Hongey Kamiyaab!


So…as promised i am being seen more! Is it not ? I just hope that i continue to live up to my promise throughout the year.

The year is coming to an end and (not the world) here we are – still together. I think this itself is a reason to cheer and celebrate for me. I hope we stick together in 2013 too and then the next year followed by every year. I am sure some of us may have had terrible times this year and some of us may have had excellent times and some a mix. But this is how an ordinary and normal human’s life is. What i guess we need to remember is that life will end only when we stop breathing. Till that last breath we need to make it worthwhile in whatever way possible. So smile and say – this too shall pass :)

Talking about resolutions this is the first time i am in the mood to make one. I have decided to break a lot more rules(not laws) in the year 2013. Rules which came into existence from nowhere and which have no rationale. Rules which stop the progressive minds to prosper and resign to self accepted defeat. Rules which are waiting to be broken. Rules which cast doubts in your mind. Rules which were created by the insecure. Rules which need to be set free.

I hope all of you too attempt to break the convention and go with your heart. Let 2013 be the year where all of us say – I HAVE IT IN ME TO CHANGE THE COURSE. Hum Hongey Kaamyaab!

Just a few more weeks left for the release. Tighten your seat belts as what you are going to watch has the potential of throwing you off your chair. I hope you enjoy the roller coaster.


lots of love and best wishes


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  1. Tweeted by taran adarsh
    Watched ‘Table No 21′. A thriller
    that throws a big surprise. Taut
    screenplay, stunning climax, super
    performances. Not to be missed!
    ‘Table No 21′: Paresh Rawal,
    Rajeev Khandelwal, Tena Desae,
    director Aditya Datt, producer
    @vikirajani , take a bow! :D :D

  2. Hi Rajeev Sir and Abhishek Sir gud morning
    May this new year be a step forward, In leading you to new adventures, New roads to explore and new success to reach!
    “Happy New Year 2013″

    Bye & Take care

  3. wishing u a very happy and successful new year my king..
    may all ur desire n dreams come true

    Happy new year eveyone keep smiling as king said muskurahat se badi koi cheez nahi hoti.. and i will also try for it

  4. 31st December last day of tthis year… Now I am waiting for 4th january to watch table no. 21…….


  5. Hi Rajeev,

    I would just like to wish you for ur upcoming movie as well as for the new year. Hope everything would be great in this new year. Just enjoy your life and always be like this. Be like this refers to your down to earth nature and a common personality.



  6. Rajeev u say that u will be back on daily soaps if some intresting role….plz be back we all want u again 2 catch u daily on tv.

  7. very inspiring thoughts n very inviting pic…a deadly combo….salute your resolutions….the song dat instantly struck the cord while reading this ….
    very best wishes for table 21…n very merry christmas!

  8. Merry Chritmas to u RK…HO HO HO….hav a lovely day nd also a bful upcoming new year….keep rocking my cute santa…;)
    nd please ab to apne aviators pehen lijiye…..kb tak side me rakha rahega….hame v adat ho gayi hai aapko aviators k sath dekhne ki…….seems like mohan ki murli k jese apke liye apke aviators ho gaye hain…..:D :D
    keep smiling :)

  9. hi,bhai.I am your one of your biggest fan since when i see you in KTH.I have no elder bro so i always consider you as my E.B.Will you please treat me as your younger sis.I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BRO.

  10. hi rajeev, how are you? please please please, rajeev your all fans wants to watch your new interview. please interact with your fans

  11. I am your fan, from the serial KAHIN TO HOGA…….. I am excited, if i select for the show, to meet you…… I must say, u r really a nice person, nice artist. hope…..u touch the sky one day, as a hero ……….

  12. I am a fan of Rajeev right from his Kahin tho hoga days as Sujal. His performance in Aamir too was outstanding. But his best stint on TV was as the host of Sach ka Saamna. Rajeev as a host of SKS was compared to none other than Amitabh Bachchan. This is really an accolade for Rajeev. I have watched all the episodes of SKS Season One and am eagerly awaiting to watch the imitable Rajeev on SKS Season Two. Rajeev as a host is suave, sophisticated and has poise. He will again make a mark on Television for sure. Eagerly awaiting his next movie table no.21

  13. Har tamanna apki yu puri ho jaye,spno ki 1duniya hakikat ban jaye,hojaye mukaddra kuch is tarh rohan ,ki haat uthane ke 1le .Aap ki har dua kubul ho jaye. ILOve u Raj.

