seen all your movies, and I must tell you that your work is fabulous.
    Especially soundtrack and aamir.
    I am diligently watching reporters and hope you do more tv shows, so I can watch you every day :)
    I just wanted you to know that your work is amazing and ur really good with different movies, unlike the usual kind such as will u marry me.
    Lots of Love and Respect.

  84. i am proud of rajeev that he has written so good words for the women . done great work and also do amazing acting in left right left and reporters.
    ur fan
    diksha pathak

  85. Dearest Rajeev,

    Thank you! Thank you for writing this beautiful blog! But most of all thank you for being you :)

    I don’t usually write to my favorite artist, because I’m not the fan girl types ;) but I’d genuinely like to thank you for inspiring me in my daily life too!

    To me you’re not just Rajeev Khandelwal the super hot gorgeous dreamy funny mischievous super talented actor, you’re so much more than that. To me you’re one of the most beautiful inspiring human beings with here and there his own perfect imperfections :)

    There are three philosophies of you which I really love and try to adapt in my own life:

    * Don’t (just) believe in God and Luck, but mostly believe in yourself and keep your self esteem high
    * We are our own caretakers
    * Life is not just about career and we should keep smiling always

    So thank you so much Rajeev for not just entertaining us on screen but also for sharing your Rajeevisms and experience :)

    Chalo bahut hogaya, varna aapko lagega ki maine aapke upar phd kiya hai haha :)

    Jaane se pehle I’d like to teach you something too :) Ik hou zoveel van jou! (I love you so much! in Dutch)

    Deepest respect, love and hugs from The Netherlands :)


  86. Hi Rajeev…

    Good morning!! Just wanted to tell u how amazing u r in “Reporters” .. Just love ure expressions.. u eyes just speak volumes … n u touch each n everyones heart… i watch every episode atleast 10times just to c ure character … can actually connect .. proves how wonderful u r on screen .. please keep rocking..

    “If you carry impatience in your heart then you are alive..
    If you carry dreams in your eyes then you are alive…
    Learn to live like the free waves of wind..
    Learn to flow like the sea does as waves..
    Receive every moment in life with open arms..
    Every moment is a new beginning seeing with your eyes..
    If you carry surprise in your eyes then you are alive..
    If you carry impatience in your heart then you are alive..”

    lots a luv n luck…

    smiti :)

  87. Wow thats your most popular post !
    Just got a random thoughht

    I know you dont like when we send you gifts
    But just to clarify that it is a way to show our love! I know you’d rather prefer getting letters , but sometimes you just can’t express yourself! so a small gift is just to show how much we love you ! And how much we appreciate your work

    We love you ! I hope we didn’t hurt you by sending you gifts !
    Alina (Canada)

    • Not at all Alina..I wasn’t offended. I just want to discourage everyone. Hence I requested everyone to not send me any gifts.

  88. Ur such an amazing actor !
    I recently saw all ur films and you were so good. Especially Soundtrack and Aamir :)
    I’m diligiently following reporters, and I just wanted you to know that I love your work.
    You’re rly good with the different movies, not the typical ones like will u marry me. Pls keep up ur wonderful work !!

  89. Hi rajeev
    I am a teacher of English literature. And first of all want to congratulate you for using all the suitable words and expressions on a beautiful topic . equally surprised to see the use of beautiful feelings on women empowerment.
    Feeling really good as I am a woman. If every man is going to think like you then the society is going to change beautifully.

    Thanks a lot.

  90. Hi Rajeev,

    I am always a big fan of your acting, and your down to earth human nature. Your thoughts are so inspirational.

    Isn’t it a long wait for your update…. :)

    I am so happy and proud to be a fan of real Rajeev who is such a genuine, honest and thoughtful person.

    I just wanted to share my story to the world using your platform…

    I have grown up in a culture were women are not tend to work equally with men, nor study more than men. I still remember my grandfather who used to tear my report card into pieces when I used to get more marks than my boy cousin in school.

    Every year I used to fight with my Family to send me to school and I remember the broken promises which I used to make saying that “Please this one last year”.

    Finally the day came one day when my parents asked me to leave them forever when I said I got an MBA scholarship offer from top Australian University and I want to do it.

    I stayed away from my parents worked in a BPO to earn money for my flight ticket and my initial survival.

    My first day in Australia was my last day I saw my parents as they passed away in an accident during my study here.

    I am a GIRL who had a dream, I am a GIRL who had an ambition in life. Today I am a WOMEN who succeeded in achieving my goal as a Project Director in a Multi National company and more to go, but struggled a lot to get to this with no one’s support.

    I never had an opportunity to see my parents change. Would have been very happy if it happened.

    I miss you mom and dad….. !!

    This is my Story… Just felt like opening up..

    Thanks a lot Rajeev for writing such a wonderful blog… My pain seems a little bit relieved when I see my IDOL’s thoughts about me (WOMEN).

    Love you so much…. I hope I meet you some day when you are in Australia..

    Wish you all the best in life and love to the lucky lady Manjiri… :)

    Lastly thanks again… :)


  91. A small correction Remya, that time it was not showing my blog though i clicked it numerous times. So i thought it might be closed following some privacy of this website & asked u how did u find it, but it’s clear now… :)

  92. Hi Remya,
    It’s a pleasure hearing such kind words frm you. Thanks a lot for your appreciation towards my expression. It means a lot. But i’m clueless, how did u find my blog? Yeah, it’s a long pending. Will definitely share when update it… :)
    If u’ve time u can check my son’s blog too. It’s ”MY WORLD”. He’s a better poet & writing since a very young age, though he doesn’t publish his fine pieces there, u still find them interesting… :)

    With lots of love
    Bibhushri :)

  93. Hiii Rajeev…

    Loving reporters more n more n more……..
    and your smile is awesome.. :)
    Jane se pehle…
    Chalte Chalte Hum Jaise Deewanoko Bhul Mat Jana… Bas Yuhi Humesha Muskurate Rehana….
    Take care… Keep Smiling.:-)

  94. Wow…!
    You gonna write about ur experience of Ladakh n that too with pics. That’s icing on the cake !!
    Luking forward to it..

    Love & Respect..

  95. Hi Rajeev…..
    me aaj paheli bar ye likh rahi hu par me aap ko bahot saalo se janti hu.. aap ko to sayad yaad nahi hoga par me aapse milee bhi hu…. aap ki harek baat me, harek style me, harek andaz me har bar kuch naya hi nazar aata hai…. aapki koi bhi movie ho ya to koi bhi serial ya to aapka kuch nya blog update ho uska badi besabri se intejaar hota hai… aaj bhi REPORTER ka itna hi intejaar hota he…. bas sirf aapko dekhne ke liya or ek orr naya style dekhne ke liye… aapki ye smile pe to feeda hai…. mane aapse baate bhi ki hai, aapki baato me bhi itna hi pyaar hai, or sabse aap bade pyaar se milte bhi hai… ek or baar me aapse milna chahati huu….. you are the world best friend of mine….. eagerly waiting for ur reply…. please once reply me…. Love U so much….. tack care… God Bless you forever….

  96. What do i really say about this piece?
    It touched me so very much , and that would be the least I can say about it.
    Its such a pleasure finding men like you Rajeev , who think so beautifully about women. I, as a woman am floored and would like to thankyou for being so generous and kind towards this sex. NOT every man can be so thoughtful when it comes to talking about equality.
    This just proves how beautiful a person you are from within. I had been your fan eversince Sujal days and managed to watch all your works, including Kabir Sharma but all these while it was the actor in you that had me in awe. But today its Rajeev the man Im so floored with. Its a pleasure being your fan. Your insights command respect and you’ll have it from me.
    This is the first time Im ever commenting on a celebrity’s blog cause i never felt the compelling urge to do so. But your writing just struck where it should have.
    Thankyou for being such a blessing to the society. Thankyou for all the kind and encouraging words. Men like you are the real strength of the society.
    God bless you.
    Loads of love and hugs.
    And needless to say, I love you!
    Hope to receive a reply. :)


  97. Outstanding post!! That too coming from a guy is highly appreciated! :) Completely agree with your opinion on what a “society” is exactly and you hit the nail on the head with this line, “The onus lies on the one who feels the need for it. So all those who wish to sell that little change will have to lure the buyer into it”. Yes, the world has changed today, thanks to many men like you who thinks likewise but also the women who took a strong step forward to make the change happen in the first place.
    Must say you are a great writer and should continue to write more.

    Best Wishes,
    Leena from NJ

  98. Hi Rajeev
    Thanks for your prompt reply. Well I stay at a place which is visited by umpteen number of tourists…. I stay at Aurangabad which is famous for Ajanta Ellora caves. Wish you come here for some shooting some day so that I can get to see the man of my dreams. I am sure that the beauty of the caves will be enhanced with your charismatic personality. You know you are also like those caves. The caves are absolutely flawless in beauty which is open for all yet they carry a mystic air around them and so are you, perfectly handsome – (You remind me of Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen). The caves dont need words to express themselves and you also don’t need words to express yourself., your eyes say it all….
    Whether its Left Right Left or Reporters, both of your characters are immortal due to your impeccable acting. I genuinely feel REPORTERS became REPORTERS only because of KABIR SHARMA and KABIR SHARMA could not have been except RAJEEV KHANDELWAL.

  99. hey Sona u too spamd Agr aesa krtey rahey na may b block hojaye.. Chal finaly u got dream wish frm dream man himself.. Ab no more spam. Js do ur work now.. Birthday khtm hogaya..n mjhey b kaam krne dou
    waese #Rajeev sir one more Request.. I knw i m stupid boliye ya chipku.. Bs aapki kashish hai jo aapse chipkaati hai.. Can u pls write something abt #Kalam sir our x president and mine inspiration other thn u.. Wil wait for ur reaction bs block mat kr denaaa aapko meri
    Love u olways

  100. Absolutely love reading through… So many different people but still there is a Unity in this diversity! Thanks to you Rajeev :)

  101. Aahh that is one thing you can write endlessly about and only you can :) So looking forward to. Just that the pics would tempt me for a visit to Ladakh which doesn’t seem to be in the cards anytime soon! :(

  102. I don’t know if you still remember me, as I know you must be getting thousands of emails/twitter and what not..
    But I wrote to you last week, that you inspired me in many ways, and one of it was to be back to writing..

    I struggled hard to find sometime to pen down my thoughts.
    Writing something after 9years.. I dedicate this to you and my work :)

    (Hope I did some justice)

    Till your dreams come true..

    Often your tasks will be many,
    And more than you think you can do.
    Often the road will be rugged
    And the hills insurmountable, too.

    But always remember,
    The hills ahead
    Are never as steep as they seem,

    And with Faith in your heart
    Start upward
    And climb ’til you reach your dream.

    For nothing in life that is worthy
    Is ever too hard to achieve
    If you have the courage to try it,
    And you have the faith to believe.

    For faith is a force that is greater
    Than knowledge or power or skill,
    And many defeats turn to triumph
    If you trust in God’s wisdom and will.

    For faith is a mover of mountains,
    There’s nothing that God cannot do,
    So, start out today with faith in your heart,
    And climb ’til your dream comes true!

    Still with the same thought of meeting you someday.

    Love from Miami – Chaitali

  103. Hi Rajeev ,
    after a long time I am reading your blog . I really love this blog and the way u think and express.i guess at the end of the day all women like to be appreciated and treated with respect and kindness. Keep smiling as you always do. I wish you all the happiness and success in your personal and professional life .

  104. U r my inspiration… Nd thank u for sharing this blog…i read more than 100 times…nd everytime i fill nd learn somthing new..
    No one as u… U r a star who living at earth….i like ur stardom….

    For my lotus
    Sitare to kahi dekhe par tumsa koi nahi .
    Har tara deta hai rosni rehkar us falak(asman) par
    Pat tum wo tare ho jise jagmagata sara jahan hai
    Jo sirf ek bar muskurade to iss jahan ki sari rosni fiki pad jaye…
    Ham var de sara jaha tumhari ek muskan par…

    With lotsof love nd respect
    Love u……..

    Ek muskan hamare chehare pe bhi hogi agar apka reply ayega…..

  105. Hi Mr. Khandelwal
    You wouldn’t remember maybe but it’s been 7 years since I last interacted with you…
    After that I went to medical school in Mauritius and in the coming years medicine basically was all my life became about
    Of course I did keep a tab on what my favorite actor was doing but never really got the chance to speak to you again
    But here I am , 7 years later, a doctor yet the same hard core Rajeev-ian ( as I like to call it ) at heart! And now with Reporters on air and you once again interacting with your fans through TV, I it for that matter all your fans couldn’t ask for anything better
    Your show is like a breath of fresh air and TV suddenly has started existing again!
    Rajeev ( I hope I can call you by your first name!) , watching you portray your characters , speaking at interviews and interacting with us through media, I have realized and learnt that poise and dignity comes naturally to some people … There’s so much to learn from you..

    Right now , sitting at the airport in Mumbai on my way to visit my parents who work in Oman, I don’t know what made me check your blog, but it was the best thing that I did in the day so far!
    I can say without doubt that I agree with your views, being a doctor rather after being a doctor I can relate to the different mindset sand ways of life of people you have mentioned in your post
    And you have rightly said that they don’t change because they don’t know that probably the change is going to make their lives better

    Before I get too Carried away, I’d just like to say that do keep updating this blog as and when you can
    I wouldn’t push you to reply for I know you are an extremely busy person but I just thought of posting this with the desire to hopefully start interacting with you on some platform again..
    I wish you all the luck and happiness
    Keep making us smile Rajeev, coz you really do!
    Love and best wishes

    • I remember you Shruti…So happy to read your post. Its your surname that i remembered :) happy to know about your achievements. Keep smiling :)

  106. I am already following rajeev on twitter but he checks his twitter every 3 days and he never replies to me and i am so dishearten with it. But i am not going to stop here i will give all my efforts and i am sure one day i will get a chance to see him and meet him and talk to him!

  107. Hello Rajeev Ji,
    Good Morning, Hope you are doing great!!A BIG Thank you for such a thoughtful blog!!
    “FLYING HIGH” had a bit of everything, humor,appreciation,motivation, your personal touch and lots of love of course.:). Loved the way you started it on a lighter note and then drifting to the serious content, I also liked the personal example that you provided based on your experience with your father. Best part was your signature where you said to each their own, and you do not intend to impose your views on anybody. So much like you!!
    As for the women empowerment, the challenges and roadblocks are not only in smaller towns of India,here in US too, in the most advanced country of the world, work is still in progress. Please check this link if possible:
    Once again, thank you for the blog and also for taking time out to read this.

  108. A very thoughtful write up ! All characters that you have enacted so far or enacting be it Sujal, Capt. Rajveer or Kabeer have played their part in motivating and supporting your thoughts above. Though it may be the script that demands that portrayal… don’t seem to leave any stone unturned in enacting it out!!
    Wonder how you manage to portray such perfect spontaneous expressions with so much ease and comfort !! Love to watch your expressions in Reporters over and over again………….
    Hats off to you!
    All the best for a great future !

