Most Awaited Song!

Hi Guys,

I must confess that I have eagerly been waiting to share this song with you all! And now it’s finally here! :D Hope you all enjoy it. Do let us know in your comments.

Best Regards,

Aabhishek Patwari


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18 comments on “Most Awaited Song!

  1. beautiful song
    fantastic lyrics
    very romantic song, one of my favourite
    & Raj, u look hot.
    mujhe to phir se pyaar ho gaaya aap se,
    Love U.

  2. I wake up and sleep to this song! Just cant get it out of my head! Rajeev you look absolutely loveable in this song as usal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Its just awesome…….the tremendous wordings…..fantastic music composition………..remarkable scenes……….fabulous acting………..Rajeev looks tooooo gud as usual…..just love it!!!

    Farwa Kazmi…..Lahore…..Pakistan…….

  4. We all were waiting for this song to release and it has been picturised beautifully on the lead pair…
    please promote this song as much as possible…coz this one deserves to be the topmost romantic song of the year :)

  5. this song is one among those that have enchanted me since the very first time i heard it….so was obviously in my wishlist to see it :) .now i’m comletely awestruck!amazing picturisation n its sooo intense….

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