  14. Har Diya aapki dahliz pe jala kare, Har phul aapke angan me khila kare, Aapka har SAFAR ho itna hansi..ki har KHUSI aapke saath chala kare………………………………………….. I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Raj Good Knight.

  15. Its a nice feeling when u know that some one likes u,some one thinks about u, some one needs u , but it feel much better when u know that some one never forgets u

  16. i like u Sujal so much.Best of luck for your film.its my dream to meet u in real.will it fulfill.i hope lt would so….what u think?

  17. Hi… You are a great actor. It is nice to see that the hindi cinema has got an actor like you. You always select movies with unusual plots which makes you a risk taker and you have done justice to all the roles that you have done so far.. actually speaking for a person like you…the name “actor” or “performer” is not right because you are so natural in all the roles that you have played that it feels so real… I have seen your interviews, seen the shows you have hosted and you seem to be a down-to-earth person with a very humble attitude and you are not at all arrogant… So what I would like to say is that keep up your good work , be humble, modest and down-to-earth, always do something different, something good, take risks, do experiments, give your 100% to what you do, don’t forget your roots…and you will inevitably be successful. best of luck!!!!

  18. Hi Rajeev,

    Ure blogs are so inspiring!! i simply lluv watching you on screen wether it was sujal, or aamir or even on sach ka saamna!!! now i cant wait for table no 21!!! u luk smashing!!!

  19. Its wonderful to see such stars taking charge of our societal issues! luvd ure work in sach ka saamna and aamir!! its wonderful to see u bak on the silver screen!!

  20. RAJEEV KHANDELWAL you were a Dashing Debonair with your questions on TV SAACH KA SAMNA Programme and it was a hit is what I say. Time will tell and everything will fall in your lap. WAQT WAQT KI BAAT HAIN MERE YAAR and Patience plays a vital role. Whether you get the Romantic Roles or Villain RaP-Ping Roles-Go for it, Go for something new. Trust movie maddy fanatics will undoubtdly go watch your movie on big screen whether movie is a hit or a shit. Tell me Why? Coz Actor Rajeev Khandelwal is in. ALL THE BEST to you in your future endeavours on the Small and Big SCREEN as I am one of your Gr8 FAN since SAACH KA SAMNA was born.

  21. hai……..its always a pleasure to read your thoughts.n mostly i,m in consonance wid them.good to see u nd thanx loads for keeping wid the promise.would love to share your resolutions,mainly the rules made by the insecure and that to set free……..
    I REALLY WISH!having said all this the delhi gang rape case and its aftermath has thoroughly shattered me……i wonder is the doomsday still on??recently read an update in a social networking site which said,”men shouldn’t be allowed to go out of the house unless accompanied by wife,sister or daughter after 9.”i wonder is he an alien……do these people hav any time n sense of bonding after what we are seeing offlate.i would say any such person who is a victim should be or who is being targetted should be allowed to take self defensive measures…….capital punishment comes way later if such criminals are caught……having known all this,the thought of bringing up a girl child is sending shivers down my spine…….
    well,this one too shall pass,am really excited about the movie’s release.all set for the roller coaster ride……am sure even if i fasten the seatbelt tightly,this one’s gonna throw the seat up in the air…..
    loads of wishes n luv :) ))))))))

  22. Helloz rk…loving ur so many interviews n public apearance…let me tell u….i lov dat PANTHER printd tshirt…both white n blue one…u r luking masallah in them…n specialy dat red tshirt JAZZ CLUB printd in dat…my friends wr teasing me wid dis dat hero has joined my club. Hehehe…:D
    I knw u r stil blushing…keep it up…we love it…take care…:)

  23. my jaan i miss u sooo much and i deeply love u from my whole heart …i madly love only one person
    my heart my love my soul everything only for you
    you are my jaan my soul

    i am madly ,and deeply love only one person and thats is you only u
    i love you sooo much

    my raj my jaan

    Godbless you

    and keep rocking

    mere dil sirf tum hai hai pyara kara ta hai

  24. i am very exited about your movie T21. you did superb job. your acting, style and every expression was fabulous.
    i love you rajeev. always keep smiling, bye

  25. no one can beat u and ur acting
    u r so simple and best
    i like tht in u
    behaving simple
    but u r a true rock star man…
    u captured me with ur acting skills

  26. no one can beat u and ur acting
    u r so simple and best
    i like tht in u
    behaving simple
    but u r a true rock star man…
    u captured me with ur acting skills
    my hero

  27. hi rajiv m big fan of urz.m writing 2 u first time. at dis tme u r onl9.may b i get chance 2 tak 2 u.i jus love d way u r .u r difrent .or i can jus say iz U R SIMPLY D BEST.LV U…BYEEE.