  109. Hi Rajeev,
    Im a doctor,an ophthalmologist to be specific..ive been a fan of ur show Left Right Left .you and Priyanka bassi have played your roles with such elan that i catch up with lrl and it relieves me of the day’s pressures.and suddenly i discover this blog.a guy who is handsome,speaks his mind in flattering english,going gung ho about women empowerment…what more do i say..u made my day.And please this blog doesnt deserve dormancy.. there are umpteen faithful followers..Good luck.♥♥♥

  110. Hi..Rajeev
    I really dnt wannne to spam here bt kal..i.e 28 july z my bday n I badly badly wane bday wish frm u.. And u r nt cuming to twttr since last 6 days..So I hv to be here..i hope u wont mind my dis lil childish behavior here.. aap kya jano ye humari mohabbat hai aapke liye..
    So pls pls a request..Can I get a bday wish frm u ?? #PuppyFace
    I hope u wont disappoint me..
    will wait for bday wish..

    love u love u loads..!!

  111. And yes, please come more often for fans like me. We need you and your immaculate acting to have a real treat…. Love you Miss you..since its a weekend…. Hugssss n Kisses
    PS : You are the first celebrity whom I am writing so often. Hope you will appreciate……….

  112. Hi Rajeev
    I am writing this blog with a hope that you will take out some time from your super busy schedule to go through what your fans think and how much you influence their lives. Honestly, I am not very much into electronic media and blogs but your thoughts that you express in your interviews and here are some how compelling me to give my entire attention to you thanks to your character of Kabir Sharma off lately, whom I am madly in love exactly like Miss Kashyap.
    Well on the serious note, let me confess very honestly, that the kind of problem Kabir is facing in the serial in the form of his ex wife standing in front of him at the professional front is something that I have faced too. I had a bitter marriage but to top it all after the divorce, I found the same person whom I could not tolerate for a second, standing in front of me in my office. However, I was not brave like Kabir Sharma so I succumbed to the situation and became an escapist.
    Relationships are the most complicated things on this earth and specially those relationships which end on a bitter note always hovers around us like a ghost. They are present everywhere. Thank fully Kabir has got a solace in the form of Ananya but I am still waiting for Kabir.
    However, I do feel one thing very genuinely which I would like to express in the form of a couplet. You may find it gibberish, but that’s what I am trying to do these days.
    Sometimes, in life, you trespass many things,
    thinking that no one cares…………..
    But even the sunrise doesn’t sing
    without paying the sunset’s fares.
    Life is ugly, too difficult,
    I know……………
    But there is a beauty in the summer odes….
    Sometimes while, in the boat, you row
    You may find many distant….
    Untrod beautiful roads….
    Waiting for your reaction. Love you…. Lotssssssssssss of love, kisses and hugs. Wish that at least I get the chance to meet you in next birth if not this………… Cheers!!!

    • Hi Shaily…i hope you are happy wherever you are. And your Kabir should be on his way..patience matters!love n hugs

  113. Hi Rajeev
    Hope you a doing well. So lovely to see your blog.. thank you so much for uploading it… Can’t really say how many times I must have gone through ur blog in these days. . Every time I read……. a desire to read again arised, probably a need to understand you more. :)
    It really comes as a surprise to me when guys really talk so good of women, not every one share the same kind of thought as you do.. .Still there are lots on the opposite side who need to grow.. A lack of fairness and justice still handicaps women,
    I work for a highly reputed international bank which banks in almost all the countries of the world, dealing with international clients. People think who work here are the intellectual people, but sadly there are still few who are not happy when their fairer counterparts grow.. The other day I had a very bad day.. I came back home to see a message in my inbox regarding your tweet.. staying that you have updated your blog.. Just imagine how happy I was.. Just few days back, I had wished that you update your blog.. And here it is..
    Really thanks a lot..
    The best thing about your blog is that I meet here the real rajeev.. Who is really wonderful human being, so down to earth, so humble no starry tantrums… You are just like us.. You have the ability to make all
    Happy around you with your smile, with your
    presence .. So blessed
    I am glad to know you care so much of your parents and are making them happy, they are so very precious.. They are the treasure of our life. You r dad must be happy man.. I miss my dad lot rajeev..
    Well… You write so good.. you put your thoughts so efficiently, simply I love the way you write. Keep writing please.. May be my another bad day will turn into lots of smile..
    I wish some day I meet you.. If you happen to come to Hyderabad, please do meet me, be my guest. Oh god.. you have such a huge fan following, I am scared to get lost in it.. How do you handle so much of
    attention that you get…. Ha ha
    I am just waiting for your another update.. Take care of your self and your loved ones.

    Lots of loads of love
    Kiran :)

    • Hi Kiran..thanks for this lovely comment. The best thing that i am discovering about the blog is is that i get to interact with such lovely people like you. would be more than happy to meet you whenever i am in Hyderabad. Best wishes

  114. hi
    bro ap buht acha likty ho.niceee thought bt yh hr kisi k bs ki baat ni hai……m student…….ap mere idol ap ke serial kahin to hoga se ap ko dekh rahin fvrt serial.ap jb b television pe aye.ap ne sb k dil mn buht spcl jaga bnai…chahy woh Kahin to hoga k sujal ya left right left k capt rajveer ya CID cop acp prithviraaj ya sharim..ya phir kabir … isi liye ap buht spcl bn gaye hmry liye…u know ap hmry liye is liye buht spcl ho ap buht achy ho. ap se zaida spcl ur koi hai b ni.ur na hoga.u r vry vry vry good actor ap buht telented ho.ap k liye jitna b kuj kaha jaye woh hope krty hn ap apny fans k liye new project karin gy.ap life mn ur agay jayin.ur ap ur zaida buht successful best wishies nd prayer always wth u.ap hameshan smile karty raho:-)
    smile plzzz :-)

  115. Rajeeev
    Hell missing you on twitter ! So i can see that you are busy reading and replying to comment over here !
    I just got unlucky that mine was unoticed ! Cant blame you ! I couldn’t even find my own post !
    Im glad ur posting here ! It assure me that you are fine
    Please pass by on twitter too its been 6 days

  116. There is typo in the above comment. I meant to say that u should represent ladaak in India travel plus today like u represented Goa.

  117. Hey Rajeev,
    Seeing u replying ur fans here, couldn’t keep myself from commenting. I just wrote such a long comment but it’s not here anymore :( i dunno y. so i am gonna write it all over again. Well, first of all excellent overall attempt. I really liked the extensive analysis u’ve given on change. Like u say to each his own, I dont think it’s plausible to call the society non existing just because they r regressive, n secondly u souldn’t call the entire society regressive when u’ve witnessed women empowerment. Lastly, y n how do u want ur dad to change? wat makes u think he wasn’t enjoying life earliear? These r some of my question n criticism, other that u write wonderfully. u’ve done BSc in chemistry, but it wouldn’t come as surprise if u did BA in english n philosophy. Ladaakh is my fav place. Even though I haven’t seen it, it has highly fascinated me in videos. I would love to read ur view on it, with loadz of pictures. Infact, I think that u should represent Goa in India travel plus today, like u represented Goa. Reporters has kept us reaaly busy over the 4 months n given us something fun to do. Wonderful performance by u as usual. Eagerly looking forward to your reply.

  118. Hi Rajeev,
    How r u?
    I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.

    Will wait for reply.
    Lots of Love,
    Arzoo Khan

  119. Hi Rajeev,
    I thought I would wait for u to come back on twitter, but couldn’t resist…missing u very much! can’t keep myself from ur replies…even if not selfie wala…so, abt the blog…I am gonna repeat the same stuff which I wrote earliear on twitter. Firstly how and why do u want ur dad to change? what makes u think that he was not enjoying life earliear? Secondly, like u say to each his own, I don’t think it’s quite plausible to call the society non existing just because they r regressive, n lastly u shouldn’t call the ‘entire’ society regressive when u have witnessed women empowerment. Excellent overall attempt, especially the extensive analysis u gave on ‘change’. You might have heard the cliché that change is the only thing constant. I would love to read something abt Ladaakh. Even though I haven’t seen that place, it highly fascinates me in movies. It’s like you second home….would love to read ur views on it with loadz of picture. Reporters keeps us busy. u’ve given us something fun do. Excellent performance by u as usual. u said we mite meet in Canada. I am looking forward to ur details.Missing u n luv u loadz. Please reply.
    Ridaa .

  120. Hi
    big bro..
    it was vry niceee to read ur blog.mre paas wrd ni hn kuj kehny itna kahon gi.hmn ap pe buht proud hai.u r vry niceeee person.thankyou fr a lovly message..lve u.wish u all the vry best bro.:-)
    plz rply

  121. Hi Rajesh

    Thanks for updating your blog. There is always something inspiring stuff in ur blog… In today’s society women hv risen to the top but still there is a section of our society who believe that women can’t do everything or rather not allowed to do…

    My parents gave me freedom to do whatever we wanted to do but there were still some reservations…. today I am a mother of a daughter but me n my husband won’t stop her n let her do whatever she wants to. There r people around us who still feel that a girl can take up only a few professions but we hv decided to give our daughter do what she wants to … this could even mean going against our parents wishes who hv a different approach to life…

    Rajeev u are awesome in Reporter…. Though I am unable to watch it on tv regularly as my daughter is small but I watch it on sonyliv….

    All the best for life…


  122. Hi,Rajeev,i was reading your fan letters. Everybody offers you their love,affection. They are wishing your good health,all the luck for u. I am surprised. When the world is suffering from hatred everywher,you have earned so many hearts full of love! How does it feel Rajeev??i am gealous,at the same time happy for you…good wishes to you..keep writing.

  123. Thank you for your so honest answer. And that’s what make me your admirer. You didn’t reply for my comment below here somewhere so, I was feeling a bit down but by reading this comment of yours I am again up with joy as if you have replied to me. Thank you!


  124. hey Rajeev..

    i think i just wrote a bit too much … too philosophical i guess which u dint like … am really sorry if u felt bad… just felt like writing n … anyways ..will b careful next time.. i know u r too busy to reply to each n everyone.. so i completely understand..

    n one more thing .. i found something common between u n me ..:) .. n am so glad n excited to tell u… v both r chemistry hons students… :).. i also did my bsc with chemistry hons…

    hahaha …

    take care n cheers!!

    lots a luv


  125. Hai Bibhushri,
    You express beautifully. Read your blog too. You talk about human interests and life soo well. But seems like the blog is inactive since a long time. Do share when you write again :)

    Remya :)

    • Hi Remya,
      It’s a pleasure hearing such kind words from you. Thanks a lot for your appreciation towards my expression. It means a lot.
      Yeah, it’s a long pending. Will definitely share when update it… :)
      If u’ve time u can check my son’s blog too. It’s ”me & my world…”. He’s a better poet & writing since a very young age, though he does not publish his fine pieces there, you still find them interesting… :)

      With lots of love
      Bibhushri :)

  126. Hai Soumya,
    Loved your poem. And loved your blog too! Stay blessed and keep sharing your beautiful thoughts.

    Remya :)

  127. Sorry posted half which can directly link every one with u. anyways I wrote many emails to you but I did not get response so I m thinking whether you got the same or not I was seeing you since fm kth to repoter nice work n u can do much better also
    pls inform wheather u got my email or not I also ask abhishekh ji but no response I m writing here
    or jane sa pahla
    suraj chamkta hai jaisa aasma ma
    aapki chamak raha sada us tarah
    is industry ka liya bhala aap ak milkiyat hai
    par hamara liya aap hamari wo punji hai jisko hum sada aapna paas sambhal ka rakhna chahta hai.
    hum na hoga dur ya dua hai dil sa
    aap aayaga hujur ya yaki hai dil sa
    bye bye
    one of yr friend whom u never want to lose waiting ………

  128. Hello rajeevji how r u? I read yr bolg this kind of thoughts fm u makes u the rajeev khandelwal fm a common rajeevji
    I didnot read yr earlier blog as I was not aware of the contact information whi

  129. Hi rajeev ,
    Have been following you for so long …..can I just get a” all the best” wish cause it means a lot to me …….heading for a big decision in my career…..applying for higher studies abroad…


  130. Hi Rajeev
    M again 4th time leaving my comment on your blog. But this time with the hope even i could get a small gesture that you have read my views! How beautifuly you described about the women empowerment and the immense importantance of change but this is my keen request next time you will please write your views regarding bribery and undue Reference due to seats of deserving candidates are taken by the non deserving candidates i am talking about corruption.From clerical staff to higher officers or bureaucrats all are involved in corruption of kind or an other. Rajeev i know you have many trillions of Fans but Farah is in one n only of those trillions who has even received slap from my sister and i had held many times food strikes for the sake of watching you!
    I am expecting that a day will come when you will be able to come to know how much you have important for Farah impatiently waiting for your gesture!

  131. Hi it was nice to read ur blog. I think ur right change shd be loved not force. Many women going out and working and achiving what thy want is not change. respecting and giving same oner to women who r looking ur home health and family is change. Now a days women can mange out but manging home and family is becoming difficult.

  132. Hi Rajeev,
    Don’t normally write and read on forums and Blogs, but glad that saw your blog by chance.
    I was looking for a medium to convey to you my appreciation for your work in Reporters.
    We live in South East Asia, and have to wait a day to watch Reporters on the net.Sorry viewers like us are always not considered by the channels as we do not contribute to the trp’s.
    For the first time after years have that I am addicted to an Indian TV show, which is not so regressive or melodramatic or just over the top .
    I fall short of words to express my appreciation of your work in Reporters.
    It really amazes me how beautifully you have emoted as Kabir Sharma. It is the most real charecter , one can relate to. Great diction, great dialogue delivery, with so much conviction, WOW!
    Please convey our thanks to the makers , for being so brave to try something different.
    It reflects the intellect of all the people associated with this show, and we hope that it becomes a trend and more people follow suit and we get to see some more intelligent shows like these.
    Thanks so much for giving us my “happy hour” which my husband calls it when I watch reporters.
    It was good to read your blog, which is so well written.
    Do write a blog on Ladakh which I believe is your favourite destination.
    Would really like to know what’s so special about Ladakh from your point of view.
    Please do acknowledge if you have read this.
    Thanks for reading, and hope you continue to do more real and romantic serials.
    Kabir Sharma will go down in TV like Darcy did in English Literature.

