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  1. tnx Rajeev for taking a step against cyber crime………… I ‘ll be more vigilent :-)

    Take care…………….

  2. Firstly a thanx for clearing out to your fans abt fake ids. (it was really needed for the fans who never got the point that you are not any social networking site :)…..
    Hopefully fans wud be careful from now on not to be mislead by such fake ids ………
    Hopefully a needful & quick action wud be taken by cyber crime branch at the earliest ……..

    Keep Smiling !!!
    Lots of Love & Hugs
    Purnima Dixit

  3. Five years of AAMIR!
    Five years as a bollywood actor!


    Aadmi apni kismat khud likhta hai! Like all that you are writing :-) .
    And this could be the most busiest phase of your life doing various projects.

    All the very best :-)

    You made a warning a year ago in your first post as well.

    While a few are gullible there are many who do not mind being made fools. Like the IPL… where inspite of knowing there are chances of matches being fixed, inspite of all the proof, people watch it because it provides entertainment and they get to see their fav heroes.
    And often fakes are more popular because they know to fix things to attract people.
    They feed a need.
    Hehe ‘every dog has its day”. Thanks to FB users wanting to know about you these irritants are having it.

    The latter part of your blog tells you are more concerned about us believing in them than about the cheaters.

    Hope your efforts to get rid of them succeeds. Fake profiles is one downside of being famous is it not.

  4. Yess right.. Hope to see “REAL RAJEEV” than d Fake one’s very soon… ;)
    Anyways u take care.. keep smiling n love u lotsssss… <3 :)

  5. Yess right… hope to see “REAL RAJEEV” ;) on site rather than d Fake one’s…
    Anyways u take care… Loads of love :) charu <3

  6. Hi rajeev… I understand how bad u feel when u hear about fake profiles of ur name on social networking sites… I ws also misled once when i ws using orkut so often… But i got an email from you.. That u r not there… But u hv lots of fans… Aap personally to hum sabko inform nai kr payenge… Itreally feeling bad… Anywy, how r u.? I missed u soooo much…. From a long time i wsnt able to mail u.. Bt want to talk to u.. Lots of love to u…..!! Your silly fan- Suman

  7. Thank u so much king for this step. And m sure cyber crime branch will surely take necessary action. Except this I have started an o9 petition following noor’s idea.. Instead of creating a group i thought it would b better to create an o9 pettition. And i would like to request all visitors please sign this..

    http://www.change.org/petitions/facebook-and-twitter-immediate-removal-of-fake-pages-accounts-in-name-of-actor-rajeev-khandelwal?share_id=IAmerElWVI&utm_campaign=friend_inviter_chat&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=permissions_dialog_false this is the webpage of my online petition requesting u all to sign it.. :)

    and xcept this i have found A page of mary smith who looks facebook issues and have made a complaint to her on behalf of rajeev khandelwal fans.

    Thats all i can do..
    Your fan

  8. feels good to have your words,though this time the reason behind is really saddening.we all are painfully witnessing this sham.inspite of all the awareness there are still people falling for this.its just spreading like a cancer.u cut down one and hundred others grow…truly disheartening…hope needful action will be taken soon.awaiting your proclamation

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