  28. my love never ever end for you I love u my last breath …<you are my soul .i can not imagin in this world without u < i dreamning ,sleeping ,eating ,24*7 hours day I goon more crzay for u my love day by day incr
    i never stop and never control my self for love you

  29. best of luck rajeev
    best of luck my rajeev
    best of luck my super star rajeev
    best of luck my sweat heart.
    love you rajeev. i wish ,you always get lots of success. bye

    Best of luck Rajeev…
    hope u rock this time too…

  30. He is a God sent gift’ we could never ask for anything more than thisOne day when God felt generous,
    He looked down at me and smiled,
    “Since I feel so magnanimous,
    I’d like to give you something, child…..He asked me what I wanted,
    I said, “Oh, really nothing more,
    You’ve done so much already.”
    He said, “That’s what God is for.”"You have been pretty good,” He said,
    I know there’s not much that you seek,
    I will pick a little something,
    Just to make your life complete……With great anticipation,
    I looked forward to my gift,
    I wondered what God had in mind,
    That would give me such a lift.

  31. Wish You a Very HappyYy New Year in Advance Rajeev .. Have a Blessed Year 2013
    You’re My Life … Can’t Live WithOut YOu … Misss yOu Like helll Rajeev … Miss You alOttt … =’( W8in for T21… LOve YOu AlOtt ..

    • hey jazz.. wat u have done wid ur name? n same u already posted in our grp.. itni xitement.. n once more.. kng ki muvi ko king ki movie nai to kya unke padosi ki muvi batayenge.. lolz.. :D :D

      • Kitty its nt me posting al dis. Pta ni kaun grp se mere cmnts same to same copy paste krke yahan post kr dala. Mere name ki v kya halat kr dia. :( Nd me Sumita name se yahan post ni krti. U knw dat wel billi mousi :P

  32. i hope it will be our own RK!!!

  33. omg.. so happpppppy to see so many Rajeevianz here..

    277 comments.. toooo goooood..

    DJ Club ke Raunaq me char chand + char chand= 8 chand lag gaye..

    A warm welcome to all u new guys/gals.. n oldiesgoldies tooo..



    4m Ranchi

  34. Hi Rajeev
    great going so far. i am in love with the character sujal played by you in KTH. you hav got great acting skills. all the very best for ur upcoming project. would love to see you onscreen very soon. take care and best wishes !! :)

  35. Hi rajeev sir
    1st thing 1st…white suits u d most…m spot dead ;)
    nw yes u kept ur promise..loving ur so many public appearances :-)
    abt d resolution u hav made…i always expect it 4m u…i respect u 4 d choices u hav made in ur lyf…vl try follow it….last year was mix of happy n sad moments…hope next year vl b much more adventorous…as its starting wid u as vivaan…:-) n i love rolercoaster rides…bring it on ;)
    al d best n love yaa:-)


  36. Hi Gud Morning sir …. I am just eager to watch movie table no. 21..and i am listening mann mera daily and I so happy ki youtube par bhi e song cha gya hai…Love this song and you looking very handsome….

    Bye take care…………

  37. Hi, You did a great job!! I really liked “Aamir” and I used to cry whenever I was listening ‘Ha Raham”. I liked your serials “Kahin to Hoga”, “Left Right Left”. Just a thing .. please dont make your hair longer than what u had in Kahin to Hoga or LRL .. or in Aamir… =) All the very best for your future and have a happy and healthy life!! :D

  38. i simply love ure idea of breaking conventions!! those that mean nothing!! its an effort i will myself follow u with!! respect man!!

  39. my grlfrn loves u alot…i will tk her to ur film she always tells me she wants to meet u one day…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can u meet her once…her name is raksha ans she says hi to you 2…

  40. Here is wishing Rajeev and the team of table no 21 a very happy new year and all the gud luk in the world!! the movie luks terrific!!