  133. Hi Rajeev very good morning to you and your family aap bhut hee Acha likthe hai every word sagar ki gahraiyo me milne wale seep me jaisy pearl moti milthe hai vesey hee aap ke dil kee gahraiyo say aaye hai
    Ham aapko aapka first serial kya hadsa kya Hakeekat say dek rahe hai kth left right left Sach ka shamna sahbee serial cid ke five episode dekhe hai repoter ka tho wait karthe rahthe hai dek rahe online aapke youtube par mostly interview bhee deke hai aap apne fans kiitnee cair vo aapko jo gift cards send karthe hai aapne unko abhee tak sambaal kar rakha hai realy aap apne fans say bhut love karthe hai I am very big fan of you first time big star ko reply kar rahe hai
    you very awesom amazing fabulous talented good heart good human being very talented hai aapke eyes expression aapka voice ham sab ke dil ko touch karthee hai aapka Pukraj ki ring aapka last 12 year say pahne dekha hai very beautiful ring
    I hope ki aap reply jarur kareghe .ham aapka favorite big star ki home city say hai small business karthee hai lots of love madhulika

  134. Thanks for replying back :) Must be a huge task with so many fans….but it’s nice that you always make an effort to get back. Lots of love and a warm hug :)

  135. life is full of surprises…………….
    sometime it amaze you,
    sometime leaves you heartbroken……..
    but in each way provides you a reason to fight back and live it…….

  136. Ya Rajeev .. every human being on the planet is fallible… thats y i had written “THE DARKER YOU” every individual has got a darker side and no one in this world is perfect.. but i think v should be more concerned with our character than our reputation, because our character is what v really r, while our reputation is merely what others think v r…blessed is he who has learned to admire but not to envy.. to follow but not imitate.. to praise but not flatter..and to lead but not manipulate… ppl love us when our brighter side takes over the darker one… same with u..somehow ure expressions look so real that i feel the character is the real u… :) ..

    u can always count on ure true fans n lovers… They help u weather every storm.. they cheer u when u r down.. and they chide you when u r wrong… Sometimes u get so preoccupied with life’s mundane troubles that u do not find the time to tell them how much they mean to u..but inspite of being a celebrity , u still find time for the ppl who madly love u n answer them with so much of agility… that really means a lot.. u dnt know how much a happiness u spread amongst ure fans by doing so .. i dnt think there will b any such celebrity who would b so much attached to his lovers… Thank u so much for staying so connected to the ppl who love u lots.. n truly speaking i never in my wildest dreams thought that i will ever get a reply from u … n u really touched a cord of my heart by replying to my msgs.. Thanks again for being there … it really motivates me , am sure others also to write to u n feel very very special to get a reply… keep shining n stay blessed always… looking forward to hear frm u sooon.. n please keep writing on this forum… ur such a good writer apart frm being an actor…

    lots a luv …


  137. Beautifully written!
    Just superb!
    Liked it very much. Very Inspiring.
    Thanks for updating.
    Tons of Best wishes , lots of love and smiles :)


  138. Hi rajeev,
    Really an inspirational blog…..I am following your footstep at least giving a chance to make my dream come leaving the world behind which keeps on insisting me to follow safer path…..hoping for the best …and its always lovely hearing your interviews and reading your blog
    Thanks a lot….for inspiring

  139. Rajeev bhiyaa

    App sabko reply kar rahe ho sabko hug kar rahe ho mene kya galti ki plsss muje bhi ek hug milegi kya apki plsss bhiyaa I m lill fen of your I m only 17 year old pls bhiyaa app muje ek reply dedijiye plssss it’s mean to me a lot plsss

    Rajeevsir can I call you bhiyya
    Plss bhaiyyaaa app muje ek reply dear dijiye or ek hug bhi plssss

    I give u a big hug
    Pls bhiyya one reply plssss

  140. thanks a lot Rajeev for updating your blog…. always love reading your blog updates
    Looking forward to read more from you
    love you lots

  141. I think i m unluky guy, Not Replied, maybe u’ve any reason or its m luck, anyways stay blessed, n do from ur good side. May My ALLHA Almighty always loaded u wth happines n blessings. Can u add some kind of words in ur conversation wth ananya, somehow feeling special, ye ishq b ek ajjeb falsipha he ghalib, jo esko jaan laita he ye uski jaan laita he. ALLHA Bless u

  142. knock knock knock knock..
    Hope u r seeing this msg.. I js want u to knw on 28Th it’s Sona’s birthday.. N her dream is to wish from u.. U have wished many peoples before including I Me Myself.. According to her u r nt listening to her.. Aesa wo kehti hai mai nahi.. Her twitter handle is @sssonalika1
    i m requesting u for wish coz only u r d reason she is in my lyf.. Otherwise i m frm sring n wo delhi.. We dn’t knw each other.. Only our madness regarding u join us..
    We r a group of 3
    @ShahSAIR @crazyyybird @sssonalika1 hm teenu ne milkey aapke twiter handle pe bht spam kiya hai..sorry or that bt only islye ki aap Sona ko wish krey.. Otherwise i dn’t knw hw to irritate oops spam some1. Wrna daedh saal se kr liya hota.. I loved my space too and i rspect ur opinion abt perosnal space honi chahye.. Bt plssss haaath jodh k..kasam se maine haath b jod liye o alag baat hai aapko dikhega nahi.. Usko wish kr lena 28th july Tuesday ko plsssssssssssss..
    Wow alag baat hai i loved u more than them.. Wo kya hai they hv luv in their lyf n mai thheri arange mariage material.. They wil gona kill me.. Bt I LOVE U n pls usko tweet kr dena uss din..

  143. sooo cute.. Such a nice msg.. Bs uncle keh k oldie bana diya.. He is sweet 16.js 4 Years older thn u…lol..stay blessed darling..

  144. Hi Rajeev…
    You very well know what your reply mean to a fan.Can I get a reply or hug?? I hope you will notice me .
    A girl who loves you madly..


  145. Hii rajeev SIR
    I am fan of u i dont word use that i m big or a huge fan of u bcz i know u have a many fan batter than me…
    But i m fan of u since my childhood during kahi to hoga…
    I follow u on Twitter before 3 to 4 month bcz i am not use socialmedia that much,, but for u i joined twitter nd more knowing about u..
    And for this blog flying..It is a very inspirating for me .. I m happy to know about u right about womenimpowerment …u r a real life hero for me.
    And u also wrote about changes..i totally agreed with u …i m also feel generation gap in my life also ..but as u said change is important but enjoying change is very important..

    I requested u ..plz write a book. Bcz in ur thought actule life reflecting…and i m sure audience is very happy to read..i know u r very busy actor nd u have no time but in free time plz think about writing…. I know u already very good writer..plz do this

    Nd atlast..i tell about my dream in life…my deam is once i meet person who have beautifulthoght nd also who knowing how to actul living life..and that person is the mr.rajeev khandelwal….
    I m not fan of any actor without you.. Ur personality is reflecting meaning of ur name thats lotus…
    No one as you……. Hope my dream come true soon….

    With lotsof respect nd love.

  146. 191 comments! kya baat hai!
    so many hv written so much! but have seen all are not replied! ye toh na insaafi hai!
    my reply didnt get posted so sent a mail… no reply…

    Famous personality & Celebrity – The Rajeev Khandelwal, hence proved.

    Stay blessed!✋

  147. Hello Rajeev uncle, How are you ? I am writing this message from my didi Tanaya’s gmail account as I dont have any. My name is Tanmoy and I am 12 years old. I am your new fan. I have only watched your movie Aamir, Table No. 21 and Samrat and co. The last one is my favourite movie. But uncle I dont like your hairstyle in this movie. I came to know about you seeing my didi’s craziness for you. Nowadays I am enjoying Reporters and LRL along with my cartoon programmes :) I really love the jane se pehle moments. But sometimes I dont understand it. But my didi (Tanaya) makes me understand :) I just love to see you on tv uncle. Want to see you more. Bye uncle. Take my regards. Your new admirer Tanmoy

  148. Hi, u r really a soften heart person, i think,u ‘ve beautiful thoughts about women, salute u.but rajeev i am from PAKISTAN and i also read some columns of u, have alot of respect for u. U r a man having wonderful heart, thats y u r not a celeb in india but most poular personality in PAKISTAN too,

  149. Hi Rajeev,
    Oh God,u replied.Thats really unbelievable.You made my life.
    I have become an ardent follower of Reporters.As I said I caught up very late with you.Episode 36 I guess.But I have seen very episode atleast 4 to 5 times .You are an addiction now.Every morning I wake up to c more of you.There is something that’s charismatic about you.
    Every moment on screen is so perfect.Your limited smile ,the way you look at Ananya,,the way talk to her peer.
    .Every frame is just picture perfect.How can one achieve this level of perfection..Amazing.I have followed King Khan from my college days .I found him very charming and emotes love and affection like no one else in the industry.But I must say you stand apart ,there is no one scene in the episode uptill now,where I felt u could have been better.
    Please convey to Ananya she just matches to your level of competency

    Lots of hugs and love to you and all your loved ones…PLSSS do not conclude Reporters in 120 to 130 episode.
    Just hoping to c u someday.

    Hey addictions are not good but in this case its so sweet,warm and pleasant

  150. Hello rajeev bhaiya…
    Will you find me a boy exactly likee you…;)
    You know what…I am watching each and every episode of Reporters at my hostel. The episode is usually uploads in early morning and the first task I do in morning is watching reporters. I am loving it. You are awesome. Love u.

  151. Hei rajeevsir

    I m your big fan can u one time plssss reply me and ha app meri inspiration ho or ha u r a such a nice humanbings and I really love u bottan of my heart

    Love you sir
    I m waiting for your reply plsss at list one reply
    Pls sir

  152. hey Rajeev…!!

    Few lines … i hope u dnt get bored reading them… :)

    ……………….Some love me.. some hate me… Some fear me n try to hide for me… I give meaning to the word “smile”… I define happiness… I soak all the ugliness of the world and make the world beautiful… I am not the happiness that only stays with u for few moments… I am the pain that is loyal to u and stays with u for a long time… I am the white canvas that makes the portrait look colorful… I am the one that u see at the other side of the mirror when u stand in front of it… I am ure inner self that knows all ure sins and knows ure dark side… But I allow u to look good in front of everyone… I take the hit for u and make u look like a good person… I have the guts to admit that I have a dark side, I have a bad side and human nature is a mix of good and evil…
    I am pain.. I am tears.. I am sin.. I am evil… But I am the one that makes u appreciate the good things in the world… I am the one that makes u realize that human life is precious… I am the one that makes u understand that happiness is short lived and enjoy it when u get it… I am the one who tells u that I am everywhere and my existence is plenty… So treat the good moments as rarity. I am the bad person inside u who teaches u to have the courage to put ureself before the world as u are. Little bit good and little bit bad. Show the world who u really are and don’t become an actor who acts as if he only knows being good. Admit that you have more bad qualities than good and promise that you will create a balance by doing more good. Leave the ugliness to me and enjoy the beauty of life. Hate me and love yourself. I am ure twin, I am ure friend, I am ure creator…I AM THE DARKER YOU….!!!!

    I think you are one such person who knows what life is all about … so down to earth … yet carry ureself with so much a dignity.. never ever change for anyone … be the one who z loved by so many … everyone has a darker side but i think u r a person who has more brighter side … n am not being modest.. i really mean it though i dnt know u as a person… but as they say face is ure reflection… n ure face shows ure emotions… n a person who brings a smile on so many faces… whenever i c u it just lights up my face … there is an innocence in ure smile which is so unusual … please keep bringing a smile on so many faces… i am so happy to just write a few lines for u… n stay connected with u which i always wanted to… n i wish u take out sometime for us n keep in touch always … keep rocking … tons a luv n best wishes..


    • Hey Smiti…i am a very regular, fallible guy. I just probably show my best side to the world but i also have probably ‘a not too likeable’ side. But thats what make me human i guess :) love and best wishes

      • Rajeev,I am frm Chennai. So many ppl hav replied.i hope i am not lost.i recently joined twitter.then few hrs back my daughter who has always been my goodluck charm told abt ur blog .iam always impressed with ur straightforward reply-as u have replied to smiti.whatever my opinions, thoughts, ideas r,u giv exactly the same reply in ur interviews.that’s why as a person u touches me(also as mentioned in ur blog).thank u for coming into lime light after a long gap,unfortunately ur movies don’t get released in Chennai. I liked u frm the days of LRL,then I forgot iam seeing u in reporters. All my feelings got refreshed. I have overcome life threatening disease(no hard feelings)but by seeing u &ur interviews have given me feel good,iam sure my endorphins r high nowdays which is very good .
        I am not that expressive in writing which can ttouch ur heart, but trying my wonderful husband will soon get connected to u.and near future I will meet u with a story in which u will surely like to make a movie.if u want to see me & my family.iam in fb.JSP super impressed with ur replies to ur fans.

  153. Chanced upon your blog….interesting to read and very well expressed….alongside being a very fine actor you are an amazing writer……
    Have been wanting to write to the makers of REPORTERS…..very well made television series….realistic, balanced and quite authentic…..and extremely well worded…..not just the dialogues but the way each episode ends phrasing the slice of life, is very innovative and thought provoking….
    A journalist by profession, I fully identify with the series, it’s characters and find so much of my own life there…..
    All the best….I hope the storyline continues to get interesting…..
    And yes, noone could have portrayed Kabir Sharma better than Rajeev Khandelwal….

  154. Dear Rajeev

    I am not an avid TV viewer and i have only seen Sach Ka Saamna and now the Reporters. I loved your acting in Aamir. I am a 56 year old lady and was very impressed with your blog. I wish you could get better opportunities in bollywood to showcase your talent. Nice to also know that there are people like you in the film /TV industry.

    with Best Wishes

    Sangeetha Iyer

  155. Pleasure reading you..!!
    No doubt you are fantastic in whatever you do whether its acting or writing ..Bang On.
    Whatever I came to know about your personal side through newspapers and magazines u seems to be a very nice and down to earth guy having its own preferences & choices..Admire that whole heartedly.

    And yes you are simply AMAZING as Kabir..Love u soo much.

    Loads of wishes .

  156. Hi Rajeev….I have always thought you were a talented actor and you have the capability of turning even a mundane dialogue into a memorable one! But after reading this piece I have come to admire your skill with the written word as well. It’s amazing to have an actor like you in the Indian Cinema And Television and for me your talent is no less than that of stalwarts like Johny Depp and Robert Downey Jr (I admire both of them a lot!)
    Here’s to your shining career and your inimitable personality. Please try to give us some more displays of your talent with more challenging and engaging roles. Hoping to hear back! :D Cheers and Good Luck!

    • You are just kind with words but nevertheless i shall keep trying to entertain you for as long as i can. best wishes

  157. OMG ! OMG! OMG! Am i just dreaming or i have really got your reply ? You are making me crazy day by day!! after your yesterdays interview i went even more crazy !! I love you soooo much <3 <3 <3

  158. Hai vidhi,
    Rajeev doesn’t have a Facebook account. He interacts with fans through his twitter handle which is @rk1610isme

    Take care and have a good day :)

  159. A very GM Rajeev!

    I totally loved the post and can’t wait to read your next post too. It got me hooked and I also read all your previous posts. I must say I love your style of writing you are not only a great actor but a great human being too and from this blog we get to know the real Rajeev. :)

    Thanks for entertaining us in Reporters. Your just brilliant. Havent been addicted to any show like Reporters. Each episode makes me a bigger fan.

