I am absolutely fine

For all those who are concerned about me let me lay all fears to rest. I am absolutely fine – just a sprained knee and elbow. But yes, the camera attendant was badly injured. Feeling terrible for him. Thankfully there will be no permanent damage to him. He should be up and walking in a months time. Even the cameraman in the jeep is safe and sound – just a sprained rib.

Such mishaps rarely happen but when they do you can’t blame anyone. All you can do is learn something from it and be extra careful in future. And I promise I will be.

Thanks for all your love and concern.

Lots of love
Keep smiling

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48 comments on “I am absolutely fine

  1. happy dewali .. and wishing u eid as well .. may this year brings u a lots of love & happiness best of luck for ur next movies, i am desperately waiting for your up coming project as alwys….

    acrualy rajeev sir i get this twitter id @RK1610IsMe of urs is it true or fake..cud u plz tell me i thinki its u but wana confrm

  2. by now have read ‘n’ number of articles about the projects u are or will be part of…damn excited…some words from the man himself about his work would definitely act as an icing on the cake…hope to find a blog update soon whenever time permits

    Loads love :)

  3. Hi Rajeev,
    Saw you on Nat Geo My Endeavour.
    Entire journey was exciting and amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it with you.
    Par thoda dar bhi laga to know that you and your brother nearly got drowned that day. Please aise risk mat lia karein.

    I could see how excited you were for rafting in the Bramhaputra.
    But why didn’t you share your experience about this journey in your blog. Please share some pictures of it atleast.

    When you stepped out of the car to enjoy the rain, KTH ke rain scenes yad aa gye.

    I enjoyed your interaction with the locals. So sweet of you to serve those little kids in the monestry. They were sooo cute.

    See the power of television, wherever you go people recognize you.

    Thanks for taking up this show. Please aise show aur karein. I want to see you hosting a travel show.

    Take care.
    your fan forever.

  4. Hi Rajeev,

    Thank God that u & Zarine r safe.
    I was worried after hearing about the mishap.
    Now please take extra care while shooting action sequences.

    I always remain worried about u as you keep going to Laddakh(those mountain roads), on adventure trips, rafting, treking..
    U r so special, so precious for all of us. Your family & we need u, love u & care about u. Please don’t risk ur life for few moments of thrill.
    I always pray for your safety.

    My ‘Get well soon’ wishes to all those who are injured.

    Have a safe and happy shoot.
    Best of luck. Take

  5. Oh Thank God Rajeev , you are safe and sound… I’m really very thankful to God…

    Take a lot of care……
    Keep smiling :-)

    Your Big Fan…..
    Farwa Kazmi…….Lahore…….Pakistan….

  6. hi rk

    always stay fine tc and nothing will ever happen to u. It’s my believe for u and keep smiling!!!! :) :) :) :)


  7. Please be careful and take care of yourself. Be fit soon.
    My “Get Well Wishes” to all the others who had been injured.

    May God bless you with all that is best on earth.

  8. Hi rajeev….. Take lots of care.. Getwell soon… Its really bad to know abt this accidents… Take good care of urself… N we always love u.. N my best wishes always with u.. Tc

  9. thanks would be a small word that could express my state of mind now…certainly relieved…my prayers n wishes for a hail n hearty rajeev now and for ever.have a happy and safe shooting…

    Wishing all those who are injured a very speedy recovery.n loads of wishes to the camera attendant.praising his stars that it wont lead him to a permanent damage

    And you please dont forget your promise to be extra careful


  10. Hi Raj!

    It’s second time you got injured. Please take care of yourself. Thank God you are now ok.

    Get well soon!!

  11. *SIGH*……..now dats a big relief :) & feels good to know that you are safe & sound ………..& Cameraman wud also be fine soon :) :) Wishing him a speedy recovery & Good health :) :)

    As for you………keep Smiling………Stay Blessed!!!

    Lots of Love & Hugs

  12. thank God you n Zarrine r safe from this mishappening. Praying for Camera attendant. its good to hear that it didnt caused him any big trouble.

    ur fan

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