Back after a break

Hi,  If you are still here then a big Hi. And if you are actually here then please accept my staple – apologies! I don’t even believe that promises are meant to be broken but I still end up breaking mine. I don’t enjoy it but I still end up repeating it. I don’t ever take you for granted but I still expect that you will understand :) And I know you will  because you all are such lovely and beautiful people. You have been around for so many years not because I am good  but because you have a heart which is very giving.  To start with let me update you about my work. I am presently shooting for Samrat &co and enjoying every bit of it. It’s a great team and I am hoping that we gift you a wonderful entertainer next year. FEVER may just be my next release. It’s currently under post production. Its a crazy film and I am looking forward to it’s release. Also, let me tell you that what I am trying to achieve in this industry is not easy. But what’s the fun if everything comes easy. Challenges make the quest exciting. It’s a request that please don’t follow any news that comes out about me till I don’t verify it. Like any other industry we also have a lot of announcements, unfinished products and half baked projects. I respect the fact that you are concerned about me hence you feel bad about the projects which are announced or spoken about in media or on social networking platforms. But being an actor I know that every actor, producer or director is always prepared for such unfortunate projects. Even if I want I can’t escape it. SO! PLEASE DONT PIN YOUR HOPES ON ANY PROJECT TILL I DONT TALK ABOUT IT.     Moving on, so much has happened off late in our country. I have been feeling ashamed of being a helpless Indian and not a strong Indian. An Indian who just sits at home and expresses disgust on reading the state of his country but does nothing to make things better. ‘I can’t do anything’  or ‘ what can i do?’ is the standard reply. So rapes happen around us, extortion happens around us, local netas bully us, cops scare us, administration walks on us but we can’t do anything.  Have you ever thought that why do we call ourselves Indians ? Most of us call ourselves Indians because we were born here. More than that India plays no role in our lives. It’s left on others to run the country where we live or reside. Why can’t WE instigate a change which we keep wishing for? Why can’t it be ‘us’ and not ‘somebody else’ who brings in that change. Why can’t we demand a better India which we rightfully deserve. I think enough blame games have happened. The day we start accepting that any ‘sorry state of affairs’ around us is because We are laid back and not because the administration is corrupt/inefficient, a change will come. A nation is known by the people, not by the administration. If we think we deserve better life, we better start participating. If their is corruption it is because we allow it. If their is lawlessness it is because we allow it. If their is no leadership it is because we choose it. And we are anything but helpless. We can be ignorant, callous, scared, nonchalant, lazy, indifferent etc but we are surely not helpless.  If we can’t hold the reigns, we can surely pull them.   I am writing this more to motivate myself to start contributing than to influence you. I am not looking for support in you because each one of us has to contribute individually. We all are busy and have commitments towards us and towards our near and dear ones. So we will have to individually think about how to contribute to a cause which directly affect us. The power of youth is spoken about a lot but seen rarely. It’s time to showcase this power. And for that to happen we will have to contribute individually.   I also wanted to mention that I have recently joined the Twitter community. My Twitter I’d is RK1610IsMe. I know I am not able to respond to every Tweet but I do go through all. Please don’t get disheartened or disappointed if I fail to respond to everyone of you. I am here to connect with your thoughts and share my life with you. Will try my best to regularly update you about my whereabouts and about my work.   As always, ending this blog with yet another assurance that I will try to be more regular here. You be good, be positive and enjoy your life. Before I end let me wish Farheen a very speedy recovery. Nobody can help you better than you can.   Keep smiling  Rajeev

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18 comments on “Back after a break

  1. Hiii
    Sorry that my comment was in complete. I was saying that u r so special for all of us. Every time we share things, ur shoots, pictures, ur blogs. When you joined twitter everyone was trying to do it. We celebrate ur bdays together, ur movie success. Ur awed winnings. Though actually we r not wd u, not we all r near by to each other. We live at different places. But we all r not apart from anyone. And its because of u. U r the special bond between all of us. In fact I always thanks to u, that after being a rajeevian I get lots of friends that I never had.plz dont feel that if u cant reply
    we all understand. And yes I agree that in our country lots of wrong things r going on. We cant stop it. That’s why its increasing so fast
    Well that I think. If we cant change big things so atleast we start change small things first. May be it will not be a huge effect. But it matters somewhere and it will change big things. Well, lots of love, smiles, good luck and sweet things for u
    And we always love u. I know u keep ur promises as always
    And I will always love u. That’s a promise.
    Take care