    Also, I did read somewhere you are not a fan of social media but I really appreciate the fact you just come to get a smile on all our faces. Thanks for that :)

    Continue the amazing work and please do update your blog it is inspiring to read your blog.

    Wishing you loads of luck, peace and success.


  160. Hi Rajeeev

    You are such a amazing actor. I really like your confidence and the way you are carrying your self. I did watch your several interview and one of the interview you said you are “care taker of Rajeev” and you make sure he does not do anything wrong. Really amazing… No one in your industry may be doing such thing.. such a self control…. your eyes, your smiles all says a lot about your determination, your hard work, your dreams…

    I have started watching reporters and watching each episodes more than one time… you are just brilliant.. I know you have many fans & followers… but I would be really happy if you can reply to my message… I am not in India..but .. I wish one day I can meet you as a FAN in person..

    I wish you all the happiness & success in your personal & professional life..!!!

  161. Hi! Rajeev
    It’s great to hear from you, what a beautiful thought :) I’m a big fan of you. You are awesome in reporters. After watching each episode of reporters it’s very hard to wait for 24 hrs to watch the next episode.
    best wishes

  162. Rajeev sir truly agree with you..change need to be enjoyed and not to be accomodated. It is always great to see you on screen, tv and reading your blog. Strong messaging of yours at the end of every episode of reporters make me think differently about life and it gives lot of hope to see life positively. Hope you will write more and inspire us more. good wishes & love. sunita :)

  163. I feel unlucky to have never seen all women crew in flight but I felt happy too while reading it.India is moving with fast pace with women taking lead .My work place is having lot of women.I felt humbled and proud reading your post.Honestly I was never into hindi TV shows .But after watching Reporters.I watched both Kahin to hoga nd Kitne mohobbat hain in summer vacation this year.Ending with .Best
    wishes .good luck

  164. Hi
    How are you ? Rajeev

    Nice thoughts it’s always good read what you write , as u said women empowerment is only talk by people, but around that talk the women are achieving it by them self, it’s true in what society we live always had two faces , if they do it’s cool but same thing others do they start critising them. It’s little hard to change but not impossible, as time as changed so it will change all this as they require to see changes in positive way, what we Think we can’t impose on others but we can share with them, if they feel it’s good they will take that in life …

    I wrote 2 days back also but it didn’t got updated …may be due some technical errors … No problem not
    That day so it’s today ..

    Take care
    All best wishes

    Annanya Guptaa
    ( Hyd)

  165. Hiiiii Rajeevair

    superblywritten love your opinion great thoughts.thanx for calling us fairer sex.this update is inspired me alot.

    When you smile……. I smile…….
    Love you rajeevsir

    You inspired me a lot

  166. Hi Rajeev
    Well its quite difficult for me to summarize the praise of your written blog in a few lines! First of all salute your mother by my side as she gave us you your respect towards women makes me wonder give my regards to your Mom and Farah is yours

  167. Hi Rajeev
    Well its quite difficult for me to summarize the praise of your written blog in a few line! First of all salute your mother by my side afterall she gave you, Such a chamber of amazing and evergreen performances Rajeev Khandelwal.Its my personal views and throughly observence either i look around bollywood industry or international industry your comparison cannot be made with any celebrity!

  168. Hi Rajeev,
    1st of all thank you so much for updating your blog account.
    I just loved to read your blogs rather than tweets because it gives me more opportunity to understand you :) Here I can understand the real ‘Rajeev’ more deeply :)
    I want to share my thoughts here too …
    Here, in Wrst Bengal, there is a woman who lives just beside my house. There are 4 members in her family, her husband, mother in law and her 4 years old a baby boy.
    It sounds like a perfect family…isn’t it?
    But sadly no … it is not. Can you guess why? Because therel is a social disease still persisting in our society …. Dowry system.
    UNO can declare our nation ‘polio’ free but no organisation has never been bothered by this disease which is eating the soul of our society slowly but steadily.
    Anyway, lets back to the ‘story’.
    That lady belonged to a very poor family where her parents took her as a baggage. When the marriage proposal came to them they didn’t even think twice before jumping to the decision to get them married. The man was unemployed or I should say he was too lazy to work and earn money and more of it he was a drunkard. The woman knew everything about the man from some of her friends before marriage but she didn’t refuse as she thought herself a burden to her family.she thought if she got married she would somehow help her parents!
    The mother of that guy also knew about her family condition but as no women were ready to marry such a drunkard man. So she was also reafy to get them married as soon as possible.
    But the real problem began after the marriage when the woman came into the new world. She used to wake up at very early morning and do all the work. But every night she was severly tortured mentally and phisically by both her husband and mother in law demanding money. She had nothing to do but shut her mouth up and bear with all what were happening.
    Seeing her incredible condition I appealed to the panchayat pradhan to take any step because I couldn’t help her directly as it was her family matter and I didn’t had any right to interfere in it.
    but when the panchayat pradhan decided to take her to the police station and lodge a case , to my astonishment, she all of a sudden change her mind and refused to file any case against them. She told that she had no place to go as her parents refused to accept it and told it was very normal in every marriage! And she also told that she has a boy whom he would take care. Now she at least has a home to go, if she file any complain against them she has to live on foothpath. The panchayat members assured her but she was too reluctant to do anything.
    She actually had lost all her self respect and self esteem far ago when she was in her parent’s home where she were taught that girls are in born nothing but a burden. The torture is still being continued.
    And now this is the time for another ‘story’….
    A family lived beside my school. A school teacher lived with his parents. It was truly a happy family. But the problem began when the young man got married to a well educated woman. The lady wanted to have a separate family only with her husband. But the man was not ready to leave his parents as he the only son of them. His conscience didn’t allow him to leave them specially when they needed him the most. The newly wedded lady then filed a 498 case against her husband and in laws. Police arrested them and they had to suffer a lot of humiliation. The man was suspended from his job. Their lives became too miserable to bear with it. They had lost all their reputation. The man committed suicide and his mother lost all her mental balance.
    The whole family was completely destroyed.

    Now whom should i blame ???
    The woman ? The man ? The education ? The mentality ? The society ?

    Anyway, now I too am drifting into all this. I should stop now.

    Rajeev, I really really hope that you will re visit your blog account and read y writing too.

    And now “jane se pehle” ..

    from West Bengal

  169. Hiii Rajeev,
    It’s good to see your views on such a are really an amazing actor and a lavishing writer. I wish my grand parents would have read this. Their are areas where people think that women are just to look after their family. I hope scenario soon changes.
    Coming to you I m a big fan of yours and I am watching your new serial reporter its mind blowing.I love the chemistry between you and kritika kamara.
    I also want to tell you I have a big crush on you Hope you get more and more success.
    Love u alwayssssssss
    Hope u reply to this post also

    Siddhi Sharma

  170. Hi Rajeev,
    One thing you should be proud of yourself…. unlike other celebrity…. you dont have merely childish fan following comprising mainly of dreamy teenagers. You also have people like me who yearn for you… and in spite of the fact that I am reaching my mid 30s, on looking at you, I do get butterflies in my stomach. This is your enigmatic charm….

  171. Hi Rajeev,
    After seeing the episode of 23rd July of Reporters, you made me cry. Well like Kabir Sharma, I have also been a victim of a bad marriage which I had to end since I was left with no option. Like Kabir Sharma, I am also quite successful in my career, holding a Ph.D in English and working as a teaching faculty but somewhere within me, unfortunately, that bubbly Ananya is still alive who is yearning for her Kabir Sharma but I guess he is too good to be real but then, you are there, who, I am sure, resembles in every positive quality Kabir has. Pray for me and every girl who longs for love that she should get a person like you. Love you!!

  172. hi king..

    ur writes r always inspiring me..

    i always know how much u respect women..

    n these words have really touched my heart..

    u know king.. Tribes of Jharkhand is always believes in giving same status to male n female..

    in Sarhul man plays mandar (a traditional instrument) and women dances on beats of the same..

    and in comparision.. male n female ratio in my state is more dan dat of d country.. also d education ratio is quite well..


    der is long way to bring dem at same stage.. not everybody here is Tribal..

    and der r many obstacles too to make d things effective.. State Govt makes it primary for encouraging women empowerment here..

    ur words r really inspiring

    keep writing keep smiling

    love u so much

    ur princess
    4m Ranchi

  173. Hey Rajeev…your article here is on the flight of the fairer sex…I have to tell you that with your aura in Reporters you have set the nationwide womenfolk ablaze…irrespective of their age…with your screen-magic !! Probably you have the biggest fan-following of the small screen….at present.Can you please share the secret of your charm with us?Keep Rocking! Fly Higher!

  174. Hi Rajeev,
    I’m not much into reading but found your blog while I saw you on Twitter. My respect n love for you has doubled. I wish more men thought the way you did. I love the way you have expressed yourself in words. I have just seen you in Aamir n I think you were fabulous. I was never into TV serials but I got hooked up to Reporter n I truly love your character Kabir. I don’t think anybody else could have played it better than you. My 10 yr old has got hooked up to it too inspite of not knowing Hindi. I wish you the very best for your future projects… N yes I’m going to catch up with your past work as time permits. Much love. Vaishali.

  175. Chanced upon your blog….interesting to read and very well expressed….alongside being a very fine actor you are an amazing writer……
    Have been wanting to write to the makers of REPORTERS…..very well made television series….realistic, balanced and quite authentic…..and extremely well worded…..not just the dialogues but the way each episode ends phrasing the slice of life, is very innovative and thought provoking….
    A journalist by profession, I fully identify with the series, it’s characters and find so much of my own life there…..
    All the best….I hope the storyline continues to get interesting…..
    And yes, noone could have portrayed Kabir Sharma better than Rajeev Khandelwal….

  176. Hello rajeev,

    I must say that you are such a adorable & thoughtful person. Love to read your blogs….happy to know that you are thinking about woman empowerment…aapke iss blog se ek baat to clear hai ki aap ek acche reel actor hone k sath sath logo real life main bhi hero bnne ko samjha rahe …agar sabhi na ek achi soch k sath inn sabhi naato ko soche to sab kuch achha ho hi jayega…bas logo ko naxariya badalne ki der baat hum bhi bas kah hi sakte h…

    Any ways seriously iss blog k baad apka blog continue padna bnta hi h….
    All d best….
    Keep writing…..

  177. Hi rajeev,
    What an amazing piece of thought that was! I am not much into reading..and probably this must be the third or the fourth blog that i have read!this article is truly inspiring.Iam an ardent fan of yours and an admirer of all the chracters that you have portrayed.I have been catching up with all the episodes of Left right left since a week which i somehow missed when it got telecast.awsome series i must say…Just wanted to tell you keep up the amzing work that u do and inspiring us with ur great thoughts…hope to get a reply!lots of love,good health and happiness:)
    Ps:you are fabulous in Reporters!!

  178. Yesterdays episode of Reporters was mind blowing. This is a path breaking, trend setting serial. Never seen something so close to reality on any TV shows. With due and deserving credit to the writers and directors and the whole team, nobody could have played Kabir Sharma better than you.
    You have excelled and have completely outdone yourself , with such ease , subtlety, and sheer brilliance in your performance. It is a treat to watch the little nuances you have given to your character. Have to say the time invested on this show has been worth the while.
    Hope this show brings you much more of the happiness, recognition, lots of appreciation and luck than you already have , both in your personal and professional life.

  179. Hi Rajeev,

    Glad to read your post. I really admire those who can put their thoughts to words, as I can never do it. Your command over the language is exceptional and yes, our views match.

    One reason why I visit your blog is because I get to know about RAJEEV KHANDELWAL here and not any loved character. Every time, I make an effort to learn something from you or grab a positive thought. I rarely have such positive people around me. Keep writing and stay happy as I am happy when I see you happy.

    Jaane se pehle, kuch naya nahi, bass I love you a lot aur milne ka intezar rahega.:)

    Love and regards,
    Rumana :)

  180. Wonderful thoughts from wonderful person with very good soul. Best thing about you is that, from your busy schedule you take time to read the reply you get for this blog from ur fans and you dont hesitate to reply on same its rear thing to expect from celebrity for which hat’s off to you.
    Each and every serial assignment you took rajeev sir you delivered your BEST the performance in KAHIN TOH HOGA was OUTSTANDING cox wat I and I think your other fans would also agree that the dialogues you said wer just so real the feeling emotions your expression it was so realistic I use to FEEL that each and every dialogue which you said.
    and now in Reporters I dont think that you practice cox ur performance is so real it comes straight from your heart. You are just an amazing person and a very honest soul I wish you always be like this throughout your life. Always remember you are an inspiration for many people like me and last but not least each and every word I have expressed is something which I mean from bottom of my heart
    lots of love to you rajeev sir.

  181. Today I watched that episode of Reporters in which you convinced Ananya’s mom for accepting Kabir and ananya’s relation.Those dialogues touched my heart and the way you expressed them I felt it touched my soul.You have superb expressions because when u speak your eyes reflect your feelings and make us feel it so natural..and even I had loved the episode when you had confessed your love for Ananya.The way you spoke..the way you had tears in eyes..just mesmerising..!…Keep rocking…:-)

  182. Heyy.. Rajeev…
    An awsum thought on women empowerment…
    First tym ever m writing on a celebritiys blog…
    I m a great fan of urs since KTH… Den left right left… Reporters..
    U r juz an amazing actor and a personality… Dont ever go ofscreen plz..
    People love to c u…
    Hope i get a chance to meet u someday… :)
    Lots of love.
    Wish u all d luck… :)

  183. hello sir..
    I just wanted to say that when I was around 10 yrs old you came up as sujal.. I saw u in one of the weddings in Hyderabad(Family).. i wish i could have captured that moment but my younger sister was lucky to have that opportunity..
    I wasn’t knowing as I’ll grow my crush would increase rapidly..
    from KTH.. LRL.. sach ka samna.. CID.. and now the only show i look forward to everyday..
    I haven’t missed a single movie of yours..
    I so wish to meet u again.. to see u so close..
    people lose their charm with days..
    but u seem to gain it more and more..
    all the very best sir..
    love u loads..

  184. Hii Maharaj Rajeev
    Ur blog is an amazing opportunity for myself to find out the Answers of my questions! I hv been following you work since my 6 class But i would first like to introduce myself perhaps my replie would be passed by your beautiful eyes “My name is Farah , n i had keen desire to become Civil officer but unfortunately my Mother had left this world on January 24,2015 this was the end of my life.I gave up my Civil Service’s education because of high responsiblity being a Civil Officer as i became very weak both mentally and physically after my mom;-( and even i cannot write her as she does not exist u know my father was also died when i was 4 years old , my mother brought me up alone and i am repenting Rajeev y did i not do CSS just after my B.COM when i was full of cababilities but i was immature n still i am! So many questions rise in my mind whenever i read your blog i try to relate it myself! Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Rajeev i want your answer if not possible give me small gesture! Q.Being a Girl and also an immature but responsible and brilliant student should i attempt Civil Exams in March by dropping Lecturear Bs-17 post? Because with my all anxieties i always feel dishearted and its really true your smiles your voice and in presence of your tweets for sometime i feel stronger but its well evedent fact that i cannot be stronger throughout my life again and its not possible that i prepare my exams in the city where that you are living ! So i think i have to wind up my replie with my Best wishes for you and with the hope Farah will meet soon Rajeev , N m sure Maharaj Rajeev cannot make friendship with Farah such a misfortune and unlucky but yess m beautiful girl but my one sided friendship will never be winding up! See you later dear!

