Love Unites!


Hi everyone,

I am sure many of you must be expecting a post from me close to the Valentine Day. How well you know me :) But it is not a pattern that I follow. It is the heart that I follow.  With so much love coming my way how can I not give it back!!

I have completed my 10 years in the industry and done everything from daily soaps to films to hosting etc etc. I may have been good at some bad at some but I know I tried. I also know that I did not stagnate or played insecure. I know that I did not succumb to a whole lot of things which would have the stolen the smile from my face. This is what Iights up my face when I reflect back on the last ten years. Five years back someone asked me ‘where do you see yourself five years from now?’ And my answer was – ‘I don’t know. But wherever I am I should feel good about myself’. And I am glad that I lived up to my answer.

When I think about the last 10 years I can’t help but think about all of you too. Somewhere at every step or every stage you gave me the strength and the reason to keep pushing myself. Your participation in my life is such a huge encouragement that I am always charged up to do more and better myself every time. Every compliment that came my way acted like a shot of adrenaline . Every smile that came my way only added to my conviction.Every blessing that came my way made me more fearless in my approach.  And every time a girl said that she loves me – it made me fall in love with love.

I choose this occasion to tell you how much I love you. I love you not because you loved me (for that I am indebted)  but for all that you stand for. For what you are. For what you have been to each other. For what you teach me.

Keep smiling and keep spreading love.

Yours Rajeev!

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112 comments on “Love Unites!

  1. Hi Rajeev sir. I love you for your honesty, sincerity and dignity. I respect the way you live life and take decisions which appeal you. All the best, stay healthy and spread lots of love.
    Someday I have a wish to meet you and get advices from you.

  2. Hi Rajeev,
    You are my fav hero after watching KTH,I have small dream that One day I need to meet you personally and take ur autograph.

  3. hellooo familie….

    Hope all of u r doing good.cheers to all the amazing women and the confident men in their lives!hope u all had a great day!

  4. Luv u rajeev dashing pic.
    Guys rajeev ko par bhi join karo celebrity log uspar bhi apna cment parte hai.

  5. Hey Rajeev, great to see your message. First of all congratulations on completing 10 years. Have followed you these 10 years and have loved your pairing with Aamna from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the cameo you did in HJNH it was a treat, and here’s hoping to see many more beautiful moments of you and Aamna that we can cherish. I hope you both are offered something big and amazing together real soon. Wishing you another successful 10 years and many more. Good luck and all the best with your future projects and thanks for remembering your fans at every stage

  6. i m a v.big fan of urs rajeeev….i love u…..u r soo cute….i like u 4m wen u started plyng sujal in kahin toh hoga…i want to wish over phone..i tried dat it was busy..:( :( i wish i could talk to u 1ce.. v hv met 1ce…i m sure u wont remember u came to calcutta 4 a show..n u stayed at hhi .we met there..nyway i wanted to u wish u a verty happppyyy birthday….may god bless u n gve u all d happiness in the world….rajeev u r soooo handsome….love sejal :) waitng for ur reply

  7. Hello :)

    I think I almost died of happiness when I saw I had a reply from you.. from RAJEEV KHANDELWAL!! You don’t need to thank me, instead I should be thanking you for giving us amazing shows like Left Right Left and movies like Aamir. I will stay in touch with you through email if I do not get a chance to speak to you on the phone. Thanks a lot for replying. This means a lot.

    Thank you for the love and wishes!
    Oh trust me, I am smiling BIG like a crazy person right now, still amazed that you replied!

    You probably don’t like having conversaions with people via email. It is probably a ‘reply once’ kind of a system but I HAD to reply…
    Honestly, bollywood is so driven by KHANs and KAPOORs.. but I am proud to be a KHANDELWAL fan instead. You can eaisly be on top of the film industry with your acting talent and your generosity towards your fans!

    Thanks again for taking time out of your busy day to read my email.


  9. hi rajeev sir i m a big fan of yours. pls pls pls hmse frndsip kar lo . hme aap bahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut achhe lagte ho.
    i love u so much

  10. Hi Rajeev. I watch kahi to hoga episodes in youtube. you are simply toooo good. wish you more success. love u so much. hope to get a reply from you rajeev.