  2. Hi Rajeev
    how r u. Its soo nice to read ur blog after a long time. Well we understand that u r always and lots of things to see or to answer all of us. U always remember all of us. We have only one Rajeev but for you we all. Ya may be sometime u cant reply to everyone. But u replied all of us. And u know when anyone of us get reply from u, we party together. We share each and every bit of it. This

  3. Hiiiiiii…..yes we r alaways here to eat ur head :D so finally u r back….it was really a biggg gap…bt its worth it….loved ur words. True to bring a change u hav to b d part of d change. Doing my bit. Thanks fr al d inpiration. Was expecting smthing lik dis frm u. N see I cn read ur mind ;) politics need young n fresh minds. N ur words shows ur patroitism, ur sense of responsibility towards country. M proud to b a fan of Rajeev Khandelwal. Who encourages me to b honest n a better persn always. Itna sayd pahle na sochti me abt d elections bt ur thoughts r so powerful. M forced to think abt it. As a youth of our country, feeling my responsibility towards nation. Agar insaan sirf khud ko sudhar sake….sara hindustaan khud ba khud sudhar jayega. Doing d same. No support to corruption. Doing my job wid ful dedication n instructing d same to my emplloyes.
    N so true….jis kaam me rukawate n ho usme maja ni h. Taking risks is wat makes u strong. I feel proud of myself dat I choose to come to dis area n accepted d promotion. Love u for encouraging me. Exposure gonna help u grow. N yes I survived. N m nw much stronger. Loving d feel of being self independent :)
    N welcm to twiter world. Loving d feel dat u r around. Kp tweeting. :)
    N abt ur upcoming projects…..yes looking forward to it. Longing to watch u onscreen. Come soon. Waiting for d Rajeev fever. ;)
    N yes get well soon farheen…

    Onek priti o subeccha

  4. Hi Rajeev Sir,
    Welcum back :)
    So truly said “A nation is known by its people n not by its administration”
    I find it realy strange that a nation where 70% of people belong to d age groups lesser than 35 yrs is being run by ppl who hv crossd 70 yrs of age,. outdated political minds..
    if we wish fr a better nation its us who have to work hard for it.
    Its absolutely unjustified, illogical n a selfish act to blame d govt or politicians fr d state of affairs in any nation..
    I hope together we can n we will work towards building nation in its true sense.

    As for ur upcoming projects, really looking forward to it…
    it hs bn a long time bt we are with you.

    With love n respect.
    Ur admirer

  5. A big Hi to you too :-)
    You pay a certain price for being an actor. You also have to do certain things as part of your duty as an actor, but the way you have been connecting and being in constant touch, responding, motivating, saying encouraging words, settling disputes (you’ve written about cat fights :-) ) over the years is something that is very BEYOND YOUR CALL OF DUTY.
    “A thought hs bn playing on my mind since many days. Will I disappoint you if I go missing once in a while? “
    “Can’t whack him, can’t pat him, can’t love him, can’t ignore him” .
    If Barfi chews your stuff we chew your head…make you think long and hard don’t we. We are demanding and make it hard for you to ‘ignore’ us. Oohh but like you and like following you. Thanks a laawwt for putting up. It is immensely appreciated :-)

    Saw this shot of you beating a huge drum and some nice dance moves. And that gave rise to this million dollar question… should we want or not want to see all that you have done, in a theater.

    Like John Lennon’s “Imagine” so much of our thoughts about change might seem naive. Need lots of commitment and patience to get what we dream/deserve.
    But why do you feel ashamed of being helpless. You are doing your bit to make a change. You help pull reigns, voice your support for betterment. Those who plunder our motherland and cheat us must be ashamed.
    The change that is mostly needed is a change of heart of the not so good fellow Indians and tougher laws and effective implementation.

    There is so much corruption. Roads laid in the morning disappear in the evening. But for every corrupt politician/administrator there are hundreds of Durga Shaktis (not necessarily IAS officers) fighting the corrupt system and thousands silently doing good work all over the country. Happy we have a judiciary that questions the corrupt few who make all the decisions. The government has created so many welfare schemes and millions are benefitting. Ek mahaan aaj subah bola… “When things don’t look beautiful, change the way you look at it” :-) . Doing just that. Very often the good is not reported. Bad things sell, especially on TV news channels.