  185. Hi Rajeev,

    I am really sad because i am not seeing your reply. you have no idea how i am changed, i have become the happiest person and if i feel depressed i watch all recorded reporters episode. you are a wonderful humanbeing, from past few days i am just reading your blogs and everything about you available on the internet. Eagerly trying to get your number so that i can speak to you or hear you and i am sure will get it one day.Like you said in yesterdays episode “Main itna jaldi giveup nahi karta” :) you have changed my belief! You giving another perspective to see. I am so glad that i am following you and have become mad for you! My husband is not allowed to come home between 9 and 9:30pm.If he has to come either he has to come back before 9 or after 9:30pm. Respect and loads and loads of love for you!! Its my dream to meet you personally one day! I will come to mumbai next month just for a weekend to see your shooting and meet you :) Waiting eagerly to read your reply even if it is few words <3 <3 <3

  186. Hi Rajeev!
    I appreciate your thoughts and the way you described short story about you and your father. Seriously change occurs only when we enjoy it or we want to experience it.
    Must appreciate your view of life. A bit different yet very beautiful. And different means a good different ;-)
    Hope you too fly too much high in your career and life as well. Best wishes and Love <3
    Take very good care………
    Your Big Fan……………
    Farwa Kazmi…………Lahore…….Pakistan………..

  187. Thank you so much. Every person is unique and every idea is beautiful in its own way is what I have understood after reading the various comments. And yes happy to see a convergence at some point too

    Loads of love to you too and keep sharing your thoughts and spreading smiles
    Remya :)

  188. Hi Rajeev,

    Happy to c u again and with good comeback…my respect has raise more for you now…m following you since kya hadsa kya haqeeqat but in left right left you killed me… women empowerment m the only earning person in my family and i will serve my family….ur thoughts are so inspiring hope we can see the changes…..lots of love…keep smiling as always…

  189. Hi rajeev how u doing?

    Its good to read or thoughts , u always have to say something different from your experience …. Its nice to read different thought s that up …


    Take care
    Annanya Guptaa

  190. Hi Rajeev
    Thank u for replying. U are not only a good humem being but also a good star a real star. U always keep in touch with ur fans, u remember them, read their comments and do reply also. Sometimes it’s unbelievable.
    “Rahna tu hai jaisa tu thoda sa dard tu thoda sokoon”
    Love and regards


  191. hatsoff to ol readers.. Who post so many good words regarding female’s.
    @GIRLS keep rocking and make our #INSPIRATION @Rajeev Sir proud..
    Love to ol

  192. Hello, Rajeev!
    I guess you had been here for the Nabakalebara festival. Hope you enjoyed. The fluidity with which your words flow has left me in awe. This post has only increased my respect for you. It not only reflects how dedicated of an actor you’re but how beautiful of a human being you’re, especially in this patriarchal society.
    I wish, people started thinking like you. All I ask is for equal rights, for women. People could just respect us as fellow human beings. Right? I wrote something on my blog a few days back.

    Don’t tell that
    You know me
    With a word or two
    You can’t define me

    My heart is a secret garden
    With very high walls
    It houses untamed tides
    And rapturous falls

    What you see, is a tiny fraction
    Of the plethora of dreams, I nurture
    I’ve flowers blooming, in the arid desert
    All ready to prosper

    Born out of the stars
    I shine, in the darkest of nights
    Lighting my own path
    I fly as high as a kite

    I’m a huge fan of yours. Wish you luck and happiness.

  193. Wow…I don’t believe I got reply from you and that too so fast…Thanks Rajeev
    I’ll definitely share when I get back to writing
    love and hugs your way
    have a beautiful one :)

  194. With utmost humility my overwhelmed inner core can only say,
    Thank you so much Rajeev for your heart-warming reply, it’s just unbelievable… :)
    Thank you again & again for making my day so very special by giving me a reason to smile along with my happy moisten eyes… :)

    My little knowledge of understanding LIFE says, life’s what we make it… Its beauty doesn’t just happen, it is built daily by prayer, humility, sacrifice, determination & hard work to meet the very purpose of life that makes it worth while… :)
    Stay the way you are with all humanitarian aspects intact within by being real, being humble, being able to share yourself & touch the life of others… :)
    Keep spreading love as always… :)

    May every new dawn bring things your way the kind meant especially for you… :)
    Wishing you every happiness… :)

    Ever so grateful…
    Ever so thankful…
    With Best Regards

  195. oh wow !! i still cant believe that u replied… just made my day … thanks a ton… n i just hope to cu someday … n this tym will surely come n say hi.. lots a luv n luck… keep smiling .. n be happy … n i wish v always keep watchin ure work onscreen… coz v just luv u n ure work… :)

  196. Glad to see your reply sir :)
    Don’t know whether it’s the handle or you but feels nice…I am following your pages on Fb and will be joining you on Twitter shortly after making my account just to follow you. I might be not a really special person for you but please do check and reply in future also. You don’t know how it can make my day and motivates a lot.
    Keep rocking and giving all your fans reasons to live life with smile.
    And our meeting day is nearby with God’s grace.
    Thank you.
    Lots of love and blessings always !!
    God bless.

  197. What lovely thoughts!! This century is going to be the century of women. After all women gives birth to men , don’t they . Plz keep on writing , loved your blog. Looking forward to more posts from you.

  198. I can’t believe u replied. Thanks.

    Hope to see u in Reporters Season 2.

    Also just freshened up the memories from your last shows and movies. You looked bit healthier back than but ur current lean looks suits u more. Keep on maintaining this one.

    Also your hair style is more
    Subtle now than ever. You should get more photos clicked now.

    I think right now u are at the peak of your looks, career, emotions and performance.

    Best wishes,

  199. Rajeev,

    Thanks for your response. Well, I did not realize I would get one so soon. I started experiencing your acting since Table no 21. I am in the USA for the last 12 yrs and did not get an opportunity to view the previous serials and movies. Hoping to catch up with all of them soon. Now, there is one more agenda in the list and that is to read your blogs as well.

    I am intrigued how you keep your handsome image intact for so many years and maintain a long list of admirers. Keep us smiling and enjoy your life.

    Best wishes


  200. Rajeev, you never cease to surprise me. I am amazed to see your command over language and also your ability to translate your thoughts into words.. And without any bias I can vouch for you to become a writer someday.. Well thankfully what you penned down met with my opinion on the same.

    I follow you very closely and I know that you are the actor not only with the usual positives but also the one with a thinking hat. The depth which oozes out from the eyes of Kabir Sharma is actually Rajeev.. You have a lots in you which is still unexplored.. Each line which you penned here so beautifully and logically transcends to the next thought thus making it a delight to read. You spoke your heart out without being conscious about your public image,just like a normal guy would do. .Trust me in this world of glamour it is very difficult to be so rooted.. This speaks volume about how secured you are as a person in may be all the roles you play in life.

    Rajeev, as a seventeen year old I fancied you, I thought I wish I could marry Sujal.. I was devasted when u left the show and didn’t watch it ever again.. As a 21year old I saw myself as Naina.. I didn’t understand then how Rajeev is..I was very angry as you kept quitting shows from Television..But little did I know then that you were not here to limit your horizons..

    Today at 30 I repect you from the core of my heart. Am so so proud of my decision to be hooked to you and mind you, “ONLY YOU” since KTH days.. I am happy if you are happy in whatever you are doing. I pray for your and your near and dear’s well being because your happiness is linked with them.

    Don’t ever change Rajeev just evolve..and trust me you are doing a great job in being a better actor/person today, than yesterday. You are a cerebral actor with great potential. I hope the so called industry realises your worth soon.

    You smile..I smile.. :))

    Love you Rajeev..


      • That you took time to read what I had to say and given may be a minute of your life to me makes me feel worthy.. I think there is a Ananya hidden deep inside me.. :))

        On your recent visit to Puri, you met my own Bro (a journalist from Anandbazar Patrika,Kolkata) if you remember.. He even clicked a photo with you to show me as otherwise I wouldn’t have believed him..:)) I still can’t believe some one so close to me actually met you in person.. May be someday I too will meet you Rajeev.. I will make way am sure.. :))

        Thanks Rajeev


  201. Hi Rajeev, I absolutely agree with what your opinion about society is. I am always for individuality. And yes, you are right ! responsibility lies with us to provide them exposure to the world we want to live in. Here I would like to quote my all time favourite Khalil Gibran “I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind. I should not be ungrateful to these teachers.” They, through their misery, always make us conscious not to follow their path. Isn’t it?

  202. Rajeev sir..your words r too inspiring for us always..I know u dont reply to every post bt I m happy that u atleast tead our posts..I m a very big fan of yours..I wont say biggest because cant judge others feelings for you…But this much I can say that I have been trying to contact u since many years.But I m not so lucky I think..I still remember Kahin toh hoga was a superb usse bhi best tha Left Right Left…By watching that serial in that point of time I was inspired to join NCC…and NCC taught me many valuable things in life..And now Reporters also have a great impact on my life by teaching me wats love…Love has no age limits..its from thank u Sir…These 2 serials will always be important for my life..and I wish u and ur family have a wonderful life ahead..

  203. I see what you are talking about, not only in the urban but the rural society as well, especially so in the southern states, where women have more respect and are moving to a gender neutral society! I would not call it empowerment, rather gender mainstreaming. But as you mentioned, we still have a long way to go! All said and done there are certain stereo types that even the western world has really not been able to overcome, viz domestic violence. Infact my next piece of research is aimed at this, with a hope that we get the mantra eventually to make men and women equal beings in this world! :)

    Can’t sing off without saying loving every bit of reporters and especially your “jane se pehle” gyan! :)


  204. Big love for your thoughts:
    Rajeev I am an ardent follower of your show reporters, and I will be completely honest this is your first work I am following.
    I was in awe after a few episodes on how I missed out on a refined actor like you, but I guess I can blame it on the fact that it’s over 10 years I live in US and it is not easy to be in touch with the culture and shows back there.

    Coming back to reality, your work not only inspired me to work harder but after a long tiring day it always brought a smile on my face :)

    Recently I read your interview somewhere on facebook and was little disappointed by the though that your a little secluded person and would love to quit Twitter and FB, if given a choice.
    But now when I think about it, and i read this article I guess I understand what a beautiful human you are.

    You are being honest and transparent about your thoughts, it shows you have a mind of your own to write such beautiful and thoughtful words.
    I guess now I not only respect you for being the amazing actor but also for the owner of such an amazing mind.

    Yet again you inspired me to start wirting again, PS: I used to write blogs and poems which I have not been able to do in recent past because of work and personal committments.

    Much love your way, keep inspiring and doing what you do the best.

    I really wish I meet you someday :)

    Good wishes and a beautiful day your way.

    Love from Miami – Chaitali

  205. hi raj
    superbly written love your opinion great thoughts.thanx for calling us fairer sex.this update is inspired me are incredible……,,,,,,,,,keep writing :)

  206. Hi Rajeev
    Thanks a lot to dedicating today’s blog to us (women). Women are leaders everywhere, from the CEO of a compny to the house wife who rasis her children and heads her houshold. She is the real architects of society. I am proud to be a women.
    If we talk about change I believe “PARIVARTN PRAKRTI KA NIYAM HAI”
    Love & Regards

  207. Hey rajeev.

    I am a hardcore feminist. I really love it when I get to hear such thoughtful and encouraging comments from the opposite sex. I have always been ur ardent follower since kth days. I love the kind of shows n films u choose. And jaane se pehle “u still give me goosebumps “

  208. Hey Rajeev Sir..

    I may be new as a person who is commenting, but I certainly have read all your articles.
    Let me begin by firstly reciprocating all the love and hug to you because you have yet again come back with a inspirational piece of opinion.. and also by saying that you have a very powerful influence and command over your ways of expressing an opinion! The simplicity in your fluidity of thoughts is what just will win over everyone who come over and read this!

    Talking about what you have written.. Well yes, a change n mindset is definitely to be called; but the medium has to be gratifying because sheer slogans and speeches would not do the thing. And its celebrities like you who can use their being ‘public figure’ status and spread awareness.. maybe even get creative with it.. which is gonna help heeps..

    Not being biased as a fan, but I must say, you’ve made me proud by voicing out your own perspective with such integrity and coherence.
    Loads of love.
    God Bless.
    Take Care.

    P.S. I am a huge fan.. follow you on twitter too.. Did write a letter and posted its pic.. I don’t know if you’ll see it and even this.

    But wishes with you always. :D

    From NZ :) (Y)

  209. hey rajeev …

    i am smiti … n this is the first time am writing on some celebritity’s blog…or rather compelled to write to a wonderful person like u.. never felt it doing for anyone … but somehow ure personality n ure thoughts about the progress of women power just proves what an amazing human being u r …its reflects in ure acting also… every word u speak on screen also feels so real…

    After watching “kahin toh hoga” , i was like everyone a great fan of ures… n got to c u in person at The Taj , New Delhi …way back in the yr 2001.. but never had the guts to go n talk to u n tell u how much i appreciate ure work.. but i was so happy to just a glimpse of u … u must be thinking what a crazy woman i am but believe me i am not one of those females who wud go mad after a celebrity.. i have my own happy world …

    I am writing this letter to show my appreciation and gratitude for the commitment u hv shown to protect our communities. In this male dominated society , u hv shown so much a respect for women … it has really touched a cord of my heart … i hope there are more men like u in this world to make it a beautiful place to be in… I am the director of my company coz i ve been given the opportunity to do so… but there are so many women who r not blessed..

    It was so nice to c u at Puri… i live in Bhubaneswar… n i was at Puri the same day u were there … but my bad luck cudnt meet u … but i wish to meet u someday … but i just wanna ask for a small favour… can v be friends… am not at all demanding friend :) .. but i just wanna to stay connected with u… i will b very honoured if u reply … or just drop in a “HI” … i know ur a very busy person but still… i wish u all the best for a gr8 future… n am sure all good things will come to u coz ur such a good person… lots a love n luck … n please dnt ever go off screen coz u r just too good… n ppl love to cu …

  210. So happy that you updated your blog.. What is more wonderful is the topic you chose to discuss.. keep up the good work and keep posting.. Loved the way you respect everyone’s opinion.. with lots of love..