  11. Hi!!!!!!! Abhishek …………
    How Rajeev is??
    It will nice to see him again with aamna sharif in honge juda na hum…………
    Does Rajeev available on mobile to talk??? or anything else to contact plz send it to me ………………
    Fan of RK…. Palanpuri

  12. Rajeev sir, you are a brilliant actor with a brilliant heart. I love your philosophy about choosing the right film and always wanting to try something new. It’s the kind of spirit which is often-times lost in such a lucrative industry like Bollywood where the “100-crore” club has become a status quo.
    You are unique in your approach to acting which makes you the ideal actor–unaffected by prospective fame but simply acting for the sake of creative release.
    Thank you and always remain this way! It definitely has to be your USP :)

  13. HIeee Rajeev…
    You are my favourite Televison Actor..
    You are Sooo attractive, handsome & HOT..Simply AWESOME…<3
    Waiting eagerly for your reply… Please DO…:*

  14. I am one of ur craziest fan follower.already seen ur last movie “TABLE NO 21″ on first day first show.It was an awesome movie and regularly watched ur each and every serials and cinema(kahi to hoga,left right left,time bomb,cid,aamir
    will you marry me, honge juda na hum).please let me know ur latest upcming movie and serials.please keep in touch and love u lots………

  15. When u smiled….
    u had my undivided attention.
    When u laughed….
    u had my urge to laugh with you.
    When u cried….
    u had my urge to hold you..

  16. Sir, congratulation 4 ur succes in bollywood. Sir, i have completed my graduation in computer but after reading about ur and many like u from wikipediya i also want to do something in this field(bolywod), so please guide me in this regard. Sir , will it be gud for me to join film institute in delhi, plz reply. I am frm patna, bihar.

  17. I love you Rajeev ….you r really good actor and really excellent person…your eyes are so innocent …your voice has something in it…like you are speaking from your heart…
    Your table 21 and Sachs ka samna is awesome.keep up the good work….
    There r lot of fake Facebook account on your name. So I send request and I found that its fake…
    I am watching your kahiin toh hoga…
    You r true lover in that ..
    Keep loving your work…keep up the good spirit…

  18. i truly liked ur performance in table no. 21….
    hav been ur biggg fan rite from sujal- kashish series…
    looking forward to see you more…tc

  19. Wow rajeev now ur nxt film title is out and with satrughan sinha.. Ab to unhone bhi tmhare work ko appreciate kiya hai. Stay blessed.


  21. Love unites strangers! We are the United Strangers in the Fandom :-) .
    But this union would not have been possible in the real world. Sooo a huge thanks to all the scientists/inventors who have made it possible and to the English for uniting us with their language :-) . If there was no internet you will also not be able to put to use this effectively the wonderful talent you have of reaching out, saying the few right words that motivates, encourages and inspires and also convey your views that reflect right thinking.
    Have to thank our leaders too, for opening up the economy, bringing in cable TV (imagine if there was only DD) and other online innovations that have given you lots of fans from within and across the borders.

    Congrats on completing a decade. You have succeeded as a serial actor, cinema actor and a reality show host and have made a place for yourself in your industry without any kissing, licking or sucking upto. You are unique and stand apart!

    You work in a fantasy, make believe industry where so much is unreal and this bond has been created and thrives in the virtual world, but the emotions expressed somehow makes it as real as it can possibly be.
    Will continue to give you regular shots of adrenaline, keep you always convinced with :-) and make sure that that spirit of fear dare not come close to you :-) . Wishing you lots of movies where we get to see you in the first and last scene and in all the scenes in between… like how it has been in the three out of five.
    It is a pleasure and a fascinating learning experience being a part of your professional journey :-) .

  22. Our Film Table 21 Is Vary good Film I Like This Film

    ————————————————————–Best Of Luck ————————————————————–

  23. You deserve all this and more Rajeev..
    Its you humility and your true-to-self attitude which keeps us attracted to you after all these years….
    The love for you started with KTH and our prayers for your success keep flowing your way, for the amazing human being you are…

    There are very few people who remain grounded after becoming soo famous….Your fans are proud of the fact that you did not try useless tactics like affairs, flirting, uneccessary antics to keep in news and remained true to your work.