  41. “we need to remember is that life will end only when we stop breathing.” wat a line sir…all the best keep smiling always…HUM HONGEY KAMIYAAB

  42. A brilliant set of movie choices so far!! keep up the good work rajeev!! all the very best for the next one! v are all eagerly waiting

  43. “To know that you don’t know”…….”catch kya hain ” …only one catch “If you lie ,you die”……HUM HONGE KAMIYAAB ..Mr. Khan …..

  44. hi i am natasha from pune…itne saare comments mein mera to ghum hi ho jayega magar yaad rakhna mujhse jyada pyaar aapse koi nahi kar sakta…

  45. Hey Rajeev

    Wish You All the Best for all your forthcoming projects. Just Keep Rocking and Smiling, B’coz U’r Smile makes us feel happy. Hope all ur wishes and dreams come true

    Loads of love and best wishes

  46. hi rajeev im maria here? hw r u?nd ur new hairstyle is vrry vrry nice. nd rajeev plzzzzzzzzzz add me or mai myspace per b thi u remember me anna k naam sai

  47. Hey Rajeev…You are seriously nothing short of the best! Loved you in all the roles you played. Especially the various characters you play is something which has left an imprint in my heart with immense respect for you.
    Wishing you loads of best wishes & luck. I will always pray for your success in everything to do.God bless you! And yes awaiting T21 like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. HI,
    This is Gagan khurana…
    Plz if u can do this so plz RESTART dis serial becoz nw all serial are very BORING, same story SAAS BAHU ETC….. & KAHIN TO HOGA was all episodes very exilent?




  49. i watched kya haadsa kya haqeeqat video today n the way u said nanoo followed by that million dollar smile.. i’ve fallen in love wid u again rajeev.. *dreams*

  50. love u sooo muchhh…still missin my sujal sooo much…wish u can 2 be back again on screen…loved ittt…u r sooo extremly addorable…u r truly a cute innocent n sweeetesttt person …love u so much…

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  52. love u dear …ur my first crush n will always hold a special place in my heart ..knowing u as a person made my heart grow fonder …a fierce n endearing personality u have …u deserve evry bit of what u have got …ur seriously one of the hottest men of INDIA
    Will always be by ur side n jus hope to meet ya one fortunate day
    May ur ranking gets higher n higher

  53. ou’re the sun that shines,
    the lighter side,
    You’re the grass that grows,
    The stream that flows.

    You are the inner soul,
    the eyes that shine,
    the one I love,
    my peace of mind.

  54. my most desire only you ..I ‘m fall in love again …
    you made me crazy by your killer charm …
    Your million fans always loved you ..

  55. hey Rajeev pleasee back in television industry again… do the drama like Kaheen to hoga again… its humble request to u from all ur frnds… we want to see u in top…

  56. hi rajeev..makin comment here after a real long tym..i cheked some sujal kashish scenes yesterday on youtube,,went down the memory lane..:):)such an sizzlin chemistry u guys had..kitne aaye kitne gaye..but i doubt if anyone cud match up ur chem wit aamna..:):)miss u soo much in television industry:):)plss come back:):)

  57. eagerly waiting for table no. 21 i am damn sure u will shine in this movie as well.. all ur movies r critically acclaimed n dats a really big achievement.. hats off to U!! <3

  58. keep rocking Rajeev!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r the best.. n loved ur one liner – shaklo se chemistry nahi banti shakshiyat se chemistry banti hai!!

  59. table no 21 rocks$$_______$$$_____$$$___$$$_______$$$_$$$$$$$$$$ $$$_____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$_______$$$_$$$$$$$$$$ $$$____$$$____$$$____$$$_$$$_____$$$__$$$_______ $$$____$$$___________$$$_$$$_____$$$__$$$_______ $$$_____$$$_________$$$___$$$__$$$___$$$$$$$$__ $$$______$$$_______$$$_____$$$_$$$____$$$_______ $$$_______$$$_____$$$______$$$_$$$____$$$_______ $$$$$$$$$___$$$_$$$_________$$$$$_____$$$$$$$$$$

  60. Guys finaaly smething big n interesting gonaa hit d floor next year…MUST WATCH TABLE NO. 21….SACHHI …C D TRAILOR ….AT LEAST nce n den c d level of hindi cinema

  61. $$$_____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$_______$$$_$$$$$$$$$$ $$$____$$$____$$$____$$$_$$$_____$$$__$$$_______ $$$____$$$___________$$$_$$$_____$$$__$$$_______ $$$_____$$$_________$$$___$$$__$$$___$$$$$$$$__ $$$______$$$_______$$$_____$$$_$$$____$$$_______ $$$_______$$$_____$$$______$$$_$$$____$$$_______ $$$$$$$$$___$$$_$$$_________$$$$$_____$$$$$$$$$$


  62. Waiting for ur movie rajeev.
    guys rajeev ke filmography mf jakar table no.21 me jao waha par 2 new news aya hai waha par cment karo.