  211. HAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Yes! the “hai” had to be this loooooooooonggggggggggg for various reasons.One, for welcoming us back to this cherished place after a hiatus.Two, for talking about woman empowerment and how! Thirdly, it is always a treat to read your thoughts……… and now my list goes endless! And so I read and re-read many a times before I scribble something…….
    YES!!!! WOMEN have made their mark equally and somewhere even above in almost all fields. The change which was just a subject matter of any discussion or speech is now more evident and prominent. Women these days dare to raise their voice to have their say and make their way.Good to see the change :)
    But then the men in their lives also deserve credit and appreciation is what I feel. Be it father,brother,husband,friend,son and for that matter anybody close to them need to be acknowledged.They motivate you,inspire you and help you stand where you are . Gone are the days where in a family of two siblings ,a boy and a girl,the boy is given more exposure to education while the girl is expected to live inside the four walls and restrict herself to household chores. The man in their life is definitely becoming that strong pillar of strength. They push you to face the world and become what you are today. they support your views and help you achieve your goals. So a bigggggg thanks to all you wonderful men :)
    And yes, talking about the progressive approach and the smaller cities,yes they are slowly evolving. Some are ready to accept the change whereas some are not. Some feel the way of life they are leading is better and we are on the wrong path. But then I have felt forming a bridge would help. where you take a few steps towards them and they are ready to take a few towards you :) So for those who are not ready to fully accept the change that give and take works.On a broader perspective when we who are half their age find it difficult to accommodate their lifestyle, it would not be as easy for them to change after all these years is what I have felt. However, how much ever is possible must be happening. And those who accept it wholly with open hands is too good. So happy for you!
    Guess I am also drifting away. And before I go further, while talking about women empowerment and achievement, I totally salute all the homemakers. It needs that extra wisdom to handle the role. Some by default and some who shut door on their ambitions for their family. Howmuchever we talk about balancing,I don’t think they could be matched! :)
    Loads of love luck and happiness to you!Thanks for writing and hope you will visit the place more often now :D
    Love forever!

    PS: Flying HigH!!!!!!! would look better with a flying high pic :)
    Take Care.

  212. As people are more convinced by Big shot starry comments coming frm people whom they merely know, and not by their friends or family, i believe if celebrities could come up with leading them in believing about Women empowerment things would be easier.

  213. Woww…. Finally after long time I read such awesome lines on “change”. Thanks so much Rajeev for this blog and u are really a superb actor and great human being. Best of luck for your future and keep posting. Luv and Regards


  214. I thick u give best opinion becoz change is good thing weither in our surroding or in own self…and women empowerment is not about given all things to women…its just given respect to every women as much as u respect given to ur own mom or wife or girl friend..i just tell u one think rajeev…u are too good as a person or as well as good actor…i become ur new fan after see u in reporters…keep doing ur good work..God bless u…enjoy #LotsOfLove #kabir

  215. hi..thnx 4 updatng blog.. salute to u.. luvd ur thoughts..
    luv u soo much.. pllllzz stay active here 2.. tc aloottt kp smiling nd stay blessed

  216. wow, amazing blog. you are a great writer and a very good human being with a heart of gold. you are a true gem and your blog and opinion reflect your shine.

  217. Loved reading it….n most probably some of our thoughts r same….pls continue writing….waiting eagerly for d Nxt 1

  218. Rajeev u r rit . But yet the situation of our society is they bliv in women progress but sumhow cannot able to accept the women power. Recently whn i was flying to delhi, pilot was a lady. Many of the passengers were looking confused….. worry abt sumthing which was hitting on their face. I was feeling very proud of tat pilot. I gave her salute and was very thankful to her .

  219. not only you got great looks but you also have a beautiful mind. you were right when u said rajeev khandelwal is a national asset. you are an inspiring human soul.
    I feel proud being your fan

  220. Hey Rajeev,
    It’s Awesome when men genuinely feel inspired By Women Power…

    Good to see you ‘Flying High’ on Good Perspective, Amazing Work n Superlative success of Reporters.

    Sending YOU much love & flying jhappis from the other part of the world.
    Hope to see you in Los Angeles sometime…

    Your (very new) admirer
    P.S: Kabir ko Pyaar♡

  221. Thank you so much :)))
    Hmm… FLYING HIGH – It’s an irresistible & innumerable read right till the end at one go, still could not over come the greed… Just beyond words & much more… :)))

    Thus, when the creative excellence aches for expression, it comes out as an amazingly articulated piece for the readers to ponder over… So keep expressing! Keep posting!! Keep updating!!! :)))

    Life is all about how we see things. It’s our attitude that matters. my unconventional belief always says, it’s the ways we see ourselves means everything, not how others see us. That might be the reason I get some connectivity in your written expressions & love to go through them whenever get time. And here I believe our own independent share of entitled opinions definitely meet… )))

    And so far change is concerned, what i understand, it’s hard at first & gorgeous at the end. In order to survive & live well it’s needed from time to time. Then only we can take advantage of the present. In order to take a new journey ahead,we’ve to let go our old beliefs, open up our mind & let ourselves fly high… :)))

    Last, but not the least, it’s a joy to hear you traveled to my home land, though i’m living away from there…Being a woman, it’s just overwhelming… i’m simply short of words to express anything where you’ve put in such marvelous lines in so depth. I can always see a woman as a stream of water, pure, cool, calm, comforting & at the same time strong enough to break the stone… God made her to complete the world. I wish, everyone could understand it & pay due respect…

    And please don’t mention it as a dormant one, it’s not so for your followers & admirers at least… :)))

    Keep up the promising attitude, keep believing in the impossible, hold tight to the incredible, live each day to its fullest potential & you can surely make a difference… :)))
    All the very best for the days to come!!!
    Thank you once again :)))
    With Best Regards

  222. your thought regarding girls and women are are amazing……………… i love the way you express your thought as simply and beautifuly that it touches our heart and most of hearts ………. i agree that every person has their way of thinking and living life but in that also your simple word can effect a lot that the person getts strenght in their own thoughts…………. i strongly believe that it is in a person hand how he or she wants to take there life and in which direction and speaking turely as my point of view your interviews and blogs effet me very much and it really helps me to boost up and gain courage to believe in my self and achieve what i want to achieve…………………………………… lastly thanks for being a change of my life and thanks for helping in getting my strenght in an invisable way ………………………….lots of love and thanks for bringing smile and genuine smile in our faces……..

  223. Hii rajeev. Lots of thanx to u for ur cuming back. No need to say anything abt u. No words will b enough to say abt u. After watching ur movie Table No 21, i was just thinking tat when i will c u next. But its a god gift to me tat u started Reporters, i can c u evryday now …..except sat and Sunday. I wait for monday. I wait for u.

  224. This was written a few mins back, at ground level and posted immediately :-) .
    Sooo up above the world so high, nestled amidst the clouds the seed for the first half of the blog was sown.
    Oh we women rock, we are fairer and better aren’t we. We are good at multi-tasking as well. And with the right support soar high.
    Commanded respect, grabbed the scene, you’ve said, words that tells if we woman want something we have to go get it. Some get it easily, some with some difficulty, some with lots of fight. The onus lies with us… all depends how much we want what we want.

    Blessed are women who have men who do not clip their wings and encourage them to achieve all they want to and hold them if they stumble.
    Blessed are the men who do not just love their wives – because a man with a regressive mindset, a man who puts stumbling blocks can in his own way love his wife and daughters – but also respect and treat them as their equals.
    God bless millions of women who with patience and forbearance put up with demeaning behaviour and hope n pray that their daughters enjoy all they could not.

    Kind of education, job, lifestyle, or how much one earns may not have a bearing on the way a man treats a woman. A high flying, modern, city bred man can have archaic thoughts when it comes to women… be a big MCP.
    But why do men not treat women as equals and with respect. Is it because it is like a threat to their manliness. I am a man, you have to be under me, do as i say, you are dumb, kind of thoughts.
    Must be because he is wired and tuned to behave in a certain way, he sees his father and grandfather and behaves like them. His thoughts are moulded and hardened, he does not know better.

    God bless those who open our eyes to see our shortcomings :) and help us let go of our rigid mindset and accept and enjoy change :-)

    All of us at various stages in our lives have to introspect and be man/woman enough to accept mistakes and let go of thoughts that stops us loving and respecting all those in our life, more. Also be sure that what we think to be right today can be wrong tomorrow and vice versa. Life is all about accepting new things, letting go of not so good things, being lightheareted… to fly high n higher.

    Hi black sheep of the family, rebel with a cause who questioned a lot….agree to all you say :-)
    And you were not drifting, there is perfect flow of thoughts from the beginning to the end. You have very noble thoughts, a higher level of thinking and as always you are able to translate them beautifully into words. You walk the talk. When you say you want to spread cheer and smiles and no one is superior or inferior to anyone you mean it, and act it.
    Blog written for us girls/women but one that should also be read by men. And its a great time to live :-)

  225. Hello Rajeev sir….

    The best part of the blog was the last one…. the last four lines caught my attention for a few minutes longer than the whole blog and those lines were what exactly depicted what kind of a person you are…. that you don’t want people and fans following you or your thoughts. And I appreciate the fact with all my heart.

    As you wrote that it are regressive not because people are not progressive. It is regressive because this is a way of life for them. That although sounds bad but is the ultimate truth. It’s also true that the change will be bought only when they are exposed to a better way of life. As you said the regressive mindsets are BIGGER in SMALLER cities, it is bound to be the same till women are considered more than a mechanical machine to give birth to babies and be on their feet for the whole day working the shit of them in the kitchen and satisfy their husbands at the dusk…. It might as sound disgusting but it is the truth that you can still find some places in our beloved country where you will find the mothers and daughters delivering their babies together. Even as a biology student I had felt so disgusting to come to know the fact…

    Till the time women inthe smaller cities and villages are only tied in the boundaries of their so called four walled house and kitchen… Till the time girls out there are associated with the marriage institution at tender ages… and are lacerated for a lifetime…
    Till the time education is not made a must to each and every person of the country…
    Till the time a woman is allowed to think and speak… realise that she is the same as others and equally has all the rights as her man…
    Till the time she isn’t exposed to the beautiful world outside…
    The eradication of the “regressive thing” in the “smaller cities” is not possible…. at least this is what I think…

    As you said the the once existed male dominated society is now vanishing slowly, it can only be uprooted from the society only if thought process are changed, if those orthodox mindsets are exposed to a wider range of positive thoughts…

    The fact cannot be ignored that the society has changed a lot and we can see women almost ever where… almost in every field and that has been stated above in the blog. Even we can see some smaller villages too on the path of development on positive change… but to eradicate it totally things are needed to be done…. not only by one person or one institution but by us…. by the whole society. Even if baby steps are taken the mission can be accomplished :D… But the initiation is a must….

    OKAY!!! I guess I went with the flow and ended up in expressing all my pent up thoughts…. I hope mai zyada nahi bol gayi…. :)))

    Anyways hugs and love to you too…. Lots lots lots lots lots lots of love and smiles to you and your positive attitude which I so like and draw inspiration from….

    To my favourite actor, favourite celeb, favourite social activist, favourite speaker and much much much more….

    The biggest, bestest, and a huge fannnn of yours…
    Amreen… :)

    P.S.- Would live to hear from you on my opinion too…
    DISCLAIMER- I know the adjectives I used to tell u about how big am a fan of yours don’t exist in the real world. Yeh sab mere kalpanaik vichar hai.

  226. Firstly thank you for updating blog after Long Time….it was literally a long & worth a wait… & reading it surely gives a big high….& feel all the more special being a woman :) :) & not to mention we get your love & hugs as icing on cake…. Thank your for make us feel special….
    Its good to see woman power making its presence felt in every aspect of every profession…& making this world beautiful & lives of people around beautiful….
    Wishing more power to the fairer sex….& wud love to see more & more women achieving success in their respective lives & respective field of professions….

    As I always say,
    Keep Smiling & Keep Shining….
    Lots of Love & Hugs….
    Proud to be Your Fan :D

  227. It is my utmost good fortune to stumble (not quite by accident) upon this blog of yours! I must say you’ve pointed out several things that I will remember for years to come (okay at least a few weeks).

    Change is the only constant in life, they say. And how very true. These non-existing individuals that you speak of- that make up this category called society- indeed only succumb to whatever is thrown at them. It’s high time that they throw those lemons back, and stop making lemonades! *;)* It is inspiring to see that changes are now known and like you’ve expressed, rapid! They (people) only really need a nudge towards the right direction and voila! Exposure to what is, what may/can be is definitely the way to bring progress. And if one finds something good in what’s been exposed to him/her, change is only ever-waiting! Although, of course, what is progress to one may not necessarily be the same to another, but hey, if we’re all the same, what’s unique anymore, right?

    Having read your post, I must tell you how much I appreciate your clearly written and thought-provoking article. And you too have a gift in discussing family interactions (that with your father-embracing and enjoying changes!) in truthful yet amazing ways!

    Thank you for the post! Now that you’ve revisited this once dormant blog, maybe a regular appearance henceforth can be expected? Well a girl (I, me, myself, moi) can dream/be hopeful right?


    Much love, smiles and happiness to you too! And may you find success in all that you do!

    Hoping/dreaming and looking forward to hearing from you,
    Farz :)

  228. Oh thank u for updating after such a long time. What a nice update. I am a huge fan of Kabir Sharma. May God give u all the happiness in ur life.

  229. ii was wonderful reading you. Thank you very much for calling us a fairer sex rather then the weaker sex which is what often is used to describe a female. Not many of your Asian counterparts will agree with your high esteem for women but one small step is all it takes to start a journey. Change doesn’t happen in a day but once it is put forward it has a dominos effect. Today the world has become so small, thanks to cyber world, that things have started to change rapidly and drastically. Exposure to internet has brought us too close together and so we can sympathise and empathise with people more easily and thus change similar situations around us. Fortunately famous personalities like yourself are more helpful to the society to bring about a positive change since more people out there are willing to listen and act upon to what you say. I am glad that there exist people in the film and tv industry who look beyond themselves and try to bring a positive change in our society. Keep it up Sir!! We are all ears to what ever good you have to say and as human beings we walk hand in hand for a better tomorrow.

    Keep smiling ;)

    Ms. Nuhad

  230. Hi Rajeev,

    I m an ardent admirer(like many others)of ur charm n personality, ur family values n ur
    work.And not to forget that Ah !! so sweet n charming smile of urs.Truly a libran in that
    sense and ur smile reaches ur eyes n others hearts.

    Thumbs up on ur take on woman n ur respect n admiration for them.My father also helped me
    in pursuing my dream to become a Chartered Accountant.He too is living his dream in feeling
    pride to have us(me n my 2 younger brothers) pursue his goal of becoming a CA which he
    could not fulfill due to some family issues.

    On the personal front u n me share the same birth month i.e.LIBRA.My birthday falls on 12th
    n am 2 yrs.younger to u.Also we share the same anniversary i.e.7th feb,(yrs. senior to u in that respect) with a 10 yr. old naughty daughter Unnatti(by the way she is a great fan of urs already at this age).