    Loads of Love,

  24. Hi Rajeev…..!!
    Wish u a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY….!!!!!
    Love u a lot n i knw u luv ur fans tooo…
    By d way belated Happy Marriage Anniversary.. Really vry sorry as i cudnt wish u on dt prticulr day…
    Wish u a very happy nd prosperous married lyf…May God bless u nd ur wife….

  25. son……my dearest…
    Lots of congratulations……. :)
    Overwhelmed with these amazing words :) :)
    Your words are always heart-touching and beautifully rhythmic.
    It’s your love that compels us to love you every moment…… these ten years your fans have fallen love with you………not only as an actor but also you have become a part of our existence with your adorable personality.
    You have mesmerized us in romance, made us thrilled, your tears made us cry and your smile has lit up the screen which has been reflected in our smile.

    and for me…… it seemed moments spent with your acknowledgement is like a first shower of rain in the barren desert.
    as life has made me feel the pangs of pains and loneliness, so also it has gifted me happiness & peace by giving you. When you came to my life, I could feel the sheer ecstacy of motherhood.
    The most important to me that it’s not only from my side…….I could feel that I’m blessed by getting love & care from my son also.
    When I had started sinking in a dark world……that precious love & care pulled me up into a world of abundant sunshine.

    Thank you my dearest for being such kind & loving to your fans and to make us feel special for you

    wish you success, sound heath & happiness.
    All my blessings, love & caress………
    a maa ………from a far city (kolkata)

  26. Hey Rajeev, many many congratulations on completing a decade but we know this is just the starting….
    Also all we all want to say is best summed in one of your songs only – “tumse jab dosti ki mujhko aisa laga tha door tak tum chaloge mere dil ne kaha tha”

  27. dr rajeev…………….luv to have u in our lives.
    wish u all the best 4 ur next 100 n100 yr in this industry………..
    happy valentines day 2 my hero………….

  28. RK,

    you know how to make your loved ones feel special, you know how to be loved and if a person knows this surely he will be loved whole his life.:) :*

    like Purnima said, its been a great journey with you RK, proud to be a rajeevian, proud to be a part of your 10 years and as she mentioned, with each passing day we are falling more for you.

    wish you all the luck in coming years. Things which makes you happy make us happy so feel free to experiment. we’ll be by your side always and always.

    we love you the way you are and believe you me there is no one like you. you are the one and only.. our hero, our RK and our super star.

    in the end i would say this one line…

    we love you.


  29. Now….its really overwhelming….to hear such words ^_^ & it makes me feel good that have been ur fan since all along …….& a heartfelt thanks…..for considering your fans part of your 10yr long journey :D & be assured ….your fans gonna be with you & will support you in anything & everything u do :) :)
    So, congratulations on completing 10 yrs……surely it has been a wonderful & endearing journey of being ur fan :) :)
    I personally dont beleive in Valentines day…….but i dont mind either…….it gives a b’ful reason to celebrate the b’ful feeling :) :)

    On this occasion i can’t say anything more —can only say .have loved you (for what u are), & will continue loving you :) :) as with each passing day fall in love with u a little more than Yesterday…..& little less than tomorrow :P :P :P

    As i always say, Keep Smiling…….as your smile gives me a reason to Smile :) :)
    Will always be ur fan …… & proud to be ur fan …..
    Lots of hugs & Love
    Purnima Dixit :) :)

  30. Hi Rajeev.. Happy Valentines Day.. Advance wishes. Have a great day.. N congratulations on completing 10 years in the industry. Wishing U many such successful decades ahead. Valentines Day is always special to me n wil always be as it is my wedding anniversary too. Completing two wonderful years of marriage.
    Have fun n take care..

  31. Rajeev, Congrats on your completion of 10 years! you are an awesome and a very versatile actor who has the courage to go against the convention! :) All the best for your future endeavours! We have always loved you and shall continue do so!