  63. Arun : why r u not on twitter? its a great medium to interact with fans
    Rajeev Khandelwal : i know, but i fell i wont do justice to such a vast platform and all those who follow me…the day i am prepaired you will see me on twitter
    Gauri : any hollywood films you liked?
    Rajeev Khandelwal : The Hobbit
    Vinod : fav holiday spot
    Reetu : fav cuisine
    Rajeev Khandelwal : Ladhak…
    Rajeev Khandelwal : home cooked food
    Gauri : motto in life?
    Rajeev Khandelwal : Live and let live
    Rajeev Khandelwal : have to leave guys…thank you for the interaction…hope you have a wonderful and successful 2013…you can send in your comments about Table No 21 on the blog. Rajeev.

  64. shweta : whr r you chatting from now? ur home?
    Rajeev Khandelwal : my stylist does that for me
    Rajeev Khandelwal : no from the bollywood hungama office
    Manish : whats next after T NO 21
    Rajeev Khandelwal : Gauri do you really want me to answer that???
    Rajeev Khandelwal : yes i did one film with her this year
    Deepali : what do you think went wrong with soundtrack?
    Rajeev Khandelwal : bad release
    Vinod : which one with tanuja chandra? is it out?
    Rajeev Khandelwal : not yet…its called Raakh
    Rupesh : how was it working with kalki in shaitan
    Rajeev Khandelwal : wonderful
    Deepali : big b or dilip saab? ur fav
    Rajeev Khandelwal : Big B

  65. Deepali : I am your biggest fan. Wil you marry me? I have always wanted to be Mrs. Rajeev. Pls say yes my love.
    Rajeev Khandelwal : Hi Deepali, hindu law doesnt allow two marriages, but it cannot stop me from loving you. i love you too…
    Prasad : Why the film is called Table No. 21, is that a lucky number for you or for the director?
    Rajeev Khandelwal : when you watch the film you will realize the importance of 21 in the film
    Rajeev Khandelwal : its not there just for the sake of being there
    Manish : how is the music of the film? not picked up much yet…
    Ajay : Now that Tena Desae has changed her name as per numerology, will u also do that?
    Rajeev Khandelwal : amazing music you will hear it all over the place soon
    Reetu : How do u maintain yr hairstyle constant for so long?
    Rajeev Khandelwal : i dont belive in numerology, astrology etc…

  66. Prasad : any directors on your wishlist
    Deepali : whats your fitness regimen like
    Rajeev Khandelwal : the one who was has just left us
    Rajeev Khandelwal : very disciplined
    Rupesh : are you on FB or TWITTER
    Rajeev Khandelwal : no i am not on any social networking site
    Gauri : is T No 21 an original film or inspired
    Rajeev Khandelwal : i just write on my blog
    Rajeev Khandelwal : rajeevkhandelwal.in
    Rajeev Khandelwal : its an original which will inspire a lot of other
    Reetu : what sport do you play
    shweta : who is the biggest khan now? salman aamir or srk
    Rajeev Khandelwal : lawn tennis, table tennis, badminton… all racket games
    Rajeev Khandelwal : khan…delwal

  67. Deepali : which films did you enjoy watching the most in 2012
    Rajeev Khandelwal : i havent been following cricket…but if we lost then i am sure we will win soon again
    Amit : how was it romancing a beauty like Tena Desae
    Rajeev Khandelwal : i liked Paan singh tomar, english vinglish
    Rajeev Khandelwal : dont ask
    Rajeev Khandelwal : !!!
    Praful : who do you think should win best actor this year?
    Deepali : what r ur hobbies
    Rajeev Khandelwal : i dont know who are nominated and for which awards???
    Vinod : any chance of returning back to TV? sach ka saamna?
    Rajeev Khandelwal : travelling, reading, writing….
    Arun : fav restaurants in Mumbai
    Rajeev Khandelwal : nothing on tv as of now…but i am open to anything exciting
    Rajeev Khandelwal : i dont eat out at all.