    Loads of luck n wises

  231. Hi Rajeev

    I agree wholeheartedly with your opinion, working in the scientific field i am able to sympathise and fight my corner when the need arises. Unfortunately there are still individuals in this modern world who are of backward thinking and put women and their opinions far lower than what i feel is acceptable. Right now i take each day as a challenge and help my co workers and collegues alike to fight against discriminatory bodies that exist in the world today.
    I will make definwtly share your thoughts and views (no doubt will make for an interesting discussion), which is constantly of late… reporters and all. …..
    Wish you all the luck and happiness u deserve good luck with any future prospects … god bless xxx

  232. Hiiiiiii raju this ia sadiya biggest fan of ur’s since my childhood from kth…..wanted to say that u write too well raju plssssssss keep writing like this & keep inspiring us with ur wonderful thoughts & beautiful way of lifestyle…we specially I would love to know u more n more u & ur thoughts about life & enjoyment..i know we fan’s r asking for too much from u but still pls keep updating & inspiring us like this. & yeah ur right thanks for teaching me the best way to change someone’s mind someone’s way of thinking I’ll di as per u say ll let them enjoy the changes in them won’t push them to change their mind at all….thankuuu so much & lots n lots love to u my raju…
    With love SADIYA

  233. I am reading your blog for the first time and your definition of society is marvellous. Its very true that mostly the male dominance is only in our psyche. Because every 3 or 4 out 5 women are working and achieving something in their lives now (talking about the indo Pak region). Though the gender discrimination is still there at some places, but I believe that men are mostly influenced by the thinking of women around them, either their mothers, sisters, wives, collegues, etc. So if there is a woman behind every successful man, I say there definitely is a woman behind every unseccessful/unmannered man (sorry not getting the right words for such guys ;) ).

  234. Greatly inspired by it Rajeev. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. And I am proud of myself that I am your fan who has such a golden heart. Love you Aapki Tanaya from West Bengal

  235. Hi Rajeev
    Wonderful thoughts. I come from pink city too and grew up a rebel as well.. Saw a lot male domination in society while growing up and hated it.. However my Dad was my strength and guide. I am an Engineer work in Silicon Valley in a male dominated world but am happy to have broken the barriers. Thanks for such enlightening words! Grest to see that men care and are invested in the change. Hugs
    BTW loving reporters and your eyes speak volumes. Hope to see you in other projects too!

  236. You are so right dear… You can’t suppress the majority of ladies who became working ladies and career oriented in every field ….
    Men in our society should respect them because we are now living in a women empowerment time ;) not only at homes ;)

  237. I couldn’t agree more ! And you are making me fall for you over and over again !
    Im glad you came back here for all the ladies asking you to blog !
    Lots of love Alina
    Post more often !
    Ps. I can totally imagine you sitting in the plane and writing this ! Gosh you are adorable! You think so much for us !
    Im loving the CHANGE on twitter ! Loving the activeness ❤️❤️❤️

  238. Thank you rajeev… means alot for girls like us who have struggled and made their own identity. Love u and be the way you are always.

  239. Beautiful Rajeev! When i read your post about your blog , i couldnt wait to read it and it is worth reading it !You are genuinely a beautiful hearted person! Thanks for taking out time and writing this wonderful blog for us :) And a tight hug from me too! only thing i am upset with is you dont reply to my messages on facebook but i will make sure that you do one day <3 <3

  240. superb :) n well said person will change only if he enjoys the change. truly agree with u sir.
    have a nice day rajeev sir. loads of love, smile n happiness to u. :): :)

  241. Amazing thought Rajeev!!!!!!!!! You represent the epitome of being a true gentleman. If each man thinks the way you do and enjoy the change:) instead of just accomodating with it, the world would have a very smooth transition phase. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and it is great that our thoughts mach!!!

    Waiting for your next post soon.

    Love you loads and hope to meet you some day in life!!!!!!!


  242. Beautiful. Especially coming from the opposite sex words of female empowerment is incredible.
    “So all those who wish to sell that little change will have to lure the buyer into it” My personal favorite line. Kudos sir.

  243. Loved what you wrote , and just find fascinating this idea about enjoying change , it is the perfect tool to combat fear which blocks change. Thank you so much ,. Wish u a productive day .

  244. Hello Rajeev,

    I would like to appreciate your writing prowess before I comment on the theme of the blog. You are as good a writer as an actor, Well, being a woman myself, I completely agree with your noble thought . Women are at the focus of the major changes in life these days and anyone who accepts this change views the world in a different way and emerges as a happy person. I can see what amount of joy your mother and wife experience in their lives for being so close to you. If all men would have thought like you, the world would have been a better place to live in.

    It was a pleasure reading the passage and waiting for more to come. By the way, forgot to mention that reporter is a hit with us and keep spreading the infectious smile.

    Best wishes from Rini (Dallas, USA)

  245. Hi Rajeev,

    Like everybody I m also an ardent admirer of ur looks,ur belief in family values n ur work.And not to forget that Ah! so sweet n charming smile of urs. Truly a libran in that sense.

    Thumbs up for ur take on woman n ur admiration for them.My father also helped me fulfill his n mine dream to become a Chartered Accountant. Now I have a full CA family with me n my 2 younger brothers.

    By the way we share the same anniversary 7th feb ,7 yrs. ur senior in this respect with a naughty 10 yr old daughter Unnatti,who is also ur fan at this age. And we also share the same birth month October mine is 12th but 2 yrs younger to u.

    Loads of luck n wishes.

  246. Hi Rajeev,

    It was so nice to see u write this blog.Waited long n wow this is such a wonderful article so well said change comes when exposed to goodness of change we advocate ….


  247. And if you are thinking I missed your blog which talks about more serious stuff about the empowerment of women, no i didn’t miss it but I just wanted you to know that it is only because of your extremely balanced attitude that you can easily make umpteen number of people your followers. Well you even changed my priorities of judging people perhaps, as you said rightly, change should be welcomed. What I feel change is evolution and evolution is life . In every hemisphere it is the omnipresent factor. So, like your father, even I am enjoying the change of my likings right now. How? Well, after watching your character of Kabir Sharma, I strongly realised one thing that love should not be bound by looks, age or any other thing. previously, I used to give lot of importance to all these things, but, now I know that if I am lucky enough to get Kabir Sharma in my life, I would care a damn to anything but enjoy being a part of his life. ….

  248. Hey Rajeev Sir..

    I may be new as a person who is commenting, but I certainly have read all your articles.
    Let me begin by firstly reciprocating all the love and hug to you because you have yet again come back with a inspirational piece of opinion.. and also by saying that you have a very powerful influence and command over your ways of expressing an opinion! The simplicity in your fluidity of thoughts is what just will win over everyone who come over and read this!

    Talking about what you have written.. Well yes, a change n mindset is definitely to be called; but the medium has to be gratifying because sheer slogans and speeches would not do the thing. And its celebrities like you who can use their being ‘public figure’ status and spread awareness.. maybe even get creative with it.. which is gonna help heeps..

    Not being biased as a fan, but I must say, you’ve made me proud by voicing out your own perspective with such integrity and coherence.
    Loads of love.
    God Bless.
    Take Care.

    P.S. I am a huge fan.. follow you on twitter too.. Did write a letter and posted its pic.. I don’t know if you’ll see it and even this.

    But wishes with you always. :D

  249. Hai Rajeev..

    Thanks at first for taking us to a wonderful journey of your thoughts after a looooong period. It was really a beautiful experience to swim along the waves you have produced through the words.

    Regarding the subject, I belong to the team of GREAT. I mean our opinions meet. Each and every word you said about the society is cent percent correct. And I have faced it right from my childhood days..and to be frank still experiencing..and more fiercely. As I came from a small village of a major town, even the change is reluctant to come to our so called society. The people here are not against the new generation change, but when it comes to women succeeding in various phases..they are very very backward to accept that. They need us to go to study, work and earn, but when we are a little bit late in coming home(may be bcoz of some project completion, or extra classes or due to bus delay, or whatever ), there ceases their interest for women empowerment. They like girls sitting inside their home and win each battle in their life. I don’t know how is it possible.

    Coming to my life, my husband is working in Middle East and so me and kids are with my parents. Now many eyes turn to me once I step out of my house alone to go somewhere (atleast to a shop in the city) even in the morning time. Some of these eyes throw a question directly to me and they need each and every detail of my travelling. And some eyes just question and answer themselves. People don’t understand what all things I have to do for myself and kids, as there is no one to help me out. And they don’t want to understand also. And you know..nowadays I have become very lazy to go out because of such intentionally made interference. Seeing their face even makes me doubt that “Am I doing something wrong?”

    Your plan to make your dad being happy by accepting the change and not accomodating to it, is really applaudable. And uncle also should be praised because he took time to see the new world of change that you have shown to him. If he was not at all interested to see the new world by sitting in his own made niche, you may not be able to bring the ENJOYING change in his life. So congrats to u both.

    Here also I see myself in your place. My dad is a retired Govt employee. And he has his own thoughts and believes from the beginning itself. Still it continues. His arrogancy can’t be tolerated at many times. But what to do..
    The saddest portion is that he don’t want to change or know what all things are changing around him. He don’t know to operate a computer or laptop or a smartphone. He don’t have an email address. All of his colleagues are very well adapted to the new era of knowledge. When I try to teach him something, he says..always..I don’t need all these stuff now. I have been living without these things right from my I am in no need of these. We feel bad when he is sitting with his friends and they are talking about modern technology and like that…but he have nothing to say or opine about. We get insulted when he says something by mistake regarding all these..but only my dad don’t take it seriously. If you have any plan to bring change to my dad’s life..please tell me. I will be obliged to you.. I want my father to be like other dads but he is not at all cooperating. Sometimes I feel very sad that he know nothing about this technical world. :(
    Hmmm….old people..old views.

    Sorry Rajeev..for boring you with my words. Actually all these things were in my mind. When I read your lines..I could easily make myself stand in such situations. Thats why I opened up here. Sorry for such a long comment. PLS don’t mind…will try not to repeat this.

    As you know and as everyone tells you..your words are coming from the heart and that’s why it brings some movements in readers’ life also. It touches our heart . Your words are our voice too. So please don’t keep so much distance in between your blogs. You are always welcome with whatever things you want to write and express. We people are here to enjoy reading your blogs. It leaves us relaxed just like your SMILE do..:)


    Stay healthy, happy and keep smiling.
    Hugs and wishes…

  250. HI Rajeev, yup you should be proud of your fairer sex following since the group contains not only the immatured and kiddish teenagers but also the matured community of professionals like me who admire you whole heartedly. You changed my likings after watching you in Reporters. Keep it up!! Love you!!

  251. Hai Rajeev..

    Thanks at first for taking us to a wonderful journey of your thoughts after a looooong period. It was really a beautiful experience to swim along the waves you have produced through the words.

    Regarding the subject, I belong to the team of GREAT. I mean our opinions meet. Each and every word you said about the society is cent percent correct. And I have faced it right from my childhood days..and to be frank still experiencing..and more fiercely. As I came from a small village of a major town, even the change is reluctant to come to our so called society. The people here are not against the new generation change, but when it comes to women succeeding in various phases..they are very very backward to accept that. They need us to go to study, work and earn, but when we are a little bit late in coming home(may be bcoz of some project completion, or extra classes or due to bus delay, or whatever ), there ceases their interest for women empowerment. They like girls sitting inside their home and win each battle in their life. I don’t know how is it possible.

    Coming to my life, my husband is working in Middle East and so me and kids are with my parents. Now many eyes turn to me once I step out of my house alone to go somewhere (atleast to a shop in the city) even in the morning time. Some of these eyes throw a question directly to me and they need each and every detail of my travelling. And some eyes just question and answer themselves. People don’t understand what all things I have to do for myself and kids, as there is no one to help me out. And they don’t want to understand also. And you know..nowadays I have become very lazy to go out because of such intentionally made interference. Seeing their face even makes me doubt that “Am I doing something wrong?”

    Your plan to make your dad being happy by accepting the change and not accomodating to it, is really applaudable. And uncle also should be praised because he took time to see the new world of change that you have shown to him. If he was not at all interested to see the new world by sitting in his own made niche, you may not be able to bring the ENJOYING change in his life. So congrats to u both.

    Here also I see myself in your place. My dad is a retired Govt employee. And he has his own thoughts and believes from the beginning itself. Still it continues. His arrogancy can’t be tolerated at many times. But what to do..
    The saddest portion is that he don’t want to change or know what all things are changing around him. He don’t know to operate a computer or laptop or a smartphone. He don’t have an email address. All of his colleagues are very well adapted to the new era of knowledge. When I try to teach him something, he says..always..I don’t need all these stuff now. I have been living without these things right from my I am in no need of these. We feel bad when he is sitting with his friends and they are talking about modern technology and like that…but he have nothing to say or opine about. We get insulted when he says something by mistake regarding all these..but only my dad don’t take it seriously. If you have any plan to bring change to my dad’s life..please tell me. I will be obliged to you.. I want my father to be like other dads but he is not at all cooperating. Sometimes I feel very sad that he know nothing about this technical world. :(
    Hmmm….old people..old views.

    Sorry Rajeev..for boring you with my words. Actually all these things were in my mind. When I read your lines..I could easily make myself stand in such situations. Thats why I opened up here. Sorry for such a long comment. PLS don’t mind…will try not to repeat this.

    As you know and as everyone tells you..your words are coming from the heart and that’s why it brings some movements in readers’ life also. It touches our heart . Your words are our voice too. So please don’t keep so much distance in between your blogs. You are always welcome with whatever things you want to write and express. We people are here to enjoy reading your blogs. It leaves us relaxed just like your SMILE do..:)


    Stay healthy, happy and keep smiling.
    Hugs and wishes…

    • You are a lovely woman. I have no advice as I am still learning myself. But I would have never given up. Sometimes baby steps are leaps in disguise :) Love n best wishes

  252. Thats such a lovely thought Raj! *sorry but I love to call u that when I feel like I love you all the more lollz if that makes any sense* Anyways, I so agree to what you have said, today’s woman had come and conquered, and she will continue to conquer henceforth. And I feel a major credit for this goes to the TV/film/entertainment industry as well. Lately we have seen such a change in the way women are portrayed in our shows and films. A simple example would be Ananya from my current favorite show :p
    She is feisty, she is brave and she does not let anyone to pull her down. And is somebody even tries it, she is ready to rub it in their faces. :-D Thats how a beautiful change flourishes, though slowly but surely.