    “Love covers a multitude of sins”. Sooo… Saare jahan se achcha is as always humara India :-)

  6. A big wala hi Rajeev..waited 4 this eagerly..n u dont have 2 feel sry.we know u r very caring n want us 2 b happy..but remains busy alltime..we understand..n u always inspire us..though i m nt from i ll follow ur thoughts..our states really depend us only..n ur arrival at twitter is really amazing..cant believe that i m in touch with u..omg!!! :-D stay like this u..take care n keep smiling :-) n waiting 4 shivering 4 fever :-D

  7. oweeeee!!

    missed dis a lott since a long..

    so happy 2 see ur words here..

    always motiv8ng..

    really loving ur tweets

    n thank u so much for everything..

    u know y m saying dis..

    i really loved dat..

    n yes..

    i know u r reading all tweets connected to u..

    v all love u so much n understand how much busy u r..

    hope ur martial arts classes don irritate ur last year’s pain of ur shoulder..

    please take care of urself..

    u r caretaker of ur fan’s king or i say #samrat..

    love u so much

    ur fan
    from Ranchi

  8. Hi Rajeev!!!
    I’m so happy that finally you updated the blog… Bht suna suna sa ho gaya tha yeh…
    Thanx for sharing your thoughts , projects & finally you announced your arrival on Twitter… I’m really very happy now to know that I got reply from the real Rajeev Khandelwal… My Hero <3

    Best Wishes for your upcoming projects… Eagerly waiting for Fever… Keep Smiling :)
    Take Care…..
    Your Big Fan……
    Farwa Kazmi……..Lahore……Pakisan…..

  9. so a warm welcome wid a ‘BIG HAIIIII’.do u really think we would go anywhere unless u decide to leave this place?well,still wherever u go we shall follow :) but yes, the blog was certainly missing its charm!as abt breaking promises,it happens many a times even outside our dats fyn,u return wid such outflow of luv n positivity we are left speechless.n of course we understand u.

    Glad to knw ur thoughts n really hope there will b a change round the corner…lets start wid ourselves n wid high hopes to build a better nation for the coming generation..

    Take care.

  10. A warmmmmmm WelCum.. to u..Rajee..
    aS i alWyz say dere is no need of ur Case so plzz dnt use dis word i feel really vry helpless nd ashamed dat i didn’t voted evr nd nw it feels lyk why i alwayz use to say dat dus is d fault of our administratn..curruptn is al ovr d world wen we r totally reSponsible fr it!
    i wana saY sry to u to our country to mYslf nd promise myslf dat i’ll choose a bettr hand in upcumng chance!
    you r ryt nation is nt about administratn bt

    about d people who make it..curruptn is nt
    about us who allow it to be happen nw its tym to make our country d Youths country nd i will..
    nd i knw abt whom ur talkng aftr dat announcemnt i ws so excited butt:-(
    anywayz m w8 fr d date of Fever..njoy d upcuming lUvvvv…plz update us wid ur 16th’s SURPRISE:-):-):-):-):-):-):-) ..

  11. Hi… After a long see your post in your blog. Feeling very Happy. Wanna tell you only one thing whatever u did now just forget everything n Just focus on ur work n urself n love ones …. Some changes are good for our life.. All d best n keep smiling Always. Lots of love n Regards. Thank u..

  12. FEELS SO GOOOD to have a blog update !!!! Its been so long :P ….. Welcome back….& ofcourse we are still here ^_^ …. so a BIGwala HI :D

    As for your apologies….you dont need to…as we know its always worth waiting for you….& you make it up really well :) :) if you ever break any of your promise :) :) & Very frankly, we are here just because “You are Good ….Infact more than GOOD!!! :) :) :)

    Completely agree with your thots…if we expect things around us to change…first of all we will have to be part of that change instead expecting X Y Z to bring the change….& To be part of change it doesn’t mean we go in politics, or be part of the system or do something very drastic….. We can start with ourselves…We can start with bringing little changes at our own individual level…. For eg…if we jump a signal & instead of fining us…official asks for bribe…refuse it…
    Change begins with us….Change begins with Me!!!!

    I, Me …Have to stand up to bring the change instead of just waiting for the Change to happen…. : ) :)

    It was wonderful to know your thots & read what you wanted to share & how you want to do your bit to influence us….& trust me….It gonna really make a difference if not big, be it a small one…But beginning is important :) : )

    Hoping to see You more regular !!! Even if you are not….Gonna still Wait :) :)

    As I always say….

    Keep smiling always
    Loved You… Love You & Will Always Love you
    Lots of hugs & Love
    Stay Blessed !!!!

    Proud to be a Rajeev Fan
    Will Always be a Rajeev Khandelwal Fan !!

    Purnima Dixit :)

  13. Nice thought.really it is d high time to do something for our nation.. and ur presence on twitter is enough for making ur fans happy..we r always with complaints no demands. Keep smiling :-D

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