  68. Manish : are you playing a positive or negative character in T No 21
    Rajeev Khandelwal : it was fantastic, and something that i am going to cherish for a long time
    Aamir : loved you in Shaitan…hope you do more such quality work
    Rajeev Khandelwal : you will have to spend some money to know that
    Rajeev Khandelwal : i hope i continue to live up to your expectations
    Ajay : Besides T No 21 what are your other forthcoming films
    Rajeev Khandelwal : i havent signed anything…but you will see me in a couple of projects this year…have shortlisted a few
    Rupesh : how was it shooting in Fiji?
    Rajeev Khandelwal : awesome,…. if you get a chance you must go there
    Prasad : Loved you in both aamir and shaitan…any more such powerpacked roles
    shweta : what do you have to say about india losing test series badly to england today
    Rajeev Khandelwal : i hope every film that i do has something new to offer…cant say much about power packed though…

  69. For ppls who missed yday’s BH chat. Here is the transcript:
    Rajeev Khandelwal : Hi sorry to keep you waiting guys…you know mumbai roadas
    Manish : hey rajeev long time we havent seen u on screen where have u been
    Rajeev Khandelwal : have been looking for the right projects and spending some quality time with my family
    Deepali : whats table no 21 all about…promos seem wacky
    Rajeev Khandelwal : the film is wackier…
    Rajeev Khandelwal : its a thriller, but not the routine one…its a very sensible thriller
    Rajeev Khandelwal : and thought provoking
    shweta : rajeev what made you sign films like Will You Marry Me? that was very disappointing
    Praful : how was it working with Paresh Rawal?
    Rajeev Khandelwal : well i am not infallible i can go wrong too…and at times you invest faith and trust in people who fail to deliver.
    Rajeev Khandelwal : filmmaking is a team work.

  70. There is no one who is so down to earth in this industry. I met him at our college fest, He was in a rush but still stopped at my request to allow one photograph!!!! He spoke to me very nicely also!!! Am a fan for life now Rajeev!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. i need not say anything abt the movie coz its surely gonna be a huge hit !! rajeeeeevv i love u :) will watch the movie as many times as possible !! :)

  72. rajeev is known to each and evry one of us , we all know that his next table no 21 is surely a blockbuster !! all the best !! love u :)

  73. rajeeeeevvvvv finallly !! was waiting eagerly for a movie from u !! table no 21 is surely gonna be a huge hit of 2013 !! hum hongey kamiyab !! all the best !! love u !! :)

  74. rajeev there is not much to say abt u coz each and evry one knows much better what you are !! i am a huge fan of u !! and just wish u luck for ua upcoming movie !!

  75. hi rajeev…. Its nice to read something from u as alwys. Really nice blog. Yes, Hum hongey kamyab. Everyone hs a struggle in life. Hv to face lots of challenges, hv to achieve some dreams. Bt if v hv happiness so v hv to face sorrows n if v r hving bad times so v will get happiness soon definately. This is life. The best thing is v r facing evrthing either good or bad times. V cnt give up so easily, n if v give up thn nothing gonna change as v giveup something. Only v cn change to nt giveup n keep on struggle n findout new ways of life. N truely agree to break rules. It hv an amazing happiness u knw. I nevr follow rules. Alwys listen wht my heart says. N enjoy my life in my own way.. Well wish u all the best fr the movie. I knw u will rockon, n will be successful to leave a mark on audience again. Hv a gr8 time ahead… Wd lots of best wishes- Suman hemnani from Indore

  76. Hello Rajeev sir ….Gud Morning .”Hum Hongey Kaamyaab”
    I always waiting for your writing thanks…..

    Thanks for every words……

    Bye & Take care..

    Thanks Abhishek sir ji……

  77. Dats so good to have a blog UD….surely makes my day :) & yes good to have more appearances this year…so no complaints abt your absence :P :P

    as for year end…it has been a wonderful 2012 for me personally & looking forward to a positive 2013 as i also believe that world is not coming to end anytime soon :P :P

    So, here’s wishing u & ur family & loved ones a very Happy new year in pretty advance ;) & ofcourse waiting for 2013 to begin on a high note with Table no.21 proving to be first successful film for the year 2013. All the best to you & whole team!!

    (IM)patiently waiting for the film …can’t wait to have u back on screen……..looking forward to the film & as always surely it gonna be a wonderful experience.

