4th January 2013


  So, here we are! One more day to go. I have never felt more loved in life. The kind of good wishes pouring in for the film is overwhelming. I hope I live up to your expectations. All those who are going to watch the film are more than welcome to post their views …

Hongey Kamiyaab!

So…as promised i am being seen more! Is it not ? I just hope that i continue to live up to my promise throughout the year. The year is coming to an end and (not the world) here we are – still together. I think this itself is a reason to cheer and celebrate for …

Most Awaited Song!

Hi Guys, I must confess that I have eagerly been waiting to share this song with you all! And now it’s finally here! Hope you all enjoy it. Do let us know in your comments. Best Regards, Aabhishek Patwari   P.S.:Recently here have been some issues with the moderation of comments. It will be attended …

Here It Comes!


Hi Guys, It’s edgy, it’s dark, it’s seductive! Here is the trailer for Table No. 21. Also have a few questions for you guys this time. 1.How did you like the trailer? 2. What did you like best about the trailer? 3. Would you play such a game? 4. What is the one thing that …

COM’ON MAN! – It’s About Time!


What must have been a casual expression on Facebook turned out to be a nightmare for the two girls from Palghar. It is quite shameful for a society that claims to be teetering on the brink of developed progress that something like this could happen, did happen and even more that it was allowed to …

Happy Diwali!

Wish you all beautiful times ahead. I look at Diwali as a festival which spreads love and happiness. I hope this Diwali gives you a lot of reasons to smile and the smile only keeps spreading in the coming times. Love you all. Rajeev

16th October


  Hi everyone, Yes, it will be 16th October again in a few hours. But I already feel that the day is here. Your cards, wishes, messages,  cakes and gifts have already started trickling in. I can’t express in words how I feel. It is not just overwhelming, it is humbling too. I wish and …

Timings To Call

Hello everyone, Rajeev has just shared these timings when he is available on 16th October. They are: 09:30 AM to 11:00 AM in the morning. 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM in the evening. Kindly note the number will not be available during any other times. Looking forward to hearing from you guys! Regards, Aabhishek