    In a country like India, people are much effected by what they see and knowing the way we Indians idolize our celebs/actors, I feel you guys are doing a great job to bring the change by creating progressive examples of “how a girl should be treated” and how if both the sexes work to bring the best in each other, we can strike a balance and attain perfect happiness in our personal, professional ad social lives. I am sure this will bring the needed change, at least in the metros/cities, where the regression is not so deep-rooted that people follow it blindly and thus I am sure as the progressiveness has seeped through the cities soon it will reach the smaller places, the towns and villages too. As I said, may be slowly but surely :))

    Lots of hugs and love to you…..always stay blessed! :)

  253. Well, yes. As a great man had said ” be the change you want to be!”

    But the harbingers of this change cannot be the fairer sex alone…it will only seep in the society when they have support in all measures and in all forms. Till then, we can continue to love the little success stories as inspirational for the upcoming breed of ‘fiery’ women.

    A member of the fairer sex.

  254. Hi Mr.Rajeev….wat beautiful thoughts u have pen down….jus superb…loved d thought tht changes can happen only if someone is enjoying the change….my best wishes n may u keep flourishing in ur life. …lots of love…take care

  255. Well written Blog.Makes sense ,Totally agree with the belief that show people the change you want them to see.
    Your show Reporters is great and all of you are doing a great job. You have outdone yourself in this.
    Hope they redeem Ananya’s charecter, which is bordering towards stupidity than child like.
    Hoping to see a crisp storyline all the way till the end, Hope the writers don’t loose focus for the sake of trp’s.

  256. Never commented on any of ur blogs. Just used to read it & enjoy:).But today I just can’t stop myself.

    GIRLS/WOMEN would have never rise so high without the admiration of people like u who keep their male ego (sry for such a word) aside and appreciate when we do something good.
    I feel blessed to have so many good people around me who support me in all what I do.
    My “RESPECT WALA LOVE” for u reached another level today after this blog:)

  257. Dear sir,
    It’s so good to finally hear from you, and that too such an inspirational message…
    We have been really waiting for an update from you …
    I personally completely agree with your opinion. It’s said that the only thing constant is change itself…whether we accept it or not, the world is bound to change and it will…
    It’s really overwhelming to see women involvement nowadays in all fields… I’m a medical student and our batch have got a generous number of girls as compared to the previous batches…. i really feel proud when i observe these changes all around and I’m all the more prouder when someone from the opposite sex acknowledge us…most men around either demotivates or tries to sympathise …. both of which like a push, instigates us further to achieve the impossible…
    And words like the one in your blog strengthens the belief and zeal further…
    Thank you wil be less for such a wonderful post…. will be waiting for more such posts from you….
    And do keep rocking and loving us as usual….
    Lots and lots of love and best wishes….

  258. The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it,move with it,and join the Dance…:)
    Keep sharing yOUr thoughts…and Yes opinion matches.

  259. Thats superbly amazing rajeev :) Feels like my feelings and thoughts got words in you :) loved the way you praised women and the “change” . Thank you so much for writing this blog and staying in touch wwith all your fans nd followers :*
    Following you since Left Right Left :)) ;)

  260. Hey! Great to hear from you after a long time sir.
    I have been following you since Left right left days. The growth you have portrayed in your acting after that has been tremendous and that no doubt leads to sky high expectations from you which i am very sure you will fulfil to the best of your ability and hard work. Truly respect you and appreciate your passion and dedication towards your profession. You are currently rocking in Reporters as Kabir Sharma.
    And as far as this blog of yours is concerned, completely agree :)) U hit the bulls eye again by showing that even a celebrity of your caliber is also a firm believer in Women empowerment and respect the choices they make in life. Well, after reading this, you are surely going to strengthen your female fan following a lot more :) . I wish all men think progressively like you then its surely going to be a nice place to stay in….
    At the end, i am not sure whether you take out the time to read the replies also or not :) but just want to say i am a die hard fan of yours. Would love to meet you sometime soon in future and I know I will :)) Just stay the way you are. May God always bless you at every step in life whether its on personal front or professional front. My wishes and prayers are always with you and your family :) God bless always sir.
    Lots of hugs and kisses :)
    Love you lots!!

    Warm regards.
    Yours Daman.

  261. Hey! Great to hear from you after a long time sir.
    I have been following you since Left right left days. The growth you have portrayed in your acting after that has been tremendous and that no doubt leads to sky high expectations from you which i am very sure you will fulfil to the best of your ability and hard work. Truly respect you and appreciate your passion and dedication towards your profession. You are currently rocking in Reporters as Kabir Sharma.
    And as far as this blog of yours is concerned, completely agree :)) U hit the bulls eye again by showing that even a celebrity of your caliber is also a firm believer in Women empowerment and respect the choices they make in life. Well, after reading this, you are surely going to strengthen your female fan following a lot more :) . I wish all men think progressively like you then its surely going to be a nice place to stay in….
    At the end, i am not sure whether you take out the time to read the replies also or not :) but just want to say i am a die hard fan of yours. Would love to meet you sometime soon in future and I know I will :)) Just stay the way you are. May God always bless you at every step in life whether its on personal front or professional front. My wishes and prayers are always with you and your family :) God bless always sir.
    Lots of hugs and kisses :)
    Love you lots!!

    Warm regards.
    Yours Daman.

  262. HATS OFF dear Rajeev
    I am a very shy person, not very vocal about my emotions and feelings but I have started expressing myself thanks to u . You must be wondering how :) . Your performance in Reporter’s made me look out for options to get in touch with u .
    Here I was signing up for Twitter and now on ur blog .
    No one can see me but I can voice my feelings for u

    Touchwood , aapko nazar na lage
    Lots of best wishes

      • I am so glad u replied . Really wish u all the best in Life .
        Aapko kya duayein dein
        Aap to uss khuda ke khaas ho

        I don’t know what to do ,just want to wish u lots &lots of blessings and happy memories


  263. Beautiful!! Your blog has always been beautiful like you but this one is touching…. heart warming. women empowerment is an issue on which even I have been working on from so long trying to bring change through my paintings on these issues…. domestic violence, dowry,female infanticide and gender discrimination and much more. Will be posting them on twitter shortly for you to see :)
    incase you don’t remember me I’m your portrait fangirl
    Vedikagupta16 (twitter )

  264. Rajeev sir u r absolutely right..feeling immense joy to see your blog updated after several months…Thanks for updating ur thoughts…We feel very happy when we hear ur views…and even I m happy that u came to my hometown Puri in Nabakalabara Rathayatra occasion…Jai Jagannath!

  265. actually i m surprised how u manage to look only good things in our surrounding.. Life is vry dificult.. Sometyms ups sometyms down.. Dreamz r bigger bt achieving them we don’t knw how.. Life sometyms seems fairytale and sometyms a boring daily saga… We can’t close our eyes for negativity bt u helpd us to see to witness only good n positivity in our lyf..
    Regarding ur thoughts abt sex i m nt surprised coz i knw i trust u.. For me u r d reason in many lives for change.. And this change isn’t temporary.. A permannt change..
    With Love

  266. Thats superbly amazing rajeev :) Feels like my feelings and thoughts got words in you :) loved the way you praised women and the “change” . Thank you so much for writing this blog and staying in touch wwith all your fans nd followers :*
    Following you since Left Right Left :))

  267. waoo….waaooo…waoo.. Rajeev U r just mind blowing.
    Ur blogs r very inspiring , & this one is just perfect.
    Rajeev U can be a script writer as well.

    love u..

  268. Good Morning Rajeev..
    First heartfelt thanks for updating this blog. Its a pleasure reading your views & Opinions.
    Moved by your every word. So meaningful and with intense depth.
    Yes the change we were expecting in our society is clearly evident now bcoz we have not surrendered. Changes are not brought in a day or moment but for that we have to work harder constantly to attain that despite of all hurdles..

    p.s You have been to Puri Ratha Yatra to witness auspicious festival.. Would love to read your experience at Nabakalebra..


  269. Hi Rajeev,

    Beautifully written and might I add, you sound like a real journalist.

    It’s nice to see men who accept the advancement of women without considering them a threat. And yes, in the rural areas, reggresiveness is a way of life. One that might not change in our lifetime. But there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

    When you talk of your dad, I really wonder what change you introduced a Fauji too. I too am an Army Brat.

    Thoroughly enjoying seeing Reporters and I rewatch each episode god knows how many times. I am praying fervently that you will agree to Season 2. Manaa matt karna, pleaaaasssee.

    Do please keep writing and if you have time, do read my blog.

    Thank you,

  270. Hellooo rajeev sir

    I totally agree wid u nd appreciate ur point of view….i am big fan of urs i have watched all ur serials nd movies many many times only to see u,ur expressions…. Ur eyes nd expression speaks nd i love dat infact i am fond of dat.
    Actually rajeev sir i am frm a small township,people dont even knw d name of d place frm i belong there was not so much facility before dat i can read ur blogs nd be in touch wid u either by any of the social sites bt when i got chance i dont want to miss it sir i want to express my love for u,i am big fan of urs sir.
    At present where m staying i dont have tv nd laptop wid me bt still i download each episode of reporters on my mobile nd watch only to see u nd every episode i have seen more dan 50 times
    I wish i could meet u ones it is my biggest dream nd wish tooo to meet u rajeev sir nd get a hug from u..
    Love u rajeev sir and wish u loads of success in life nd see u always as our hero nd role model…
    Love uuuuuu

    Yours fan

    Anju Tiwari

  271. u are such a darling love u very much <3 :*
    you have great thought about women and women empowerment….very nice
    love u jaan so much..
    now i respect u more…

  272. Flying high is great ! As long as you keep your foot on the ground. Well you talk about woman empowerment. At least, it will take another century or two. It’s very hard to change people mind. Education is the key. But where we start from? …. I can write an essay on that subject. I moved from India long time age, thinking that the first world country are different, but it’s all the same. More or less.. It’s great that you think otherwise.

  273. Welcome back Rajeev sir,
    Thank you so much for updating a blog after a long time. Don’t know how to respond to this. Though apperently thankyou looks so small in front of what we receive from you. Your way to look at the world inspires me alot Your all time best qualities are Honesty, Humbleness, Down to Earthness I really feel very proud to be your FAN. Whatever you write it may be your life experience, about other or your view on certain issues and circumstances. Endless thanks to you for sharing your view with us. Your view’s help us in facing the world more positively and bravely.
    A big Thanks for writing this blog…
    With lots of LOVE… keep smiling…

    Tejal Agrawal

  274. Hi Rajeev,
    Well let me start by saying you come across as a very honest ,guinine and down to earth person.I like the fact that you very keen observer and a excellent writer.I am impressed by your thought process about females and I hope many who follow you and read your blog also see things from your point of you.
    Women I guess put their hearts out in whatever they do.Because of the high EQ I think the output of any task they take up is excellent or at least above average it a mother to her kids ,a sister to her siblings,a wife a her spouse, even a fan like me and many more like me to you…he he he .
    We have much in similarity that’s why at this stage of my life I guess I connected to you.My moms name is same like your mom.My dad was from an army background.So been brought up in a very disciplined environment.
    I must say the more I read about you and have heard your interviews ,i am feeling connected and attracted towards you .I have really high regards for children who cares for their parents.The very fact that you have …so to say researched your fathers nature and behaviour ..speaks very high about you.In one of your interviews you mentioned your wish to take your parents for world tour…For that ..I love you….
    Please keep writing ..I have known you through Reporters a couple of months back.I am guininely trying and catching up with all your past works..I only started my Twitter account to follow you.and I am very happy to do so.
    Lots of love and hugs to you .i hope you get time to read my reply.I excited with the fact that even I am not able to reach you in person my words are reaching you

  275. Hi Rajeev,

    How beautifully penned down. With your words you lifted my spirit a little more higher. Your words gave me an unknown strength.

    A change is a thought and our thoughts bring a change in our lives.And this change surely gives happiness.

    It’s a kind of a step of a ladder in making our beautiful life more beautiful and happy. But yes, only if we enjoy.

    And when you said you are enjoying the change in your father,gave me a smile.A smile thinking that if our little a thing can make our elders enjoy in their own way, brings immense happiness to us too.

    Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. I just loved to take a dip in your words of ocean.
    Do keep writing.

    Thank You :)


  276. Hi Rajeev,

    Likewise. I am a daughter and I am a rebel and I too took it very seriously. I am lakhs of like away from my family living my dream in US. Firstly I am glad you updated ur blog and I am even glad that u took up an assignment which seems was only and only written for u as no one in the industry would have performed, portrayed and lived like you are currently doing. Excellent..!! I like the ways you only do selective work and do not go with the flow. Living the dream with the standard created by own is the biggest challenge we can overcome with the most expensive gift in the world that is TIME. Very few people understand the potential within and have courage to achieve.

    Far away from my family the only strength which keeps me going ahead and live my dream is my FAMILY.

    I appreciate that after months of being orphan, this blog is live again and the first thing you wrote about women empowerment. Lovely and keep going.

    In hurry today but surely will reply more sensibly when writing again.

    It is my FAN GIRL moment. Love u.


  277. Dear Rajeev,

    What a return to blogging! This topic is very close to my heart and I am happy see you choose this as your blog topic.

    I am glad you pointed out that the gender equality needs to percolate to tier-2 and 3 cities, as though we have made progress in metros – our small towns and villages are still waiting for this revolution to happen. Though we have stories of women empowerment coming from remote villages – its more of an exception than a rule.

    My love and respect for you goes a notch higher after reading this.

    On a different note, loving you as Kabir Sharma in ‘Reporters’. Hope you continue to do ‘different’ kind of shows.

    Love always,

  278. GM Rockstar wow that’s regally great👍 Lots of love huggggs Keep smiling always thankyew😄😄😄😍😍

  279. Thank you for showing the courage to accept the growing power of fairer sex that most of the people do not want to acknowledge. Actually they ignore them altogether.
    But you have not only accepted it but also enlightened the subject with such a sensible n factful n logical n practical way n in all positive ways n within such a few words that cannot be found even by hoarding 10 books on the above subject.
    And yes! Change is inevitable, Its a cliché that I always wanted to avoid but there are something that have to be faced whether it has been continuing since an era. I will be happy only when I want to be happy. Same goes with the changes. I will change to be happy only when I will let go the glooms.
    Thank you again for a beautiful message. ☺

  280. Dear Rajeev…anything that comes from you is a great read for die-hard admirers like me…but the issue you took up here and your take on it has its own content’s very inspiring when the reel-life heroes cross the threshold of the area before the camera and connect with you in this vast arena of real-life addressing the reality of life!Thus I adore you equally for your off-screen views as much as your on-screen presence…love you deep…keep rocking!
    Love and warm regards…Shaona.

  281. Hello Sirjee,
    Thanks for such a beautiful, thoughtful blog.

    We love you too, wish you all the very best.


  282. That was a very deep take on the changing status of female in our society, and the society itself.
    Looking forward to read more from your mind.


  283. Here is ‘the writer rajeev’. Thanks a lot,because your writings reflect your mind and we can find the real rajeev.write more…please.

  284. Thanks for updating :) Yes times are changing and how! Those things which were a dream for most of us are a reality now. Even a few years back having strong opinions equalled to being opinionated,now mostly a strong woman who has her own mind is appreciated and cherised.Hope this change continues and touches everyone…

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