    Once again thanx for Blog UD……

    Lots of Hugs & Love…….
    Purnima Dixit
    (Proud to be your Fan)

  78. I am going through a tough time now. Thanks for the lovely words of encouragement and positivity. It made me feel good at this critical juncture. Very nice write-up! Positive attitude is oozing out from each word. I will definitely follow the message you conveyed in the article. Heart-felt thanks Rajeev, for caring so much for us!

  79. ya.. dis world is not going to end so sooon..
    atleast my death bis not soon b4 my meeting wid my king.. :P
    it has to w8..

    year 2012 was mixing up for me.. mixture of happiness n sadness.. failures n success..

    dis is d life..

    n it has to go like this..

    i m successful to delete virus containing people from my system of life completely.. who were torturing me from several years.. n mostly damaged it..
    but its never late.. i m able to repair it..
    n now i hope dey will never appear again.. :)

    and many think nos. to b lucky or unlucky.. comon yaar its just numericals.. n a human has invented it.. somewhere its one and somewhere its first n somewhere its pehla.. how can dey decide any1′s luck wen dey cant decide der own unique name.. ppl believe in lucky no. as per my b’day my lucky no. should b 9 but how many 9′s r lucky for me??

    anyways m not here to question anyone’s blv..

    m just eager to watch table no. 21..

    n i already have said thanks for appearing more n more.. in front of us.. during sbs jashnehafta party..

    but will love to say it again.. after 4th jan.. n m sure i will watch it on 4th or 5th(only in case of emergency) n my wait will not stressed long.. as der r 3 more new multiplexes now in ranchi.. screening is more so chances r high.. :)

    n for breaking rules thing.. i wonder if i have ever followed it.. :P

    all my best wishes r for u.. n table no. 21

    ur fan

  80. Yes you are keeping the promise :-) .

    You’ve broken many rules haven’t you… You dared, defied, took risks and have reached where you are doing things the way you want to do. Your attitude has helped you Overcome Odds and achieve without much compromises.

    This pose shows… the looking ahead with confidence you always convey through your interviews and blogs. Wish you get to do lots of roles that you deserve and you always stay this way… with your Head Held High :-) .
    Wonder what changes we are going to see after you break all those rules :-) !

    It is nice seeing everything go as per schedule for table no 21. You are looking handsome. You and Tena look very good together.

    Yeeeaaahhh… just a few more weeks.
    Fastened those belts and are ready for that roller coaster…
    Soo… Bring It On Mr. Khandelwal!
    Jan 4… Here We Come!

  81. n yeahhh all the very best for the upcoming…..dhaansu….superkool….mindblowing…..full fffd thrillezzz….
    RKB gud lukk 4 d “if u lie,u die” …table no. 21…:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  82. wishing u very happy new year RKB …may dz new yr brng lotzz f happiness….success in ur lyf…may dz yr brngzz ol dat 4 wch u r highly vehment…n of course “hum honge kaamyab”…me also gonna ntr in new world ..so 4 me new yr resln is nly 2 concent8 n ol dozz thingzz wch r my priorityzz…if posble den i “ll brk ne rule too i.e. may be i “ll confess somethng to sme 1…
    luv yaaa…:-) :-) :-) :-) B-) :-D :-D:-D

  83. Finally a blog post. Yesss after long being seen for long superbly happy :D hongey juda nai hum :D inshaAllah…!! Hope we have a rocking year ahead of togetherness….!! Lots of love. Noor and Rabi

  84. hi rajeev

    its good to hear from u again ……rules actually needs to be broken …so true and i guess these days i am trying to do the same ….at college these days there no lectures taking place and day goes boring just waiting for our attendance to be marked…..its worst to wait from 8:30 till 5:30 so …..here comes the right moment to brake rules and bunk for the good….as staying there is dng no good to us :D :D ……ur thoughts so matches what i plan to do…..:D ….i hope the new years brings u loads of happiness ….always keep smiling …..i have planned to be more independent more hard working more liberal and more positive attitude i hope i stick to what i plan to do …and i hope u stick to what u plan to do braking rules :D :D …….good going rajeev …..always keep the smile….and all the best loved the new song and as always loved u and will keep loving u

    ur sweet and little frnd and fan
    always keep smiling :)
    best wishes !!!! ALL THE BEST !!!! :) ;)

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