  32. Finally a blog post knew this would come :) yes our hearts are connected…!! Happy Valentine’s Day Raj and congratss on completing so many years in this industry wish you many many more years ameen…!! We Love you too…!!
    Loads of Love

  33. u not only stolen my heart but now u stolen its words 2.. :) i love u not because u r d Rajeev Khandelwal, a heartrob, a charming hot man, a big famous acter etc etc. I love u because u r a person who respect his own heart.. Because u know wat u r.. U have never let u forget wat u r.. I love u because of wat u r.. I call u king.. Because u r my king.. Ur words rule me.. And i always want u n only u to rule me..I follow dem.. U have never needed anyone for support.. U r a selfmade and dis is ur deep struggle dat making u shine.. I not only love u but also respect u from deepest core of mah heart which is with u.. I really trust u a lott.. I will always der wenever u will need me.. And trust me.. I will..

    Ur kitty
    4m Ranchi

  34. My Rajeev (love to feel u r mine)
    Ur Jazz loves u too…lets fall in love wid love :* vl always b there wid u as an admirer, as a true friend n as a critic too…keep blushing :)

    n al d rajeevianz here n al over d universe….lots of love to every1…i hav got sum very dear n near friends 4m here….who r nw very imp part of my life…bless u al :) :)

  35. Hi Rajeev…….. Oh my God…. What a lovely blog. With soo cute picture n a lovely smile.. Congratulations fr completing 10yrs. Wish u lots of success.. Well u knw wht Rajeev, sometime things come to us n made our day. Today ds blog my day. Or i must say. U made my day. Actually u know its Soo sweet of u. Tht u always greet us so warmly. U always kind to us, if we send u something either mails, gifts or letters anything, we always thought dnt knw, may be u will like it or no.? Bt whn it reached to u., n we heard some lovely words from u so we love u more just not bcoz u liked our gifts n everything, its bcoz u receive our love so heartedly. Its not our love. Its your love too. Its our matual love, sorry for the language. Bt i dnt hv the right words i just want to say tht u love us is also important. Aap har baar hume jo itna pyar dete he wo hum bhul nai sakte na.. Well ek baat me zarur bhul gayi. Its Wish u Happy Valentine’s day.. Wish u lots of love n more love- Suman

  36. hi rajeev :)

    A sweet piece of feelings, emotions and love ……..and yes for ur i love u …..a reply i love u too :) ….and yes i do for all that u are for ur acting for the amazing persona that u have ….love u for the fact that u keep us so close to ur heart and created a small place for us in ur life…..happy to be a small little part of all that u do. …i wish that u always keep smiling and achieve great success in life …..10 years is certainly a long journey but the journey is not yet over …a long way to go and a lot of things yet to do ……waiting to feel a new presence of ur acting :) that makes me smile even when i am not in mood to or don’t wish to …..wish all the luck …our prayers are always with u

    keep smiling always :)
    ur sweet and little frnd and fan
    pragya :)

  37. yes!i so very much knew dat this is gonna come our way….but was just wondering when??….a small correction….i would say u know us better than ourselves…..n thank u loads for this post

    Yes,10 years down the lane……i could certainly gather some fond relic…..i hav to also thank u for the extended family u gave me…..i really wish this bond should remain the same forever….definitely for another 10 years….

    So….love unites n it will continue to….n every day would be Valentines’ Day! :)

  38. Wish u a very happy valentines day rajeev.. W hav always stood by u n wil always.. We too LOVE u.. :-* U too keep smiling bcoz ur smile is our reason to smile.. :-) Love u <3

  39. I Love you immensely Rajeev….
    Not only as an actor, Not only as a host and Not only as a Movie Star… But for the Person You are and you have been with me…
    It makes me Proud because Im in Love with Such a Wonderful Person… It is such a Wonderful feeling…
    The way you Acknowledge the Love and Interpret it is , is just beyond comprehension…

    Thankz for Being so Kind, So Generous, So Caring, so Loving and So Damn Adorable….

    Wishing You A Very Happie Valentine’s Day in Anticipation.
    Lots and Lots of Love…
    Will be always waiting for ur reply.
    With Lots of Love from ur friend, well-wisher and an admirer.
    Take care.

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